Kristen Wiig’s Terrible Facelift: She Can’t Move Her Face After Plastic Surgery

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Kristen Wiig's Terrible Facelift: She Can't Move Her Face After Plastic Surgery

Kristen Wiig looks different. Is it because she got some plastic surgery on her face? That’s what a lot of her fans were saying after they saw her at the 2024 Golden Globe Awards because her face looked very tight and immovable. It looked like she was having trouble moving her face. Kristen Wiig is not new to plastic surgery speculations. She has been accused of a nose job, a facelift, fillers, and a brow lift in the past.

Kristen Wiig may have broken through as a comedian with the Los Angeles comedy troupe The Groundlings but it was when she joined the NBC sketch comedy series Saturday Night Live in 2005 that she achieved nationwide stardom. She was nominated four times for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series during her seven-year stint on SNL. She just cracked all the Americans up with her mimicry performances and made everyone fall in love with her during that time.

Kristen Wiig was just as funny in her movies so, people were fond of her acting as well. She did supporting roles in films such as Knocked Up and Paul, and she co-wrote and starred in the comedy film Bridesmaids which earned her nominations for the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy and also for the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay. She found as much success in acting as she did in comedy. She is truly Hollywood material with all her talent. So, shall we talk about all the plastic surgery she has done on her face then?

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Kristen Wiig’s Face Surgery: She Looks Different, Her Face Looks Like It Is Painfully Stretched!

Kristen Wiig‘s new look at the 2024 Golden Globe Awards has sparked plastic surgery speculations about her once again. Her face looked very different which made her fans wonder if she had undergone a facelift procedure recently. She has been suspected of having a nose job, fillers, and a brow lift in the past.

Kristen Wiig has sparked plastic surgery speculations with her new look and new face. houseandwhips.comKristen Wiig has sparked plastic surgery speculations with her new look and new face.
Image Source: Entertainment Weekly

In 2011, when the SNL alum was a newbie in the acting world, she revealed in an interview with Allure that facial skincare was the one thing she always made her time for because “washing her face and putting on moisturizer was her favorite part of the day.” She said that she focused on taking care of her skin naturally for beauty rather than opting for invasive procedures. Well, that was when she was young and fresh and it looks like since then, she has changed her beauty strategy and gone for plastic surgery.

It certainly looked like that in the 2024 Golden Globe Awards. Kristen Wiig looked very different and different in a bad way and people couldn’t stop talking about that. Her face looked so tight her skin seemed to have been painfully stretched over her cheeks. Whenever her face moved, it looked as though she was putting lots of effort into doing it and that she was struggling to do it. No wonder her new look sparked plastic surgery speculations.

You cannot do anything to make people believe that the comedian has not had a facelift right now. Everyone’s convinced of it like never before. Kristen Wiig is not new to facing plastic surgery allegations but before, people used to make guesses as opposed to now, when they are straight-up pronouncing that she has had her face lifted as if they bear witness to the procedure. They are not waiting for her to confirm her plastic surgery because they don’t need it because they know that she has had it.

Kristen Wiig Has Never Confirmed Nor Denied Having Plastic Surgery on Her Face!

Kristen Wiig has never confirmed if she has had cosmetic surgery on her face. houseandwhips.comKristen Wiig has never confirmed if she has had cosmetic surgery on her face.
Image Source: Vogue

To recap the Bridesmaids star’s history with cosmetic surgery speculations, she has been accused of having a nose job and dermal as well as lip fullers. According to her fans, her nose looks narrower and more refined than it did before and her cheeks seem more plump than they did when she was younger. They also think her lips look fuller than they were before. If you look at her before and after pictures, it does appear as though Kristen Wiig‘s face has been through many subtle changes.

But is it because of plastic surgery? What does she think about cosmetic procedures? Well, in 2016, when she was promoting Zoolander 2, and in an interview, a reporter brought up how lots of people in Hollywood are trying desperately to look young like Wiig’s character in the movie whose face looked very weird because she overdid fillers on her lips and cheeks. To that, Kristen Wiig said,

It’s a balance … you know when people are older and get some little things done, if you want to do it, do it. But I’ve noticed younger kids that do it, it makes them look older.

She did not seem to think less of plastic surgery so, as she got older, she might have dabbled with a few cosmetic procedures on her face. Maybe it didn’t go very well which is why she looked the way she did in the 2024 Golden Globe Awards. Note that Kristen Wiig has neither confirmed nor denied having cosmetic surgery on her face so, these are just speculations.