Roxy Jacenko’s Weight Loss Attempt With Ozempic Gone Wrong!


Roxy Jacenko’s Weight Loss Attempt With Ozempic Gone Wrong!

Roxy Jacenko received Ozempic, a weight loss pill, in an attempt to lose weight. However, she overdosed after taking one milligram of the diabetic medication on her first hit, which was four times the dosage prescribed by her doctor.

Roxanne Jacenko aka Roxy Jacenko is an Australian TV personality, entrepreneur, and socialite who finished second on The Celebrity Apprentice Australia‘s third season. She is also the director of Sweaty Betty PR, a Sydney-based public relations firm named after the London apparel company, Sweaty Betty, which she created in 2004.

Furthermore, her company once had over 70 clients, including Coles Supermarkets, Oliver Peoples, and Harris Scarfe. Likely, the celebrities, Maude Garrett and MasterChef Australia competitor, Hayden Quinn.

However, fans have recently noticed Roxy Jacenko’s transformation with her new appearance. Many of them have discussed her weight loss and shown interest in the secrets behind her journey. So let’s get into detail.

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Roxy Jacenko Claims to Have Overdosed After Taking Ozempic Weight Loss Tablets in an Attempt to Lose Weight!

As of this writing, Roxy Jacenko (@roxyjacenko) and her weight loss were the most talked about topics. But to let you know, she has revealed every personal detail about her journey. She has even confessed that she recently experienced a terrible health crisis after she overdosed on Ozempic in an attempt to shed weight.

Roxy Jacenko consumed Ozempic for her weight loss journey. houseandwhips.comRoxy Jacenko consumed Ozempic for her weight loss journey.
Image Source: Instagram

The former Sweaty Betty owner said she was desperate to reduce the 15kg she gained while undergoing Tamoxifen treatment for breast cancer. According to The Saturday Telegraph, she took one milligram of the diabetic medicine on her first hit, which was four times the dosage advised to her by a doctor. She said,

I thought I was actually going to die. I have had cancer, radiation therapy, all of that. It doesn’t even compare to how bad I felt when I took this drug. For the first 12 hours I was OK. I vomited four times that morning, once in a hire car, and I went to work.

If you are not aware, Ozempic has been a heated topic in Hollywood, with celebrities either confessing to or vehemently denying using diabetes medication for weight loss. Semaglutide, also known as Ozempic and Rybelsus, is an antidiabetic drug used to treat type 2 diabetes. It is also marketed as an anti-obesity medicine for long-term weight management under the brand name, Wegovy.

The medications function in the brain like a hormone, causing patients to feel less hungry and slowing the clearance of food from the stomach, resulting in weight reduction. Ozempic and Wegovy have gained prominence as the first medications proved to promote weight loss.

Likely, Roxy Jacenko stated that she subsequently experienced extreme vomiting and nonstop epilepsy-type shaking, landing her in a drug overdose center for three days. She said, ‘I called an ambulance. An ambulance was going to be an hour away but I thought I was going to die. I went to St Vincent’s.’

Furthermore, Roxy has subsequently issued a caution to anyone considering using Hollywood’s latest quick-fix weight loss pill. She termed the drug’s use pathetic and silly and urged celebrities to quit lying about not using it to lose weight.

A Glimpse at Roxy Jacenko’s Television Career!

If you’re not aware, Roxy Jacenko signed an agreement with the Seven Network in early 2010 to star in a semi-scripted reality television show called, The Sweat Box (a play on the name of her public relations firm). The show was announced to be comparable to the popular US television show, The Hills, but would focus on Sydney’s affluent Eastern Suburbs. Later that year, Channel Seven canceled the show’s production.

Roxy Jacenko finished second on The Celebrity Apprentice Australia's season 3. houseandwhips.comRoxy Jacenko finished second on The Celebrity Apprentice Australia’s season 3.
Image Source: Instagram

Later, the Australian businesswoman and socialite participated in the Australian version of The Celebrity Apprentice in 2013. Her appearance was marked by clashes with Prue MacSween and swimmer, Stephanie Rice, as well as claims that she favored some teammates over others. Jacenko, John Steffensen, and Jeff Fenech finished second in the season finale against Rice, who was appointed Celebrity Apprentice.

Furthermore, Roxy Jacenko was named as a contestant on the Seven Network’s reality show, SAS Australia, in 2020. However, the 43-year-old was the first person to leave the show.