Julian Dennison Does Not Have Any Weight Loss Plan!


Julian Dennison is not concerned about having weight loss. houseandwhips.com

Julian Dennison has not had a weight loss and it does not look like he will be losing weight anytime soon in the future because, as he said, he is not concerned about losing weight and is very comfortable in his body. Many people think that he should get fitter because he looks “too fat and unhealthy.” However, Julian Dennison does not seem to have immediate weight loss plans.

Julian Dennison‘s life took a complete turn when he was cast in the 2013 film Shopping because he discovered that he had a knack for acting and also because it opened the door to a proper, full-fledged Hollywood career for him. He went on to star as Ricky Baker in Hunt for the Wilderpeople, which became the highest-grossing New Zealand film in history. And since then, his rise has been glorious to watch.

Julian Dennison played the role of Russel “Firefist” Collins in Deadpool 2, sharing the screen with Ryan Reynolds. He was cast as Belsnickel in The Christmas Chronicles 2. He also went on to star as Josh Valentine in Godzilla vs. Kong in 2021 and he recently played the lead role as Josh Waaka in Uproar. His career has been smooth so far, except for criticisms about his weight. People think he should have weight loss because he’s not your typical fit star. But what does he think? Let’s discuss it!

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Julian Dennison Should Have Weight Loss, People Say!

Julian Dennison (@juliandennison) has not undergone weight loss in recent times.

Julian Dennison has received many unsolicited advice to have weight loss. houseandwhips.comJulian Dennison has received many unsolicited advice to have weight loss.
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Julian, as a fat kid, is always going to get h*ll because of his weight now that he’s in showbiz. By choosing to have a career in the entertainment industry, he kind of opened himself to criticisms about his weight. It’s sad and cynical but it’s true. Not that he would have it easy even if he was not an actor but being in Hollywood gets him subjected to unwanted comments and scrutiny tenfold. The comments that he should have a weight loss that he got from his first movie were shocking but not surprising.

As Julian Dennison continued to rise with his career, such comments also increased. A lot of people casually remarked that they were bothered by how fat a child like himself was and scared for him that he was getting fatter and that was not good for him. “He probably should do something about his weight because it looks extremely unhealthy.” There were tons of unsolicited advice to have weight loss.

Some even had the audacity to say, in the face of his ascent in Hollywood, that the Deadpool 2 actor could go far in his career if he was less fat and more handsome. I mean, Julian Dennison’s rise has been phenomenal to watch and just how far can he go? It does not look like anything about him is hindering his career. But you know, “kid needs to watch his weight”, “he really needs a dietician.” It’s like they want him to be miserable about his weight seeing how they are constantly pushing the idea that he should have weight loss even when he seems to be comfortable about his weight.

Julian Dennison Is Not Concerned About Having Weight Loss!

Julian Dennison wants to represent diverse body types among superheroes. houseandwhips.comJulian Dennison wants to represent diverse body types among superheroes.
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Whatever people say about him, Dennison couldn’t care less. He does not seem bothered about his body as all the others are. He said that he feels good about himself, feels good in his own body, and that’s more important to him than the opinion of others who think that he should have a weight loss.

Not that Julian Dennison is not aware that he is not exactly the epitome of fitness, he realizes that he isn’t a typical Hollywood hunk, but he does not care about fitting in with that image. Instead, in a world where superheroes are usually in spandex with their toned bodies, he wants to represent diverse body types among superheroes. He wants to show that not all superheroes are fit and muscular. He can’t do that if he chooses to have weight loss, can he? Because that would be giving in to the societal pressure.

The Godzilla vs. Kong star didn’t feel good about the fact that he grew up watching superhero movies but never saw them speak to kids like him. He didn’t feel represented and that’s why he seems to want to not be like one of those kids (who are usually thin). Instead, Julian Dennison, as an overweight kid, wants to encourage kids like him by representing diverse bodies. He has no immediate weight loss plans for the future.

I used to watch the films and see characters I’ve always wanted to be and who don’t look like me. They were these chiselled actors- heroes, strong, real muscly, It’s really important for me to play this character for other kids who look like me or are plus-size.

Julian Dennison also does not seem to be uncomfortable with how he looks. He is a happy kid who feels very positive about his body and that’s why he isn’t particularly concerned about having weight loss.

You gotta feel good in your own body and I do feel good, I could be healthier. I can be healthy, but you have got to make sure you feel good in your body, and also I can make other kids that look like me, feel good about themselves too.