Lola Consuelos Looks Fit and Toned After Weight Loss!


Lola Consuelos has undergone a stunning weight loss. – Lola Consuelos looks super fit and toned after weight loss. Her recent appearance on her parents’ show Live With Kelly and Mark made many realize that she has gotten slimmer than before. Lola Consuelos was revealed to have been joining her mother in her grueling training sessions with trainer Anna Kaiser. I think that’s the secret of her weight loss.

Even though she was born to two of the most popular and charming talk show hosts, Lola Consuelos has mostly stayed out of the spotlight, save for a few cameos on Live with Kelly and Mark. With how much her parents Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos talk about her and her brothers, it’s like all the viewers know everything about her already.

I think they are not surprised that Lola Consuelos is doing music now because they knew that she was interested in music and that she went to a college for music. She also covers songs and posts them on social media. So far, she has released two singles; Paranoia Silverlining and Divine Timing. With her music career, she seems to be slowly easing into a life as a public figure. She recently even showed up on her parents’ show which sparked weight loss speculations about her!

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Lola Consuelos’ Weight Loss: She Looks So Slim and Toned!

Lola Consuelos (@theyoungestyung) has obviously undergone a dramatic weight loss and she looks much fitter and toned now.

Lola Consuelos has sparked weight loss speculations after a recent appearance. Lola Consuelos has sparked weight loss speculations after a recent appearance.
Image Source: People Magazine

It was a very wholesome episode on Live with Kelly and Mark when Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos were joined by their two oldest children – Michael, 26, and Lola, 22 – on their show. They did the perfect job in helping their parents co-host a holiday cooking segment. The family members joking around and ribbing each other, their silly banter and inside jokes, was very delightful to watch. It was a perfect family show and people were happier after that episode. But not just that, they were also curious about Lola’s weight loss.

So, yeah, Lola Consuelos kind of debuted her new body on the show. She was revealed to have undergone a dramatic change in her physique after that appearance. She has gotten extremely slim and fit. The viewers were surprised when she looked so toned because that was not how they remembered her. They remembered her as a pretty young woman with a full figure, very curvy and voluptuous. She’s no longer that way. She’s had some dramatic weight loss.

Not to say that she was fat before she underwent the drastic physical transformation but she was quite round and there’s no other way to say it but full-figured. You can go check out her old pictures and you can see for yourself that she looked quite chubby in some ways. Her cheeks were very filled out and her body too. She would definitely not have been considered slender back then. But now, all you can think about when you see her is that she is h*lla toned and fit. Weight loss has brought a drastic change in her appearance.

Lola Consuelos Trained Hard For Weight Loss!

Lola Consuelos has been joining her mom in her workout sessions. houseandwhips.comLola Consuelos has been joining her mom in her workout sessions.
Image Source: The US Sun

After observing how incredible Lola looked with her trim figure, the viewers took to social media to discuss the change in her physique. They wondered aloud what she must have done to lose weight. While many thought that she just had a glow-up and she went from being a round teenager to a slimmed-down adult, others seemed to think that Lola Consuelos had worked on herself for her weight loss.

And why did they think that the change in her was not just her aging and growing up but an obvious work put in by her? Well, as it turns out, she takes after her parents in that she is also a fitness fanatic like them. They came to know of her being a fitness freak when she was pictured joining her mother in her grueling workout routine with celebrity trainer Anna Kaiser. Kaiser posted a picture of the three of them post-workout and all of them looked pretty toned. I think we can tell from that, that working out under the supervision of a professional is the secret of her weight loss.

Lola Consuelos, however, hasn’t shared anything about her workout routine so, we can only assume that was a regular thing when she joined her mother in her workout sessions. It most likely is because it’s not easy to get that toned and slim without working yourself rigorously like that. We can’t tell what diet plan she sticks to but whatever it is, we can assume it’s healthy and helps her keep her weight in control. She seems to really care about fitness. Her weight loss is stunning and I think she will continue to maintain herself like that.