Has Oliver Tree Had Weight Loss? Did He Really Lose 15 Pounds?


Oliver Tree does not appear to have undergone weight loss. houseandwhips.com

Oliver Tree’s fans are interested to know about his weight loss but it does not look like there’s much to know. The musician does not appear to have changed since he became famous. Also, he is always in those baggy clothes, so there’s no way to know even if he changed. Oliver Tree has uploaded a video explaining how he had a weight loss of 15 pounds but don’t take that seriously. He’s just messing around. 

Oliver Tree began his music career in 2017 after he signed to Atlantic Records. At the very beginning of his career, he rose to prominence when his song When I’m Down went viral. His debut studio album Ugly is Beautiful which he released in 2020 also performed well. But it was after 2020 that he achieved recognition at an international level with songs like Life Goes on and Miss You.

He followed that with his second studio album Cowboy Tears on February 18, 2022, and his third studio album Alone in a Crowd, he just recently released about a week ago on September 29, 2023. With the release of his latest album, he is in the limelight and that has led to people speculating about his weight loss which is weird because it does not look like he has lost weight. Maybe they are curious about his weight because of the video he made once titled How I Lost 15 Pounds (World’s Easiest Diet). Let’s learn more about Oliver Tree’s weight loss!

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Oliver Tree’s Weight Loss: What Happened to Him?

Oliver Tree (@olivertree) is believed by some of his fans to have undergone a weight loss but has he really? Who can even tell how he looks under his baggy clothes? Maybe we can get an idea of how much he weighs from his face. But looking at his face which does not look much slimmer than before, he may not have lost weight at all. It does not look like the diet plan he shared on YouTube worked for him.

Oliver Tree's fans want to know if he has had weight loss. houseandwhips.comOliver Tree’s fans want to know if he has had weight loss.
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Maybe that video is the reason why his fans are getting all curious to know if he has had weight loss or not. With the recent release of his third studio album, he is currently in the spotlight and fans are revisiting his older music and lots of other kinds of stuff about him which, of course, includes that one video he made in 2020 that was supposedly about how he lost 15 pounds with the world’s easiest diet.

Well, if you had watched the video, you would know that Oliver Tree has not really had weight loss because you know how ridiculous he is and he was being that the whole time in the video. It was just a joke. He was not really being serious in the video. He was just mocking and taking a jab at people who were all up on his business about his weight at that time. Things haven’t changed much but now, that video can be watched for laughs now.

Also, let’s establish the fact that Oliver’s weight has not been that much of a mystery. He seems to be of average weight, not too slim and fat but can’t really be called fat. And he does not seem to have fluctuated much in his physicality. Not that we can tell much about it because he’s always in those baggy clothes that hide his frame. Anyway, the point is that there is no ground for speculating about his weight loss.

Did Oliver Tree Really Have a Weight Loss of 15 Pounds? What Did He Say About His Diet Plan?

Maybe that video has sparked curiosity about Oliver Tree‘s weight among some people who really want to know if he has shed 15 pounds like he’s mentioned in the title. But, no, he has not had that drastic weight loss. If he has, it’s very minor and unnoticeable in the type of clothes he wears. Just watch that video and you will know that he’s just fooling around. He’s being totally unserious and goofy which is his public persona.

Oliver Tree's weight loss video is pure nonsense.  houseandwhips.comOliver Tree’s weight loss video is pure nonsense. 
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Just to give an idea about what that video from 2020 consists of, let’s recap on that. In the video, he says that he got a new doctor in Beverly Hills who was trying on different diets with him to help him lose weight. Spoiler Alert: he has more or less looked the same ever since we got to know him, he has not changed much. So, really his “diet” did not work, did it? Because he has not had a weight loss.

And how would he? The diet that was recommended to Oliver Tree was a high-fructose diet. Basically, what he said was that diet lets your blood sugar spike all day so you really didn’t need all the carb intake. So, he would eat low-carb and high fructose diets such as lots of chocolate, lots of cocoas, and rice candies. That way, he said that he can just sit back and let the carbs crush themselves while saving himself physical exercises (because he does not really need it). Can you tell how ridiculous that is? Yeah, that’s the whole video.

Oliver Tree has not really had a weight loss, he was just humoring and mocking people who wanted to know about his weight at that time. You can check out the video if you want to have a laugh. He’s hilarious with his “diet plan” in it.