Mary Mouser’s Weight Gain Is a Side Effect of Insulin Therapy!


Mary Mouser might have had weight gain because she has Type 1 diabetes. – Mary Mouser’s weight gain is widely and extensively discussed by the Cobra Kai fandom. While a lot of people troll her for looking fat, others criticize her for not being athletic enough for an action series. She has many supporters who come to her defense saying that she can’t control her weight gain as she has Type-1 diabetes. Mary Mouser has never responded to the body-shaming comments.

Mary Mouser is widely recognized as one of the main cast members of the action-based series Cobra Kai. The actress has garnered a lot of attention for her portrayal of a high school and karate student Samantha (Sam) LaRusso. This is her most mainstream project. She has been in lots of stuff but none is as prominent as this one. She was a series regular in the CW series Life is Wild in which she played the role of Mia Weller for 13 episodes. She also played the role of Lacy Fleming, Dana Delany‘s daughter in the ABC medical drama Body of Proof.

Mary Mouser also starred in a Disney Channel original movie Frenemies which saw her in the dual roles of Savannah O’Neal and Emma Reynolds. She has had guest-starring roles on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, The King of Queens, Scrubs, and One Life to Live and she did a recurring role on NCIS. I repeat, she has done lots of films and series but Cobrai Kai’s the one she is best known for. While she has lots of fans from the show, she also has a lot of critics who criticize her for being unathletic, and trolls who body-shame her and call her fat. So, shall we discuss her weight gain today?

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Mary Mouser’s Weight Gain: She is Trolled For Being Fat and Criticized For Not Being Athletic Enough!

If somebody were to say that the Cobra Kai fandom is obsessed with Mary Mouser‘s (@missmarymmouser) weight gain, they would not be completely in the wrong because, to some extent, they are a bit tormented by it. I mean, they are always talking about it and criticizing her unathletic stature. Sometimes, it borders on being toxic and crosses into the body-shaming territory where she is trolled for being fat.

Mary Mouser has had noticeable weight gain over the years. houseandwhips.comMary Mouser has had noticeable weight gain over the years.
Image Source: Yahoo News

So, Mary is one of the main cast members in Cobra Kai which does not just mean that she is a famed actress from a very popular show but that she has a huge responsibility on her shoulders to do her job correctly and in case, she does not do her job well, the huge fandom of the action series will come after her which is what they have been doing for several years because she has undergone weight gain over the years.

Mary Mouser was thin in the first season of Cobra Kai but as the show progressed into latter seasons, she began to gain weight. She started to get thicker which the fans of the show did not appreciate. Not that she got super huge or anything but she definitely developed a bigger and plumper body. You can see that her belly sticks out from her jeans and her figure looks very rounded in the recent seasons. Though she is not bordering on looking obese anytime soon, her weight gain has attracted a lot of criticism that her physique is not fitting for a series about karate.

I think she could stand to lose a little weight. I mean, she is supposed to be this athletic badass, but she is at least 15 lb overweight. In fact, I don’t know how she is still so round with all the training she must be going through for the series.

People also are having a hard time figuring out how Mary Mouser looks the way she looks because, as someone whose job is to perform fight stunts and do karate, how can she be anything but fit after doing her job? Calling her fat would be an exaggeration but she’s too curvy and muscular and soft which makes Cobra Kai fans wonder about her weight gain.

No, I mean she looks fine for real life. As a karate fighter, though? Like I said, it wouldn’t have even been possible for her to remain so round.

Mary Mouser Has Type 1 Diabetes and That’s The Reason Behind Her Weight Gain!

Mary Mouser has been taking insulin for Type 1 diabetes. houseandwhips.comMary Mouser has been taking insulin for Type 1 diabetes and maybe that’s why she looks fat.
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About that, it seems like the actress being unathletic does not have anything to do with her failing to maintain herself for the action-based show because as a patient suffering from Type 1 diabetes, she can’t shape her body and make herself as athletic as she would not want with workouts and such no matter how hard she tries. Her weight is actually out of her control. So, there it is. The reason behind Mary Mouser being fat and her weight gain is that she has Type 1 diabetes.

Cobra Kai fans can criticize her as much as they want for having such little muscle tone and looking soft and round but that will only possibly affect the actress. It wouldn’t change her weight and her body because even though Mouser tries to get a fit body, she won’t be able to achieve that kind of body because she has a chronic disease. If Mary Mouser’s weight gain had been due to her overindulging in food and not maintaining herself, she would have been able to reverse that but that’s not the case here.

She needs “one unit of insulin for every 15 carbs.” Since she had to take insulin, her relationship with food changed and her control over her weight ended.

Never again that I would be able to just run up and grab a slice of cake and start eating it and then move on with my day. That there would have to be a step before that, which is testing my blood sugar and then delivering the insulin and then waiting ten minutes, and then being able to eat the cake and hoping I corrected enough for it. Then doing some tests afterward, and maybe I didn’t give enough insulin and then I have to give another shot of insulin and all of these things to come along with eating.

Insulin therapy has been known to cause weight gain. So, Mary Mouser might never be athletic enough for people’s liking.