Katy Perry Weight Gain: Did She Gain Weight?


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Katy Perry has not had a weight gain recently. houseandwhips.com

Katy Perry’s weight gain speculations have taken over the internet to everyone’s surprise because she has not put on weight recently. You can tell that by looking at the pop star’s pictures on her Instagram page in which she looks very slender and fit. Katy Perry had gone up to 190 pounds during her pregnancy and now, she’s already back in shape after shedding that pregnancy weight gain.

Katy Perry is one of the very few super-duper famous pop stars who does not need any introduction. People from every corner of the world know her and have vibed to her music. No wonder she is one of the most popular as well as one of the best-selling music artists of all time. Her influence on modern pop music is really unparalleled and her camp style is just as if she is the “Queen of Camp” which is what she has been rightfully dubbed as, by Vogue and Rolling Stone.

You can tell she’s a very influential figure. She is the second-most followed woman and the sixth-most followed person on Twitter with over 107 million followers. Katy Perry was included in the annual Forbes list of highest-earning women in music from 2011 to 2019. She has sold over 143 million records worldwide and she has the most U.S. diamond-certified singles for any female artist.

Anyway, the point is she’s very popular and she is always relevant. Recently, her relevancy has resulted in rumors about her weight gain that have come out of nowhere. Social media is buzzing with speculations about her weight fluctuation even when it’s very obvious that she has not put on weight recently. She looks as slender as she has always looked. So, let’s go to the depth of Katy Perry’s weight gain speculations!

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Katy Perry’s Weight Gain: She Does Not Appear to Have Gained Weight Recently!

Katy Perry has not had a weight gain in recent times. houseandwhips.comKaty Perry has not had a weight gain in recent times.
Image Source: ELLE

Did Katy Perry (@katyperry) gain weight? Social media is currently buzzing with questions and speculations about her weight gain and it’s very baffling to see that because Katy has not been revealed to have put on weight recently. She’s been looking as slender and fit as she has looked for a while now.

The Roar hitmaker recently unveiled another style from her namesake footwear brand Katy Perry Collection fall 2023 edition. She modeled the Linksy sandals this time, which had been fashioned after being inspired by the design of wristwatches. She posted a picture from the photoshoot of herself wearing the sandal heel on Instagram with the caption, “It’s TIME for fresh FRUTA! @katyperrycollections.” Have you seen that picture yet because if you had seen it already, you would know that she has not had a weight gain?

The pop star looks quite slim and fit. She would give any model a run for their money with her stunning and aesthetic physique. With her tall and slender modelesque figure, she does not look like she has gained weight from any angle which is why the speculations about her weight gain that are going on the social media are baffling. The rumors have literally come out of nowhere.

Anyway, they are quashed now because Katy Perry has revealed herself to be as slim as ever through her pictures on Instagram. The last time she gained weight was probably during her pregnancy. Now, she has shed all of the pregnancy weight gain and is back in shape to how she was before she got pregnant. There have been no changes on that front in recent times.

Katy Perry Talks About Her Pregnancy Weight Gain!

Katy Perry weighed 190 pounds during her pregnancy. houseandwhips.comKaty Perry weighed 190 pounds during her pregnancy.
Image Source: Digital Spy

Speaking of her pregnancy weight gain, Katy Perry opened up about her body and the changes it went through amid her pregnancy on the Kyle and Jackie O Australian radio show. She candidly revealed that she was 190 pounds while flaunting her sizable baby bump in a cute crop top. That was the time when her hands were swollen and her feet were starting to swell. She looked big like a “large marge in charge.” She did not mind the weight she was carrying to bring her child into the world. She said,

I’m really grateful for my body and I have so much respect for other women going through this process.

Now, Katy Perry has shed off the pregnancy weight gain and she looks much slimmer than 190 pounds. If rumors are to be believed, she stuck to a plant-based diet and lost all the pregnancy weight shortly after that. She also supposedly worked out a lot, did cardio and weight training in particular after which she lost her baby weight. Now, she seems to be back to her normal 130 pounds.

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