Kel Mitchell Plastic Surgery: Before & After Pictures Compared!


Kel Mitchell Plastic Surgery: Before & After Pictures Compared!

Kel Mitchell has recently been accused of undergoing plastic surgery procedures such as fillers and facelift surgery to appear younger. His recent appearance on Good Burger 2 fueled the speculation. However, the allegations have yet to be confirmed.

Kel Mitchell is an American actor and comedian who appeared in the first five seasons of the Nickelodeon sketch comedy series, All That, where he was frequently paired with Kenan Thompson. His performance as Ed in the All That sketch was reprised in Good Burger, a 1997 teen comedy film loosely based on the series.

Likely, Kel Mitchell was nominated twice for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Performer in an Animated Programme for his role in the children’s animated series, Clifford the Big Red Dog. However, his recent appearance in the film Good Burger 2 has brought him to the attention of many fans online, who are wondering if he has had plastic surgery to improve his appearance. To learn more, read this article.

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Kel Mitchell Is Suspected of Having Numerous Plastic Surgery Procedures to Change His Appearance!

You’ll be shocked by the number of online admirers who think Kel Mitchell (@iamkelmitchell) is a transfer. Everyone appears to agree that the individual is no longer the same as he was in his old photographs. That demonstrates how ridiculous and evident his numerous plastic surgery treatments have been.

Kel Mitchell has yet to respond to the plastic surgery rumors. houseandwhips.comKel Mitchell has yet to respond to the plastic surgery rumors.
Image Source: People Magazine

On the internet, fans have speculated about Kel Mitchell’s plastic surgery, with some saying he looks different and others saying he may have put on some makeup. The imitating part sounds a little far-fetched, but there’s no denying he’s made some cosmetic changes to his face. His old photos show him looking nothing like he does now.

Kel Mitchell has clearly undergone plastic surgery of some kind. So, what changes has he made? Apart from his excessively shaped nose, we believe that his eyes seem significantly longer than they were previously, and his cheekbones seem significantly fuller. His pictures from then and now look completely different as if he is two different people.

The obvious work done on his face suggests that he is only one doctor’s visit away from screwing it up. However, those are not our words. Fans are expressing this sentiment and who can blame them? In addition to the obvious facelift surgery, fans have witnessed a slew of other changes over the years, including possible fillers, and cheek implants.

Kel Mitchell appears to have undergone various cosmetic surgeries, which his fans and followers appear to be questioning and advising him to avoid. However, has yet to confirm the allegations.

Kenan Thompson Speaks About Working With Kel Mitchell Again on Good Burger 2!

In the new film Good Burger 2Kel Mitchell and Kenan Thompson reunite on screen. The two former co-stars reprised their popular roles of Dexter and Ed in the sequel, which premiered on Paramount+ over the holiday weekend.

Kel Mitchell and Kenan Thompson reunite for Good Burger 2. houseandwhips.comKel Mitchell and Kenan Thompson reunite for Good Burger 2.
Image Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Kenan recently discussed their reunion and the possibility of working on more projects together in the future. In an interview with Variety, the SNL cast member stated that he and Kel would one million percent continue to collaborate. Kenan shared,

It would be only right for us to continue to go explore what Kenan and Kel could have been when we were in our 20s when we left Nickelodeon and decided to try to figure it out, instead of just automatically doing the Abbott and Costello thing.

He added,

Now that we’re older and sharper and wiser and this that and the other, we can do it at such a high level on so many different outlets or whatever. We know so much now. There’s so many different parts to the business. There’s so many different opportunities and we’re just ready to tackle all of that. So it’s very exciting, I think, especially when we’ll be able to own it.