How Did Suzie Fletcher From Repair Shop Undergo Weight Loss of 8 Stone?


How Did Suzie Fletcher From Repair Shop Undergo Weight Loss of 8 Stone?

Many viewers are stunned by Suzie Fletcher’s recent weight loss transformation of 8 stone. Although she has yet to reveal the secret behind her current physique, we believe aging could be one of the primary reasons. Furthermore, she appears to be engaged in exercise and other physical activities.

BBC‘s The Repair Shop follows a group of restoration experts led by renowned British furniture restorer Jay Blades as they travel across the UK looking for priceless heirlooms that require repair or restoration. Even though the reality show does not charge for the restoration work, heirloom owners are asked to contact the producers via social media before presenting their case.

Recently, one of the show’s cast, Suzie Fletcher has been a hot topic all over social media due to her lean physique. The leather and saddlery expert, who quickly became a fan favorite as she entered the show’s season 2, has recently undergone a significant weight loss journey. Well, here is what you need to know about her transformation.

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The Repair Shop: Suzie Fletcher Has Undergone Incredible Weight Loss of 8 Stone in Recent Years!

Suzie Fletcher from The Repair Shop Shop achieved a weight loss of approximately 8 stone. According to reports, she gained weight in 2008 as a result of her intense cravings in her forties. She has gained a few fan supporters over the years who are frequently concerned about her health and well-being due to her drastic transformation.

Suzie Fletcher in her recent weight loss appearance. houseandwhips.comSuzie Fletcher in her recent weight loss appearance.
Image Source: HELLO! Magazine

Comparing the Repair Shop cast’s before and after photos, she may appear healthy and fit despite her age. However, she had gained so much weight that she had to drag herself up the stairs and was constantly going to the doctor, complaining about knee problems caused by the extra weight she was carrying. She couldn’t go to the store without becoming exhausted.

Along these lines, she chose to change her lifestyle. She joined a swimming club after moving to ElyStandard from Surrey and starting a seasonal job at Waitrose. As she lost more than eight stone, ElyStandard later wrote, her consistent effort yielded the desired results.

Suzie Fletcher also blamed her excessive hunger for the unnatural weight gain in her late 40s, despite the fact that she rarely ate desserts. She also worked on her diet to improve her muscle-to-fat ratio and replaced greasy snacks with four Muller Light yogurts per day.

When asked about her body size, she mentioned that she was always a plump child. It was also the time when doctors would commend mothers for having large babies because it demonstrated their strength.

However, it also made Suzie conscious of her size on a regular basis. Regardless, she didn’t have to go through what fat kids nowadays have to go through, such as purchasing adult-sized clothing. She was almost fifty years old, but along these lines, she thought she could do anything, because if Madonna could do it, why couldn’t she? As a result, she went from a size 32 to a size 12.

Suzie Fletcher Speaks About the Abuse She Endured During Her Marriage to Her Late Husband!

Suzie Fletcher met her husband, Rob, for the first time in Colorado after moving to America to work as a master saddler in Illinois. The Repair Shop star intended to stay in the United States for only two years, but after meeting him, she ended up staying for 22 years. When asked about Rob, the TV star told Lorraine Kelly,

It’s really difficult with some people as everyone has their faults, but as I got to know him better I realised he was massively traumatised as a child.  With that, brought on some coping mechanisms which are not exactly healthy and he was using alcohol to help numb the pain, and I did learn as time went on how massively damaged he was.

Suzie Fletcher was married to her late husband, Rob, for nearly 22 years. houseandwhips.comSuzie Fletcher was married to her late husband, Rob, for nearly 22 years.
Image Source: HOUSE & WHIPS

She continued,

 My circumstances were quite different as well because I’d moved to another country, I didn’t have the support of old friends and the family and things like that which can make a huge difference.We were good together, weirdly, but we had this element which was not healthy and I’m really interested in looking into why this occurs and try to find a solution.

Suzie went on to say that a lot of Rob’s bad behavior towards her stemmed from his insecurities and inability to cope with life. Later, she told the Daily Mail that he choked her and lifted her off the carpet with his forearm under her throat. She admitted,

I honestly thought I was going to die. He was choking me and could easily have killed me. I don’t know why but eventually he let go. I was profoundly shocked. I’d always thought it could never happen to me. Not that. He would never hurt me. Now I knew what my husband was capable of.