Evan Ellingson Had Weight Loss or Didn’t He?


Evan Ellingson's fans are curious to see if he had weight loss in his final years. houseandwhips.com

Evan Ellingson’s followers are hitting the internet for information about weight loss following his death due to a drug overdose. They seem to want to know if there was any change in his appearance due to overuse of drugs. But there is nothing on the internet that suggests the My Sister’s Keeper star has lost weight. Evan Ellingson has not posted any pictures of him online in ages so, we don’t know what he looked like in his final days or if he had weight loss. 

After Evan Ellingson made his acting debut in the 2001 TV movie Living in Fear and broke out, he booked roles on multiple shows including Mad TV, General Hospital, and Bones, which quickly boosted his mainstream popularity. He was a massive hit and a successful screen star in his teens with a promising film career on the side, though it didn’t take off very well. He did the 2002 sci-fi movie Time Changer and appeared in the 2005 thriller Confession.

Returning to television, he played the role of Josh Bauer in the series 24 in its sixth season.  He had a 10-episode guest arc on the crime series. He then took up one of the most prominent roles he has ever done. He was cast in a recurring role on another crime drama CSI: Miami. Even though Evan Ellingson portrayed Kyle Harmon in just 18 episodes from 2007 to 2010, he is mostly recognized for this role. Besides this, he is most known for his role as Jesse Fitzgerald in the 2009 film My Sister’s Keeper. After 2010, he completely dropped out of the spotlight.

Now that he’s dead, people are looking at him with fondness mixed with a nostalgic factor. They had not been keeping in touch with him so, they were taken aback when the news of his death broke. They recently learned that the cause of his death was drug addiction and now, they want to know if there was anything about him that suggested that he was not all fine, like if he had weight loss due to drug issues that gave his addiction away. Let’s talk about it!

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Evan Ellingson’s Weight Loss: Fans Want to Know If He Has Lost Weight Due to Drug Issues!

Evan Ellingson's fans want to know if he had weight loss in his final years. houseandwhips.comEvan Ellingson’s fans want to know if he had weight loss in his final years.
Image Source: People

Evan Ellingson (@Evanellingson_) may or may not have undergone weight loss in his final years. We can’t really tell because he did not post pictures of himself in the longest while. He only tweeted and that’s all the social media presence he was limited to. After he dropped out of the spotlight, he really dropped out of the spotlight. He went off the radar and there was no news about him which was good because now, he has made it to the headlines because of his death.

It’s sad but it’s true that Evan’s no more. He was a very beloved star during the 200s and everyone loved him in General Hospital. They thought that he was gearing up to be a big star the way his career was tracking but he never made anything of his budding career. He never took a chance on what he could have been as he mysteriously went off the radar in 2010 to never come back. And now, we are not talking of his career or the end of it but of his weight loss.

All conversations about Evan Ellingson’s career have been exhausted because it was very short-lived even though it was great. But the news of his death has saddened a lot of people who knew him from his General Hospital and CSI: Miami days. They got more upset upon learning that he died because of a drug overdose when he was on year three of his sobriety. Now, they are scouring the internet to see if there’s anything recent about him. They especially want to see his recent pictures to see if he had weight loss that hinted at his drug issues.

However, there’s not much about him on the internet so, your guess is as good as ours. We don’t know how he looked in his final years because there are literally no photos of him anywhere. He is not very active on social media and he rarely shares any pictures of himself. He only tweets random stuff and you can’t really gauge what’s going on with him from his tweets. So, no, we don’t know if he has had weight loss. He looked healthy in his Twitter profile.

Evan Ellingson’s Died Because of Drug Overdose!

Evan Ellingson died following a fentanyl overdose. houseandwhips.comEvan Ellingson died following a fentanyl overdose.
Image Source: NBC News

People seemed to want to see how Evan Ellingson looked before he died to know if his appearance showed the effect drugs had on him. Drugs can drastically change people’s appearance and weight. If somebody had a rapid weight gain or rapid weight loss in a short amount of time, it would most likely be because of drugs. So, it was something that incited tragic curiosity among the general public because the actor was said to have been sober for three years at the time of his death following a drug overdose.

Evan Ellingson reportedly died from an accidental fentanyl overdose. He was found dead on November 5 in a Fontana, California bedroom. His family released a statement following his death where it was alluded that he had relapsed.

While in the end, he fell in his earthly battle with addiction, he was able to choose Jesus as his Lord and Savior and receive eternal life with Him. We already miss Evan and cherish every moment of joy, laughter and love that he brought to us and so many others.