Juno Temple Plastic Surgery: Why Does She Look So Different?


Juno Temple appears to have had plastic surgery because of how different she looks. houseandwhips.com

Juno Temple looks completely unrecognizable these days which has sparked plastic surgery speculations about her. The Keeley Jones actress from Ted Lasso is especially suspected of having buccal fat removal. Some think it’s Juno Temple’s weight loss that makes her look so different. So far, she hasn’t responded to those speculations. 

Juno Temple has appeared in the films Notes on a Scandal, Atonement, The Other Boleyn Girl, The Dark Knight Rises, Magic Magic, Afternoon Delight, Maleficent, Black Mass, and Maleficent: Mistress of Evil. And she has starred in television series such as Vinyl, Dirty John, Ted Lasso, Little Birds, and The Offer. She has been in lots of interesting stuff. She has a great career overall.

However, her career always takes a backseat when she comes up because all people can talk about is her plastic surgery. She looks completely different than when she was young, like she is a whole other person which is why people think her transformation is sus. Here’s everything to know about Juno Temple’s plastic surgery!

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Did Juno Temple Get Plastic Surgery?

Juno Temple (@junotemple) is suspected of having plastic surgery, especially buccal fat removal.

Juno has been acting since she was a child and we have watched her transition from a child to a young woman as she essentially grew up in the public eye. But those who have not been keeping up with her are now shocked to see her as a grown woman because she looks completely different. Most of them cannot tell that it’s her until they learn her name and on realizing that it’s her, they immediately conclude that she has had plastic surgery.

‘Of course, she looks different, of course, she’s changed, she’s grown up, how can she look the same forever,’ if you are thinking something along such lines, then let me tell you that looking different from when she was young is not what has made people think Juno Temple had plastic surgery. She doesn’t just look different, she looks completely unrecognizable as in she doesn’t seem to be herself.

Juno Temple is believed to have had plastic surgery (buccal fat removal). houseandwhips.comJuno Temple is believed to have had plastic surgery (buccal fat removal).
Image Source: Variety

That can’t be normal aging. The Ted Lasso star has changed drastically and very obviously. The shape of her face has completely altered because of how thin she has gotten. It’s like she’s just skin and bones on the face. Her cheeks have lost all the chubbiness that she had when she was young and as a result of that, she looks extremely gaunt and much older than her age. Because her cheeks look extremely hollow, people think she has had plastic surgery to remove fat from her cheeks, which is known as buccal fat removal.

It cannot go unnoticed how Juno Temple has a completely different chin and jaw structure than before. As someone pointed out, nobody ages like that. When people age, their whole facial structure does not change. The way she looks now, that can’t be normal aging. Her fans are very confident that it’s all due to plastic surgery because that’s kind of a big and too unnatural shift. She is not supposed to look like she is in her forties when she just reached her mid-thirties.

The only thing people can’t seem to figure out is why the Notes on a Scandal actress ever felt that she had to have plastic surgery because she was already gorgeous before and the way she looks now is definitely not an improvement over how she looked then. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. She has lost the charm she had when she was younger because of how gaunt and sickly she looks.

Some even suspect that Juno Temple looks the way she does not because of plastic surgery but because of drugs. As one Reddit user wrote on the discussion thread about her looks, there used to be a lovely glow to her, a spark in her eyes, but now it’s all gone and she doesn’t seem the type but the people who are addicted to drugs have been known to look like that.

Given the stance the 33-year-old has regarding plastic surgery and aging, many are inclined to believe that she is addicted to drugs than that she would have cosmetic surgery. She said and I quote,

You do spend a lot of time being around people that panic about aging because you’re just like, ‘Oh God, I’m going to pass my sell-by date at any minute’. We forget that actually, as women, we grow more and more comfortable in our bodies and in our existence as we get older — and we care less about the exterior presentation and more about the interior presentation, I think.

Is It Plastic Surgery or Weight Loss That Makes Juno Temple So Different From When She Was Young?

Some of Juno Temple's fans believe she looks different because of weight loss and not plastic surgery. houseandwhips.comSome of Juno Temple’s fans believe she looks different because of weight loss and not plastic surgery.
Image Source: Deadline

While some fans speculate that Juno Temple has either plastic surgery or drug issues, there are others who think the drastic change in her appearance is because of weight loss. They suspect that she is using Ozempic or other semaglutides like most of Hollywood. Because she appears extremely gaunt and hollow, many people often bring up how worrying it is that she looks unlike herself and like she has some underlying health issues.

And there’s also the fact that Juno Temple opened up about her discomfort with her physicality and how she looked which fans thought were too revealing about the issues she had with her body. In a 2022 interview with Marie Claire, she talked about how the pandemic affected her self-image and fueled her anxiety. She said that she had begun to hate parts of her body because she was not a certain size and a certain height.

This revelation made people think that Juno Temple did not like her body and that she might have gone to extreme lengths to change the way she looked through either weight loss or plastic surgery.