Julia Berolzheimer Weight Loss: How Much Weight Has She Lost?

Derick Scholz

Julia Berolzheimer has undergone a dramatic weight loss. houseandwhips.com

Julia Berolzheimer has undergone extreme weight loss which has worried her followers. People are concerned that she might be anorexic and suffering from an eating disorder. Julia Berolzheimer does not seem to want to acknowledge her weight loss because, whoever brings her transformation up in the comments, she blocks them.

It’s unbelievable how massively successful Julia Berolzheimer has become and how far she has come after the creation of Gal Meets Glam in 2011. It’s not an overstatement to say that the style blogger has become a household name since then. She does happen to be one of the most successful bloggers who has very seamlessly transformed her blog into a thriving business.

In the spring of 2018, she launched a womenswear line Gal Meets Glam Collection, and after two years, she transitioned GMG the blog to her personal name with a complete brand and new direction. And the rest is history. Anyway, Julia Berolzheimer is extremely popular now. Her meticulous social media presence saw to that. She has garnered a huge number of followers and the higher the number of followers, the more interest the public has in her.

That interest has led her followers to highlight her weight loss. They have noticed that she has drastically changed and they can’t stop talking about it, mostly out of concern. Julia doesn’t like that people talk about her body and how slim she has gotten all the time. But her not liking that has not stopped people talking about it. Here’s what followers have been saying about Julia Berolzheimer’s weight loss!

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Julia Berolzheimer’s Weight Loss: She Has Gotten Much Thinner Than Before!

Julia Berolzheimer (@juliaberolzheimer) has undergone extreme weight loss. You must know about that because the drastic physical transformation she has had is not something that can go unnoticed. She has gotten significantly skinnier than before.

Julia Berolzheimer has had a significant weight loss. houseandwhips.comJulia Berolzheimer has had a significant weight loss.
Image Source: House Beautiful

The style blogger was never overweight in the first place. She always looked fit and slender. People knew her like that. She definitely didn’t look like she needed to lose any weight. But she has. As if she was not slender enough. She has gotten incredibly skinny and bony and many are worried for her because they think she might be ill and that some kind of sickness might be causing her weight loss drastically.

The way that Julia Berolzheimer carries herself has changed because of how dramatically she has transformed because of her weight loss. As all of her followers have noted, her body now looks too frail and her face is so gaunt. Also, there’s something about her eyes that has made people think there’s something wrong going on with her. Like one follower commented, she has that unmistakable skeletal face look and her eyes look like holes which looks very disturbing.

Her fans have gotten very concerned about her change. They are worried that she might be suffering from an eating disorder in private. Those who believe that have even advised her to get help from professionals regarding that because her weight loss made her look very sickly and unhealthy. They felt the way she looked and how speedily and drastically she had changed was very frightening.

Julia Berolzheimer Does Not Want to Acknowledge Her Weight Loss!

Julia Berolzheimer, as one follower who had been treated for anorexia in-patient noted, looks similar to the anorexic women the follower was hospitalized with. She does look stick-thin and ill. So haggard as many have noted, like she’s carrying more weight than she can shoulder or something. Many even wonder if she’s starving herself to look that way because how else would she undergo drastic weight loss like that?

Fans are concerned about Julia Berolzheimer's drastic weight loss.
houseandwhips.comFans are concerned about Julia Berolzheimer’s drastic weight loss.
Image Source: Entrepreneur

Fans have been bringing up their worries that arise out of genuine concern (they are not commenting and speculating for the sake of it, they are really concerned for her) in the comment section, but the social media personality has never appreciated it. Whoever has brought up anorexia and eating disorders has been blocked by her. She does not seem to want to acknowledge her weight loss even though it’s a significant change that cannot go unnoticed.

The fact that Julia Berolzheimer is absolutely refusing to address the elephant in the room has more or less confirmed, as far as her followers are concerned, that she indeed is suffering from an eating disorder. She seems adamant about not acknowledging her weight loss. Her face looks extremely shallow and sickly and yet she expects people to act like there’s nothing wrong with her. Also, what’s with the sudden influx of the pictures of her working out? Does she want to prove that she got slimmer by working out because nobody’s going to believe it as it is impossible?

However, for now, it looks like Julia Berolzheimer is sticking with pretending that she’s gotten skinnier by working out. She has not addressed the real concerns about her weight loss. She does not want people to talk about it but I don’t think they are going to stop talking about it anytime soon. She might have to block all her followers.