Southern Charm: Leva Bonaparte’s Weight Loss Transformation in 2022 Examined!


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Southern Charm: Leva Bonaparte's Weight Loss Transformation in 2022 Examined!

Leva Bonaparte’s weight loss is currently trending on the internet. Fans are comparing Leva Bonaparte’s before and after photographs and asking for specific details on the star of Southern Charm after she just underwent a large amount of weight loss. Here is what we know about Leva Bonaparte’s weight loss endeavors in 2022.

Leva Bonaparte (born on May 3, 1979) is an American model, actress, and reality TV personality who is most known for her role in the seventh season of the reality TV program Southern Charm. Leva joined the cast of Southern Charm after Cameron Eubanks left due to her husband having an extramarital affair.

Bravo premiered the American reality television series Southern Charm on March 3, 2014. Lewisfield Plantation and the Mikell House are just two examples of the local sites that have been emphasized in the program, which promotes the area’s political and cultural past in the South.

From the first through the sixth seasons, Leva appeared as a guest star. From the seventh to the eighth season, she played the lead role. Sources suggest that Eubanks left the program as a result of Katherine Dennis‘s alleged accusations of cheating on her spouse, which she denied and said her husband, Lamar Bonaparte, was devoted to her.

Leva Bonaparte has apparently lost some pounds and fans are curious to know about her including her weight loss journey. So, let’s find out detailed information by reading this article!

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Leva Bonaparte’s Weight Loss Journey: How Did the Southern Charm Star Manage to Lose Weight?

Making a change in your weight is not an easy job. Most people struggle because of their weight. No matter the weight gain or weight loss, some people feel distressed. Leva Bonaparte (@levabonaparte) also just suffered a significant weight drop.

The Southern Charm mom recently revealed on social media that Leva Bonaparte is a very private person by nature. Leva, however, took the decision to become honest about the changes she made to her body after recently fielding a lot of inquiries about how she looked.

Leva posted a lovely selfie and the reason behind her most recent weight loss in a private Instagram post on February 19. Leva disclosed that her weight following COVID-19 was the highest it had ever been in her life after describing her history of weight gain over the years, which includes gaining 70 pounds while pregnant with her son Lamar Jr.

The Charleston mother said she lost a good amount of weight with dietary modifications and exercise, but she still had some stubborn areas she couldn’t lose. She then made the decision to meet Dr. Clayton Crantford (@drclaytoncrantford), a board-certified plastic surgeon, and had some work done.

Leva didn’t say exactly what she accomplished, but the Persian beauty seems satisfied with the outcome. Leva stated,

He exceeded my expectations! My new tweaked [Dr. Clayton Crantford] bod looks more natural [than I] expected and [I’m] over the moon! So mommas do the work then do what makes you happy BUT only with the right doctor. Just keeping it real for you.

When comparing before and after pictures of Leva Bonaparte, it can be clearly noticed that she has lost a considerable amount of weight.

Leva admitted that over the years, including while she was carrying her first kid, she had gained weight. She received a ton of responses from fans who were curious about her appearance and specifically mentioned her weight.

Leva Bonaparte, the mother of Southern Charm, significantly reduced her weight in 2022 as a result of surgery and Covid. The 43-year-old actress’ weight loss surprised everyone as she lost a huge amount of weight in a short period of time.

Leva Bonaparte’s Personal Life: Who Is the Reality TV Personality Married To?

Leva Bonaparte has been wed for a considerable amount of time. Lamar Bonaparte, another businessman, and she have a truly happy and content marriage. While vacationing in South California, the pair had the opportunity to get to know one another. Leva and Lamar eventually got married in April 2013 after falling in love.

The Republic Development and Management Group (DMG), which Lamar founded in 2011, is owned by him.

Both of them, Leva and Lama are the creators and proprietors of 26 businesses in various industries that organize, market, and advertise events in Charleston.

They formed Republic Reign because they wanted to ensure their future even after being in a marriage relationship together. Happily, the couple welcomed their first daughter, Lulu, into the world on January 28, 2008. In addition, the Bonaparte family had a pet dog.

There haven’t been any recent updates on the couple, and they appear content with one another. There are currently no indications that the couple is arguing or seeking a divorce. We’ll inform you if anything new regarding the couple’s love life develops in the future.

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