Nazanin Kavari BBL: Has She or Hasn’t She Enhanced Her Butt?

Derick Scholz

Nazanin Kavari tried very hard to convince people that she had not had BBL.

Nazanin Kavari got BBL about five years ago and she tried to hide it but unsuccessfully. Everybody could tell that the social media influencer had had plastic surgery to enhance her butt no matter how hard she tried to convince her followers that her butt had gotten bigger because of her strict workout regimen and diet plan. Nazanin Kavari has given up lying now and admitted to having BBL. She’s talking about getting the size of her butt reduced now.

So, Nazanin Kavari is getting a mommy makeover and she is documenting the entire process. She has already gone with her mother for consultation and her mother’s not sure about it but she has already decided on getting a breast reduction/ lift and a lipo. The social media influencer is also set on reducing her butt because it has gotten much bigger since she gave birth the first time. The revelation that she was getting her butt reduced sparked discussions about her BBL for the umpteenth time. So, let’s discuss Nazanin Kavari’s BBL yet again!

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Nazanin Kavari’s BBL: She Tried to Deny It Hard But Yeah, She Has!

Nazanin Kavari (@nazaninkavari) has had BBL and she’s only recently admitted to it though we have known it since she had the plastic surgery because it was way too obvious to hide or lie about.

Nazanin had gotten plastic surgery to enhance her buttocks about five years ago and it might not seem like a big deal because unfortunately, getting cosmetic surgery has become so normal among celebrities but because she denied getting BBL, there was so much more intense discussion about it on social media than there would have been had she admitted to the procedure. It was the Streisand effect. The more she denied it, the more people talked about it.

Nazanin Kavari has so obviously had BBL. houseandwhips.comNazanin Kavari has so obviously had BBL.
Image Source: Instagram

People were furious with Nazanin that she even thought that she could get away with denying that she had BBL because the change in her butt was so obvious. She credited the growth in her behind to exercise and regime and maybe her followers would have bought that lie only if it weren’t for the fact that her rear end looked so unnaturally big post-surgery. There’s having a natural voluptuous butt and there’s having a couple of lumps protruding out of your back. Hers was the latter but she seemed unaware of it.

Given how vehemently she tried to convince everyone that she got a bigger butt by following a diet plan and strict exercise regimen designed to enhance the area, Nazanin Kavari clearly had no idea how unnatural her body shape looked after she got BBL. She was adamant that she suddenly attained an hourglass figure (big butt and tiny waist) by cutting carbs and exercising.

It was such an insult to the intelligence of her followers because it was such a blatant lie. Cutting carbs makes growing muscles impossible. How would her butt increase that way? And as for exercising, around that time, she had gotten a breast reduction and lift. Would she have been able to exercise when her body had been through a plastic surgery procedure? What made her think that she could hide that she had BBL? Because come on, it was so noticeable.

Even though she was called out on it and criticized for perpetuating harsh beauty standards and lying so blatantly about getting plastic surgery despite that unnatural body shape, Nazanin Kavari never thought of correcting her lies and admitting that she had BBL. Instead, she doubled down on the lies by getting super defensive when people brought up her cosmetic surgery and claiming that the photos of her where her butt looked gigantic compared to before were photoshopped.

Nazanin Kavari Went Hard to Deny She Had BBL!

Nazanin Kavari would then go on to show her photos of her body from much earlier years to prove that she had the same figure even back then. By photoshopping them and by manipulating her body shape to look curvier by angles and poses. She really tried hiding the fact that she had BBL even though people would have appreciated her more if she had been honest about it.

Nazanin Kavari made many unsuccessful attempts to deny that she had BBL. houseandwhips.comNazanin Kavari made many unsuccessful attempts to deny that she had BBL.
Image Source: Instagram

Anyway, her attempts at convincing people that she had not had plastic surgery to enhance her butt by sharing photoshopped pictures from earlier where she had the same unnaturally huge butt were laughable because the internet always remembers and there were screenshots of a video in which she, according to a Redditor, was built like a linebacker.

Nazanin Kavari was so flat back then. Did she really think people would forget how un-curvy she was? She did not have a voluptuous figure. After getting BBL, she went from being a rectangle to being a pear and that is physically impossible without surgery and through the natural way. No diet plan and exercise regimen can change the shape of her body that drastically like that.

If she really did exercises to build muscles like she claimed, wouldn’t her butt and legs both be muscular instead of her butt just getting bigger? Nazanin Kavari did not think that one through, did she? She would not look soft if she really put in the work. She would look a lot more hardened and muscular if she had worked out that intensely. But because it’s BBL, it’s the same except her butt looks gigantic.

And about her cutting carbs and avoiding dairy, how can she say that when she vlogs herself eating everything? Nazanin Kavari could have not said anything, she did not have to lie like that. No mention of BBL would have been fine but going that far to deny it, she just looks stupid.