Marion Bartoli’s Weight Gain: She Looks Much Healthier Than Before!


Marion Bartoli looks much healthier after her weight gain.


Marion Bartoli’s fans were relieved to see that she had a bit of a healthy weight gain in 2017 which was a refreshing change from constant worries about her health. She had a massive weight loss in 2016 and was hospitalized with anorexia. She called the year most challenging and accepted that she pushed herself into bad health. As of 2023, after weight gain, Marion Bartoli seems to be perfectly happy and healthy.

Marion Bartoli is a former French professional tennis player. She started getting involved in sports at a very young age, and by the age of 16, she was playing tournaments regularly. She gained fame in 2002 after she received a wildcard into the Australian Open but ended up losing to Tina Pisnik in three sets.

Recently, Marion has been in the news after she was seen reporting on the US Open, which is a hardcourt tennis tournament held annually in Queens, New York. As of 2023, she is currently busy reporting for Sky Sports. On September 7, 2023, she posted a picture of herself enjoying the match and captioned the photo as another beautiful day at the US Open.

After the picture of Marion flooded all over the internet, people noticed some changes in her physical appearance. She looked so much different and healthier than before. Her weight gain has completely changed her looks. In this article, we will be talking about how much weight she has gained and the health issues she had been facing prior to that. To learn more about Marion Bartoli’s weight gain, read this article.

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Marion Bartoli’s Weight Gain Has Relieved Her Fans!

Marion Bartoli underwent a healthy weight gain in 2017. houseandwhips.comMarion Bartoli underwent a healthy weight gain in 2017.
Image Source: The New York Times

Marion Bartoli‘s (@bartolimarion) weight gain has made her fans feel relief regarding her health. She had a massive weight loss in 2013 and was hospitalized with anorexia which was very challenging for her. She revealed that she successfully gained weight after she started following a strict routine of workouts and food. As of 2023, she seems to be perfectly happy and healthy.

Marion has been in the news for her weight for many years. Recently, when she was seen in the Mission: Impossible premiere, which was held in Dubai, her name was involved in weight gain and pregnancy rumors. The rumors have not been talked about by the former tennis player yet and those are possibly fake (the angle of the picture might have caused people confusion).

Marion Bartoli’s weight has fluctuated many times. In 2016, when she had a massive weight loss, she admitted that her ex-boyfriend pushed her to lose weight. She mentioned how much she used to be happy before meeting her ex-boyfriend, who used to compare her with the skinny girl. Although she felt pressured by her ex-boyfriend to lose weight, the actual reason for her weight loss was due to the health issue she was facing.

Marion Bartoli’s Weight Gain in 2017!

After a massive weight loss in 2016, fans of Marion Bartoli were worried about her health. They felt that she needed to have a bit of a healthy weight gain and advised her to put on a little weight. It looks like she took their advice and their prayers worked for her because she was back in form after she put on weight in 2017 which was revealed when she was spotted on the tennis court.

Marion Bartoli struggled with anorexia in 2016. houseandwhips.comMarion Bartoli struggled with anorexia in 2016.
Image Source: Sports Illusrated

When Marion Bartoli was asked about her weight gain, she mentioned that the skinny look was her natural shape and that her healthy weight was due to the strict routine. The routine included going to the gym, eating healthy, and quitting tennis. Although she didn’t talk much about the change, she stated:

It has happened naturally. My natural frame is quite tiny, that is the way my mum and dad are. I have just gone back to my natural shape. All that shows you is the amount of effort I had to put in to become the tennis player I was.

Marion Bartoli Talked About Her Health Issue and How She Pushed Herself Into Bad Health!

After her weight gain in 2017, Marion Bartoli appears to be happy with her life, and the illness/ anorexia is seemingly under control. In June 2023, talking about her health issues, she admitted that everything she faced during those years was her fault and the most challenging moment of her life was in 2016 when she was hospitalized with anorexia, an eating disorder characterized by an abnormally low body weight.

She also recalled that she wanted to lose only a little weight at the beginning, but later it turned into an obsession, and she ended up damaging her body and health. She also mentioned that her parents were trying to help her, but she didn’t accept their help as she was in that state of mind. Marion Bartoli also said:

I damaged my body and I damaged my health massively. My parents were there trying to help me out. But when you’re in that state of mind, you just don’t accept help. Philip just told me: ‘Marion, we just can’t let you play because we can’t take the risk that you have a heart attack on the court.