Kate Fleetwood’s Plastic Surgery: How Was Her Jaw Before?

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Kate Fleetwood’s Plastic Surgery: How Was Her Jaw Before? houseandwhips.com

Kate Fleetwood has recently been suspected of receiving plastic surgery to look young. Compared to her before and after pictures, she might have received jaw surgery to accomplish her unusual appearance.

Kate Fleetwood is an English actress who has built a name for herself in both theatre and film. She began her career as a child actor with the Royal Shakespeare Company.

Likely, she was hired to work on The Wheel of Time, a television series based on the best-selling novel. She confirmed the announcement on January 22, 2020, and the show eventually launched on Amazon on November 19, 2021. Recently, the show has been back for season 2.

Since then, Kate Fleetwood’s facial appearance has been a debate of speech among her fans. Many people believe her jaw seems different than it used to be. As a result, they are curious to know if she underwent plastic surgery to fix it. Well, here is what we’ve discovered.

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Plastic Surgery: Kate Fleetwood Has Been Accused of Undergoing a Jawline Surgery!

Kate Fleetwood‘s (@katyfleets) jawline has sparked debate among fans and followers. Compared to her before and after pictures, some think that the actress had plastic surgery, especially a jaw surgery, to accomplish her unusual appearance to look young, However, there is no definitive proof to substantiate these allegations.

Kate Fleetwood after plastic surgery. houseandwhips.comKate Fleetwood after plastic surgery. 
Image Source: The Times

The Wheel of Time actress is a Celtic (English) woman who has one of the most prominent face structures. The facial bones are highly developed and big. In the photos above, you can observe the outstanding development and width of the cheekbones, which support those stunning blue eyes. She has an A- gonial angle and an A- chin grade.

Although Kate Fleetwood has neither accepted nor denied the plastic surgery rumors, she has earned a reputation for herself in the entertainment field. So, it doesn’t really matter whether her beauty is natural or the consequence of surgery.

This gifted actress began her career as a child actor with the Royal Shakespeare Company and has since gone on to perform in several stage and television projects. Fans of the book series and the fantasy genre are excited to see her in The Wheel of Time again.

Fleetwood’s ability and dedication have earned her countless awards, including a Tony nomination for her performance in a stage rendition of Macbeth. So, whether she underwent jaw surgery or not, her distinct appearance is only one component of what makes her a brilliant and recognized performer.

Season 2 of the Wheel of Time Gives Kate Fleetwood’s Character, Liandrin Guirale, a Secret Son!

In The Wheel of Time Season 2, Liandrin Guirale played by Kate Fleetwood enters Nynaeve‘s (Zo Robins) training, ostensibly to exploit the girl’s great potential. Unlike other Aes Sedai who try to help Nynaeve, Liandrin’s unusual techniques produce results, thus Nynaeve and the White Tower agree. Even still, Nynaeve’s trust is not earned.

Kate Fleetwood plays the role of Liandrin Guirale in The Wheel of Time. houseandwhips.comKate Fleetwood plays the role of Liandrin Guirale in The Wheel of Time.
Image Source: IMBD

Later, in Episode 2, Strangers and Friends, Liandrin sneaks away, and Nynaeve chases the Aes Sedai through the streets, suspecting she is up to something sinister. She discovers her with an elderly man who appears to be suffering. Nynaeve initially fears Liandrin will kill him since she despises males, but the Aes Sedai instead carefully cares for him.

Liandrin is a powerful Aes Sedai, but she understands little about healing, and with Nynaeve’s Wisdom, she can tell the therapy will fail to alleviate the man’s anguish. She is furious and sends Nynaeve away, but she breaks down and apologizes to her son, plainly saddened that she cannot heal him — and the old man soothes her as she sobs over her failure to save him. This moment demonstrates that Liandrin has a heart, even though it is rarely seen.

In Episode 4, Daughter of the Night, Liandrin discusses her son with Nynaeve in a vulnerable moment. She admits to hiding him for his protection but keeping him close for her own. She laments the experience of watching individuals she cares about grow old and die. The agony Liandrin has endured is palpable. She has witnessed generations die as a result of One Power’s longevity.

Whether she is mourning the death of parents, friends, or her child’s father, or contemplating the end of her son’s life, her pain is palpable. Unlike other Aes Sedai, Liandrin has not totally removed herself from the world, which explains her drive.