Lee Dong Wook Denies Plastic Surgery Claims, Pretends He Is Natural!


Lee Dong Wook has maintained that he has not had plastic surgery. houseandwhips.com

houseandwhips.com – Lee Dong Wook has denied having plastic surgery which some people think is his bald-faced lie because as per them, his cosmetic work is very obvious and a bit botched. The actor is mostly thought to have had double eyelid surgery and a nose job. Lee Dong Wook looks like he has undergone a drastic physical transformation which is not him aging but plastic surgery.

Lee Dong Wook is one of the most famous and influential actors in South Korea who is most known for playing the lead roles in television dramas such as My Girl, Scent of a Woman, and The Fugitive of Joseon. He is also much loved for his work in Hotel King, Guardian: The Lonely and Great God, Life, and Hell is Other People. Some of the other shows he’s done a titular role are Tale of the Nine-Tailed, Bad and Crazy, and Tale of the Nine-Tailed 1938.

Lee Dong Wook is not just an actor but he is also a host. He has hosted the talk show Strong Heart, a boy group survival reality show Produce X 101, and an American-style talk show Wook Talk. With everything he has done, he pervades the South Korean pop culture lexicon and mainstream media. As such as it is, as time has gone by, he has been sparking plastic surgery speculations more and more with his appearance. So, let’s talk about it!

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Lee Dong Wook’s Plastic Surgery: He Looks Like He Has Had Her Eyelids and Nose Done!

Lee Dong Wook (@leedongwook_official) is highly suspected by the general public of having plastic surgery to change his aesthetic. He supposedly has had a double eyelid surgery and a nose job.

Lee Dong Wook appears to have had plastic surgery on his eyes and nose. houseandwhips.comLee Dong Wook appears to have had plastic surgery on his eyes and nose.
Image Source: NME

The My Girl star has always looked super dashing but in different ways then and now because he didn’t always look the way he looks now, chiseled and mature. The rugged handsomeness that makes people go so crazy for him nowadays wasn’t always there. Not to say he wasn’t always a mega hottie because he absolutely was but when he was younger, he had a much softer aesthetic. Now, that has changed and the general public is inclined to believe that his transformation is not aging but plastic surgery.

Lee Dong Wook started his acting career at a very young age. When he burst into the scene, he was a very fresh-faced 18-year-old with none of the refinedness that he has now. With his baby weight still on his cheeks, he looked cute in a boy-next-door way. As years went by, he lost his baby fat and left the cute territory and moved into the handsome territory. He looked fine but he may not have felt the same way because he went ahead and got plastic surgery to tweak himself.

If you don’t see that Lee Dong Wook has any work done on his appearance when you look at her because he looks so natural, then just take pictures of when he was young for reference and put them next to the recent ones to see how much he has changed and not just in a ‘he’s aged’ sort of way. I mean, he used to have a monolid before and now, he has a double eyelid. You can’t get an extra eyelid with time, can you? It has to be plastic surgery.

Also, it’s not just that he has double eyelids, it’s not just his eyes, but it’s also his nose and entire face as well. The South Korean actor had a noticeably wide nose before but now, he has a very aesthetically slim nose. He definitely got his features tweaked to meet the standards of beauty which includes having eyes with double eyelids and a small nose. His entire face shape looks different now because of the extensive plastic surgery he underwent.

Lee Dong Wook Has Denied Having Plastic Surgery of Any Kind!

Lee Dong Wook has straight-up denied having cosmetic surgery. houseandwhips.comLee Dong Wook has straight-up denied having cosmetic surgery.
Image Source: Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore

He looks completely unrecognizable now. He still looks handsome but in a more rugged and chiseled way, not in his original cute way. Some people have come forward to criticize him for having so much cosmetic surgery that he looks like a different ethnicity now. They say that he doesn’t even look Korean now. According to them, he has begun to look Iranian after all the plastic surgery he has had.

But if you ask Lee Dong Wook himself, he would tell you that he’s all-natural and he hasn’t had any work done on her face. With how frozen and robotic he looks, people are not inclined to believe him but he has never backed down from his claims. He has always maintained his denial. So, how did his eyes change and go from having monolid to double eyelids if not without plastic surgery? Well, he was criticized for the “sunken in his eyes”, he explained it like this,

There is particularly a lot of criticism about my eyes. There’s just not a lot of fat around them. So the reason why my eyes look different is because of the double eyelids are actually mutiple-folded. There is a rumor going around that I botched a double eyelid surgery and that’s why my eyes look droopy but I never had surgery. I really wanted to clarify.

Isn’t that something? Also, while we are at it, let’s hear what Lee Dong Wook said about his nose which is not as wide as it used to be. (Spoiler Alert: It’s not plastic surgery.)

I didn’t have a nose job either. I banged my nose on the bed frame corner when I was little and that’s why there is a bump on the nose.