Marilyn Grabowski’s Plastic Surgery: Did She Get Cosmetic Procedures?


Marilyn Grabowski's Plastic Surgery: Did She Get Cosmetic Procedures?

Marilyn Grabowski has undergone plastic surgery not to alter her facial or body features but to fix her face after she was left disfigured following a car crash. The requirement for reconstructive surgery impacted her mental health and led her to depression. Because the surgeon messed up her face even more, Marilyn Grabowski had to get another plastic surgery. Only after forty surgeries and skin grafts did she begin to look like she did before. 

You may not have heard of Marilyn Grabowski and you may not know her by face but you definitely know her. I’m sure you have gone through Playboy at least once out of curiosity if you are not an avid “reader” of it.  Just know that if you were alive in the ’60s and the ’70s and were grown up enough to have read Playboy, you have consumed the services of Marilyn Grabowski who was the photography editor of the entertainment magazine at the time.

In other words, she is the one who has defined what generations of Americans think of as sexy through Playboy. Like, for instance, she’s the one who decided that blonde and busty was the way to be sexy when she introduced Pamela Anderson on the magazine cover. She was the one behind the centerfolds of one of the most famous magazines. People who already know that often wonder what she looks like and whether or not she had plastic surgery.

They are curious to see if the one who essentially defined the standards of beauty (and sexiness) herself meets those standards or not. In case she doesn’t, did she get cosmetic surgery to fit into the standards she created or was she content remaining behind the scenes? Let’s talk about Marilyn Grabowski’s plastic surgery!

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Did Marilyn Grabowski Get Plastic Surgery? Her Nose Looks Different!

Marilyn Grabowski has undergone plastic surgery but it was not elective. She had to get reconstructive surgery to fix her nose after a tragic car accident.

Marilyn Grabowski, as Playboy magazine’s West Coast photography editor, defined sexy and the standards of beauty for ages until she retired. By setting the standards without ever intending to, she is indirectly responsible (it’s systemic and if it wasn’t for her, it would have been someone else) for the chaos arising from the insecurities millions of Americans have faced about their appearance.

Women were judged and ranked on the criteria Marilyn Grabowski helped create. Now, it’s as if the tables have turned on her because there’s been a lot of curiosity regarding her looks and if she fits the beauty standards she had a hand in creating. In case she didn’t, people also want to know if she had plastic surgery to change herself as millions of Americans do now.

Marilyn Grabowski had to get plastic surgery to fix her face after she was left disfigured from a car accident.
Marilyn Grabowski had to get plastic surgery to fix her face after she was left disfigured from a car accident.
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About that, Marilyn Grabowski has definitely had plastic surgery but not for the reason you think if what you are thinking is that she got cosmetic procedures because she failed to meet the beauty trends she created. She didn’t go under the knife to change or alter any features of her face and body as she desired but to fix her face after a disastrous accident left her disfigured.

It was really tragic what happened to Marilyn Grabowski, and does the plastic surgery she had to fix herself even count as a cosmetic procedure because isn’t it more like reconstructive surgery? I think it doesn’t because it would not be elective but necessary if someone got severely injured in a car accident and got their face damaged in the process. That’s what happened with her.

Marilyn Grabowski’s relationship with her appearance was drastically altered after the unfortunate car accident which left her face severely damaged. The injuries she sustained were so extensive and her face was completely disfigured that she had to take the aid of plastic surgery to fix her face. The need for reconstructive surgery must have been horrific on its own and as if that was not enough, the surgeon messed it up, leading her to get even more disfigured which she did not think was possible.

In the interview that Marilyn Grabowski had on Power: Hugh Hefner podcast, she went into detail about the plastic surgery she had to have after the accident. During her treatment, she said that a steel plate had to be placed over her cheeks to aid her healing process. This impacted her mental health and she suffered from depression and trauma for an extended period. It took a toll on her relationship with her appearance and she had to struggle to regain her confidence for quite a while.

Marilyn Grabowski did not regain her old confidence back until she fixed that reconstructive surgery itself. The surgeon messed her up when they performed plastic surgery on her to fix her injuries. Their incompetence almost cost her, her nose and this is the main reason why it took a long time for her to process the trauma of getting disfigured.

Now, the worst has happened and Marilyn Grabowski has come out with her nose intact after forty surgeries and skin grafts. The time when she had an operation to correct a facial injury which resulted in her nearly losing her nose altogether is distant. At present, she’s just glad to have her nose. As she said, “It’s not a perfect nose, but it’s a nose.”