Ken Carson Weight Loss: Did He Gain and Then Lose That Weight?

Derick Scholz

Ken Carson most likely has not had weight loss.

Did Ken Carson undergo weight loss or was that wrong information? The rapper had everyone talking about his physique after he was revealed to have gained a little too much weight for a few days. After that, a before and after photo was posted of him with him looking as skinny as he was before in the after picture, and since then, fans have been talking about Ken Carson’s weight loss only but there’s a chance that he has not lost weight and that photo was misleading. 

Ken Carson began his career in rap music in 2015 when he joined 808 Mafia after meeting his uncle TM88 who was a record producer. In 2017, he started uploading his music on SoundCloud which got him popularity in the underground rap scene. This eventually led to the discovery of him by Playboi Carter which was followed by him signing with Carter’s label Opium.

Since then, his career has really panned out really well. His second studio album X even made it to the Billboard 200 at number 115. Ken Carson has garnered a huge number of followers with his music who have often complementarity drawn comparisons of him with Playboi Carti, his mentor, and with Lil Uzi Vert for his flow and mentality. His musical style has been described as “[having] electronic production that is energetic in nature” and having “focused flows.”

He’s doing good in his career. But with the drastic weight fluctuations going on with him, it does not look like he’s doing well personally, like what’s up with the dramatic weight gain followed by instant weight loss? Just a month ago, he was revealed to have put on a bit too much weight and now, he is already skinny. Let’s find out more about what’s going on with Ken Carson. What’s up with his weight gain and what’s up with the weight loss he underwent in less than a month?

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Ken Carson’s Weight Loss: He Has Not Lost But Gained Weight!

Ken Carson's fans want to know if he has had weight loss. houseandwhips.comKen Carson’s fans want to know if he has had weight loss.
Image Source: Complex

Has Ken Carson really had weight loss? Wasn’t he like very fat just a month ago? Did he really lose all that weight in just one month? This is what the rapper’s fans have been wondering after a before and after picture of him with the after picture of him looking skinny was posted on social media.

Carson’s fans were very shocked when they saw that he was revealed to have undergone a dramatic weight gain. I mean, they often used to mock him for looking skinny. He was that skinny. He was trolled and ridiculed because he supposedly did not have enough muscles and looked like a little boy. He was said to be very lean and that didn’t really fit the persona he had as a rapper. Used to him being that lean, they were stunned to see him when he put on weight and now, they are stunned to see his weight loss again.

That’s right. Ken Carson was skinny, then he gained weight and became fat (this is about just a month ago), and then he lost weight again and is back to being lean like before. What the h*ll is going on? How quickly can one lose weight anyway? His sudden weight loss had everyone’s minds reeling for a while until they realized that he may not have lost weight after all.

That’s right. A before and after picture of him with the before picture of him taken a month ago which revealed his weight gain and the after picture of him looking as thin as before was uploaded on social media and everyone took that at face value. Sure, the post really implied that he had had weight loss in just a month with the caption saying ‘he looks healthy again’ but that was very misleading if you think about it.

Ken Carson May Not Have Had Weight Loss!

The after picture seemed to be a picture of Ken Carson from before when he was skinny. The post was very misleading and reaching with claims that he had weight loss so soon but most people probably fell for it because the post was made by a very verified account. But don’t take that blue tick seriously. Anyone can get that blue tick and get verified on Twitter now…or is it X? Whatever you know the bird app as. The point is the rapper might not have lost weight.

Ken Carson may not have lost weight after all. houseandwhips.comKen Carson may not have lost weight after all.
Image Source: Crack Magazine

If you really think about it, how can anyone lose all that weight in just over a month? It’s really not possible. Ken most likely has not had weight loss. He was just revealed to have gotten unusually fat a month ago. And besides, if by some miracle, he had lost weight, should people really be talking about it? Shouldn’t they hole up in shame for body-shaming him into losing weight? They mocked him when he was skinny and when he got fat. It does not look like he can ever win.

Ken Carson should only do what he pleases, he does not need to explain his weight gain or weight loss if he had it. And so far, he has not.