Karen Taylor From EastEnders Stuns With Her Weight Loss!


Karen Taylor from EastEnders looks great after her weight loss. houseandwhips.com

Karen Taylor from EastEnders looks incredibly fit after weight loss. Lorraine Stanley showed off her post-transformation body in her Instagram Story, just after she admitted that she was sad about Karen being written off of EastEnders. The actress had undergone weight loss of about six stones the previous year as well. It was mostly about her diet whereas the recent transformation of 2023 seems all about training and working out. 

Karen Taylor is one of the most loved characters in the BBC soap opera EastEnders. Lorraine Stanley has portrayed with perfection a single mom laundrette worker going on for her children in the face of every challenge life throws her way. Her character has been very inspiring and she represents hope that everything is going to come together sometime, to mothers everywhere. The viewers are going to miss her when she leaves Walford at the end of the year.

Karen Taylor is being written off of EastEnders and not just the audience is sad about it, Lorraine Stanley is too. So, she seems to have channeled her upset to workout and gym sessions because not long after the news of her exiting the show broke out, she was flaunting her new physique and showing off her weight loss. Anyway, let’s talk about her physical transformation!

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Karen EastEnders’ 2023’s Weight Loss: Lorraine Stanley Has Gotten Fitter Than Before!

Karen from EastEnders feels great about her weight loss. houseandwhips.comKaren from EastEnders feels great about her weight loss.
Image Source: The Sun

EastEndersKaren Taylor has undergone weight loss and she’s feeling fantastic about it. She does look very happy and is literally glowing in her recent photos. Aren’t we all a little bit sad for Lorraine Stanley (@lorraine_stanley_), the actress playing Karen, after hearing that she is going to be exiting the show at the end of the year because we sure are upset that her character is going to be written off the show because we really loved her? We loved watching her come on top of every struggle she goes through. But I guess, none of that anymore.

Think of how the actual Karen Taylor must be feeling about being forced to leave Albert Square. Lorraine Stanley has been a staple on EastEnders since 2017. Having to unexpectedly be dropped from a show that you have been doing for seven years as a part of a shock cast shake-up must suck. She did admit so much that she was gutted to be leaving the show but she seems to be channeling her upset at it really well, going by the recent weight loss she recently revealed.

Her recent physical transformation just came at the heels of the news that she’s leaving Albert Square so, it looks like it may have something to do with her change. Even if it isn’t, it’s great that she seems happy with it because how long is she going to think about her departure from the show? She’s pouring herself into the gym sessions and glowing from what she showed off her stunning weight loss.

Nobody could recognize that it was Karen from EastEnders when Lorraine Stanley recently posted her photo on her Instagram Stories because she looked nothing like her character, who usually is covered in frumpy oversized shirts and jogging bottoms, in a tight fit black Nike sleeveless sports top and matching leggings. She looked great with her new physique. That weight loss suited her.

Check Out The Weight Loss Diet of EastEnders’ Karen Taylor!

EastEnders' Karen Taylor lost 12 pounds last year by changing her diet. houseandwhips.comEastEnders’ Karen Taylor lost 12 pounds last year by changing her diet.
Image Source: The Mirror

I think every follower of Lorraine Stanley would agree on that one because she looked very fit and very cool in her snaps in which she was wearing her workout gear and having a personal training session. She was flexing her muscles for a mirror selfie and I would too, if I had muscles like hers. She turned to the side of her second snap and that’s how you could really see just how much weight loss she had. She would obviously feel great about it and she wrote so much as that,

I’m feeling fantastic!!! #fitat40something #weighttrainingforwomen #igotthis

This was not the first time Karen Taylor from EastEnders had a physical transformation. Just last year as well, Stanley shared that she had dropped almost a stone in just six weeks by overhauling her diet plan, upping her protein intake, and cutting down on treats such as crisps and chocolate. She also cut off carbs which resulted in a very drastic weight loss.

I’ve lost 12lbs in six weeks. My mate Louisa is my fitness guru, I’ve got her to thank for it. She talks about nutrition. I’ve eaten a lot of boiled eggs, fish, chicken. No carbs, no crisps and chocolate. I’m enjoying it and I feel better for it.

This time, it looks like Lorraine Stanley is getting more physical for her fitness unlike the last time, when her weight loss was mostly just her changing her diet plan. Whether or not she is hitting the gym to distract herself from what’s going on with her Karen being kicked off EastEnders unexpectedly, viewers are happy to see her happy. And they are looking forward to whatever she comes up with next.