Kim Novak’s Facelift: The 90-Year-Old Actress Didn’t Really Like How Her Face Turned Into After the Procedure!

Derick Scholz

Kim Novak’s Facelift: The 90-Year-Old Actress Didn’t Really Like How Her Face Turned Into After the Procedure!

People have always been wondering if Kim Novak ever received facelifts and fillers because of her unnatural facial appearance. Well, it turns out that the 90-year-old actress has always admitted to receiving the procedures. However, Kim also revealed that having fillers injected in her face was “the stupidest thing” she ever did!

Marilyn Pauline “Kim” Novak (born February 13, 1933) is an American painter and retired film and television actress who began her career in 1954 after signing a contract with Columbia Pictures and quickly rose to the top of Hollywood’s box office, appearing in Picnic, The Man with the Golden Arm, and Pal Joey.

Kim Novak is also best known for her roles as Madeleine Elster and Judy Barton in Alfred Hitchcock‘s 1958 thriller Vertigo, co-starring James Stewart. The film received mixed reviews from critics upon its initial release, but it is now regarded as one of the greatest films ever made.

Despite her youth, Novak retired from acting in 1966 and has only appeared in films on occasion since then. She had a recurring role on the primetime series Falcon Crest after appearing in The Mirror Crack’d. Later, she announced her retirement from acting after a disappointing experience while filming Liebestraum in 1991, saying she had no desire to return. Meanwhile, Novak is also a visual artist and painter.

While Kim Novak is best known as the beautiful Hitchcock actress but when she took the stage with Matthew McConaughey to present two awards at the 86th Annual Academy Awards, she showed off a completely different face. Since then several plastic surgeons have spoken exclusively about the shocking amount of facelifts she appears to have done. So, follow the article to learn more about Kim Novak’s facelift!

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Kim Novak’s Facelift: The 90-Year-Old Star Admitted That Receiving Fat Injections in Her Face Was “The Stupidest Thing” She’s Ever Done!

Actress Kim Novak has previously said that she regrets having had cosmetic surgery. The 88-year-old Vertigostar admitted in a new interview that getting fat injections in her face was the stupidest thing she’d ever done. Although dermal fillers are more well-liked than ever today, it’s very simple for facial injections to go regretfully wrong. Novak attended the 86th Academy Awards in 2014 after receiving a facelift, and it left an impression on her fans — just not the kind she had hoped for.

Kim Novak was a great beauty in director Alfred Hitchcock‘s films during her heyday. While it is not fair to compare a 90-year-old woman to look as she did in her 20s or 30s. Kim Novak’s face at Oscar’s bears no resemblance to the face of her youth where she had a small pointy chin, well-defined cheekbones, and a Cupid’s bow mouth.

Meanwhile, at the Oscars, Ms. Novak’s face appeared masculine and inflated. Her younger face was delicate and feminine which means she appears to have had a facelift procedure at some point that widened the shape of her upper face.

Filler has also been used in her nasolabial folds but the result has been uneven. The filler did its job on the left side but there remains a distinct crease on the right. What is most striking is her chin. It does appear as if she had a chin implant, which seems to be the only way to explain how she morphed from a dainty feminine chin to the masculine chin she has today. Alfred Hitchcock must be rolling in his grave!

When Novak debuted her new look, many viewers commented on it on Twitter, including the now-former American president Donald Trump, who urged her to sue her plastic surgeon. Novak explained that she had been feeling insecure and thought a cosmetic procedure would help. Novak told The Guardian,

You know when you get insecure and you think somebody can help you? I didn’t want a facelift or anything like that, so I went to a doctor and he put some fat injections in my face. That was the stupidest thing I could have done. First of all, I didn’t need it, because I think my face is too round anyway. But it filled out my cheeks so I looked different.

According to the actress, it was the constant online criticism of her new look that drove her to retire from acting. Novak stated that she was too vulnerable for Hollywood and that she takes things too seriously. Adding that relying on beauty — which is fleeting — is a recipe for disappointment, she continued,

It’s exciting to dress up in gorgeous clothes and to feel sexy and to look sexy. It’s wonderful, but it’s a trap. You become satisfied with that being enough, then later in life, it isn’t enough. So many people, once they got older and were no longer looked at for their beauty, just fell apart.

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