Krishnan Guru-Murthy Weight Loss: How Did He Lose Two-And-A-Half Stone?


Krishnan Guru-Murthy Weight Loss: How Did He Lose Two-And-A-Half Stone?

Krishnan Guru-Murthy underwent two-and-a-half stone weight loss after being obsessed with his overweight and unattractive body. He previously revealed that his wife’s transformation inspired him to compete in this year’s Strictly Come Dancing.

Krishnan Guru-Murthy is a British journalist and the host of Channel 4 News. He also hosts Unreported World, a documentary series about foreign affairs. His career began in 1988 with the DEF II discussion show, Open to Question and the youth current affairs show, Reportage on the BBC.

Recently, Krishnan Guru-Murthy shocked viewers with his stunning appearance in a dancing reality show, Strictly Come Dancing. Since he participated in the show, many people have praised his decision to undergo a weight loss journey. So, if you are here looking at how he was able to lose significant weight, read the article below.

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Krishnan Guru-Murthy Underwent Two-and-Half-Stone Weight Loss Before Joining  Strictly Come Dancing!

Krishnan Guru-Murthy (@krishgm), who recently underwent two-and-a-half-stone weight loss, has revealed that his wife Lisa inspired him to compete in this year’s Strictly Come Dancing. The well-known Channel 4 newsreader was excited to waltz his way to glitterball glory with his professional dance partner, Lauren Oakley.

Krishnan Guru-Murthy before and after weight loss. houseandwhips.comKrishnan Guru-Murthy before and after weight loss.
Image Source: HOUSE & WHIPS

If you’re not aware, the stunning transformation of his wife left the news anchor speechless. Later, he said, Lisa was looking hot after undergoing weight loss by running ten miles every other day and joining a rowing club. He then admitted that he felt left behind as his wife became fitter and hotter by the day.

Seven months later, Krishnan Guru-Murthy was back with a bang, having signed up for the latest series of BBC1‘s dancing reality show by undergoing two-and-a-half stone of weight loss. Later, he candidly shared his thoughts on the challenges of being a 53-year-old man with a hot wife with MailOnline. When asked if he felt insecure, he said,

Yes, definitely. And I think it’s not necessarily a bad thing if men pull themselves together because their wives are looking hotter than they are.

Likely, the Channel 4 News host went on to say that his greatest fear was that women would flee with younger, healthier men. He continued:

My wife is enjoying that I am a little bit lighter than I was. In a way, I have been trying to keep up with her. She’s amazing and so I think she’s pleased I have started catching and pulling myself together, getting fitter and looking a bit more presentable.

Furthermore, Krishnan Guru-Murthy has also admitted to being obsessed with being overweight and unattractive. The contestant explained that his self-awareness motivated his participation in the show. He also expressed admiration for 2020 champion Bill Bailey, whom he aspires to be like, saying,

Bill Bailey is my total hero for Strictly. I didn’t expect him to do it, and then when he did, you didn’t expect him to be very good. But he was brilliant. So if I was ever compared to Bill, I would be delighted.

Krishnan Guru-Murthy Claimed That Strictly Come Dancing Has Helped Him Rebalance His Life!

Krishnan Guru-Murthy quickly becoming the favourite to win this year’s Strictly Come Dancing for his endearing personality, which has earned him thousands of young fans on social media who call him a legend and a hero. According to him, he hopes to use his new approachable persona to encourage the younger generation to become more involved in current events.

Krishnan Guru-Murthy and his dance partner, Lauren Oakley, in Strictly Come Dancing. houseandwhips.comKrishnan Guru-Murthy and his dance partner, Lauren Oakley, in Strictly Come Dancing.
Image Source: Bristol Live

However, given that Twitter is essentially a news platform, the Channel 4 news anchor—who currently has 702.4k followers—stated,

My social media was Twitter because it’s a news platform essentially. I wasn’t an Instagram presence before but I have embraced it with TikTok while doing Strictly. It’s great – you’re in touch with a new audience which is really nice. My hope is that I can stay in touch with the younger audience and maybe entice them across to the other stuff that is in my life such as hard news.

Working for Channel 4 for over 25 years, the father-of-three is the network’s second longest-serving presenter, having covered major events such as the Omagh bombing and 9/11. While reporting from war-torn countries, his face has become synonymous with the delivery of tragic news.

So, he admitted that he joined the show to get some balance back in his life. However, his growing popularity among fans may mean that he is kept in the competition until the final on December 17th via public vote.

He had the lowest odds of remaining in the competition out of the 15 other contestants when the show premiered in September, with fans believing he would be eliminated in the first week. However, he and his partner swayed public opinion by performing a groovy Cha Cha on the opening show, and his unexpectedly joyful persona earned him legendary status on social media.