Keisha Nash Should Have Been Bothered With Her Weight Loss!

Derick Scholz

Keisha Nash always sparked health concerns with her weight loss. – Keisha Nash sparked concerns for her health in 2014 with her drastic weight loss of 35 pounds. The actress always used to insist that she was comfortable in her skin but it was very clear she was suffering from anorexia. It was like Keisha Nash’s life was itself a weight loss journey because she went on getting thinner with time. Many suspect that her death is also due to her anorexia. 

Keisha Nash, the ex-wife of Oscar-winning Forest Whitaker, also did a bit of acting. She got her start in showbiz as a model and she made her way into acting and ultimately, producing. She made an appearance in the 2004 film Proud and she served as an executive producer on the 2008 movie Kassim the Dream. She also has her own luxury cosmetics line called Kissable Couture and a children’s clothing line.

There are lots of things Keisha Nash has accomplished in her professional life but the only thing people ever talk about when it comes to her is her weight and anorexia. She would often spark health concerns with her dramatic weight loss. Though she insisted that she was comfortable in her skin, people suspected that because it just looked as though she could never get thin enough. Was this the death of her? It most likely is. Fans are sad to lose her to anorexia.

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Keisha Nash’s Weight Loss: Did She Lose Weight in Her Final Years?

Keisha Nash may have undergone weight loss in her final years. Her public appearances have been rare for the past few years but when she was public, she always seemed to be losing weight. Anorexia might have caused her death.

Keisha Nash looking frail in her final months could have been due to her weight loss. houseandwhips.comKeisha Nash looking frail in her final months could have been due to her weight loss.
Image Source: VIBE

I think we may have lost another one to anorexia. If you didn’t already know, Keisha, who’s the former spouse of Oscar winner Forest Whitaker, has passed away. Her daughter True Whitaker shared the heartbreaking news of Keisha Nash’s death on Instagram with a touching tribute to her. True posted some never-before-seen pictures of her mother and called her ‘the most beautiful woman in the world.’ She, however, did not share the cause of Keisha’s death (she later denied that her mother had anorexia) but people suspected it had something to do with her anorexia and weight loss anyway.

I mean, how could people not immediately go to that when they hear anything about Keisha Nash? It’s very well-known that she had always struggled with body image issues (she has never admitted to it, it’s just what the public saw) and anorexia. She seemed to be on some sort of never-ending weight loss journey because she always looked thinner than before in all her public appearances.

Also, according to a source, she was in and out of hospital due to intestinal problems for the past few months and it’s not unusual that people with anorexia eventually go on to develop digestive and intestinal issues. She also reportedly got more frail in her final months which could mean that her eating disorder got worse during those days. Eventually, Keisha Nash’s weight loss which stemmed from her messed-up body image issues killed her.

Keisha battled anorexia for years. In the last year Keisha seemed to become more and more frail. She didn’t venture out as much as she used to, and spent a lot of time in the hospital. She hired a driver to transport her when she visited friends or ventured out. Forrest continued to have a great deal of respect for Keisha following their divorce in 2021. And he’s taking her death really hard.

Keisha Nash Sparked Health Concerns With Her Weight Loss in 2014!

Keisha Nash sparked health concerns with her extreme weight loss in 2014. houseandwhips.comKeisha Nash sparked health concerns with her extreme weight loss in 2014.
Image Source: Yahoo Finance

Keisha always struggled with anorexia but never acknowledged that she needed help with her body image issues. Even when it was very apparent to the public by just observing her, she denied that she had a problem. She sparked health concerns among her fans every time she made public appearances because she always looked so thin and frail. So ill. Her life seemed to be a weight loss journey that never ended.

It was in 2014 that people felt most scared for Keisha Nash. She attended the Independent Spirit Awards along with Forrest Whitaker and people were shocked to see her so skinny. I mean, she was all skin and bones. She was already extremely thin to begin with so, to see her thinner than that was very disconcerting. She looked very gaunt and sick. Her dramatic weight loss, estimated to be about 35 pounds, looked very distressing and worried her fans.

The Hampton Diet’s author Dr. Fred Pescatore had a few things to say about the whole thing and none of it was good. He said that such an extreme change in her weight could lead to significant health issues and sadly, he was right about that, wasn’t he? Keisha Nash was clearly taking every unhealthy measure for weight loss, she looked like she was starving herself, and that was bound to affect her in the long run.

She is most likely about 110 pounds now but was 135 just a few years ago. Or even she could be down to 105 pounds from 140 pounds. She runs the risk of premature aging of her heart and bones. Most importantly, going up and down like this wreaks havoc on the metabolism and makes it increasingly difficult to continue to stay thin without more and more effort. Possibly to the point of starvation and pills.

Nash was given many such warnings but she never paid heed to any of it. She didn’t care what the fans, who were concerned for her, said nor did she bother with the opinion of a medical professional. As far as she was concerned, she was fine. Whenever anyone brought up her weight loss, she would defend her thin frame. She would say things like she’s comfortable in her skin and she would tweet about eating pizza and taco. But Keisha Nash’s weight loss always gave her away.