Is Meadow Walker Anorexic? Does She Have an Eating Disorder?


Meadow Walker's fans are concerned that she is anorexic.

Is Meadow Walker anorexic? Does she have an eating disorder? These are the questions that keep running around her followers’ minds every time she posts a new picture on social media. Paul Walker’s daughter looks thin to the point that fans are concerned about her health and worry that she is suffering from an eating disorder. Meadow Walker herself does not seem as concerned as the fan and so far, she has not even addressed the speculations about her being anorexic.

If you didn’t already know, the late Paul Walker has a daughter named Meadow Walker. Following in her father’s footsteps, she also chose a career that keeps people in the public eye. Though she didn’t start with acting which is what her father did before he passed away, she eventually went on to work in her father’s franchise. As for her career in the limelight, she began it with modeling in 2017. As per her Instagram bio, she is signed with DNA models. As a model, she has walked the runway for major designers like Proenza Schouler and Alexander McQueen and serves as the face of Givenchy Beauty.

In 2023, Meadow Walker made her acting debut in Fast X, the tenth installment of the Fast & Furious film series that her father was best known for. Though she had minimal screen time as she just did a cameo appearance as a flight attendant, people were happy to see her on screen. They were almost as glad as when Paul himself appeared in the film via archival footage. It shows that Meadow herself has become a celebrity like her father. With the rise in her celebrity, there has been an increase in the speculations of her being anorexic and having an eating disorder.

So, let’s find out! Is Meadow Walker recall anorexic? Is she really suffering from an eating disorder?

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Is Meadow Walker Anorexic? Fans Are Concerned That She’s So Thin!

Meadow Walker is speculated to be anorexic and suffering from an eating disorder. houseandwhips.comMeadow Walker is speculated to be anorexic and suffering from an eating disorder.
Image Source: Teen Vogue

Meadow Walker (@meadowwalker) has garnered a lot of followers ever since she started her career as a model in 2017. She has become really huge and popular since 2017. She has gotten really famous and while it seems as though it feels extremely great to be famous, I’m sure it has its drawbacks as well. For example, with Meadow, the attention that fame brings has caused a lot of speculation about her being anorexic and suffering from an eating disorder. I don’t think that she enjoys the comments on her weight every time she posts pictures on her social media. But now that she’s a public figure, she can’t really do anything to stop people from talking about it.

Paul Walker‘s daughter looks anorexic, she must be suffering from an eating disorder, is what many of her followers think. They unfailingly bring up her weight every time she posts pictures on social media because they can’t really help commenting on her body because of how thin she looks. A lot of them seem to be concerned for her health because, in their view, she does not really look healthy-skinny. To them, she looks very frail and weak.

As a model, Meadow Walker is supposed to be tall and slender and she is all that but never has any other model sparked such extreme concern over her weight as Meadow has. Because only Meadow looks frail-thin. Just go scroll through her Instagram profile and you will get what I mean. She just looks so fragile and breakable. So vulnerable. It’s probably because of her that makes her look anorexic and like she has an eating disorder.

It’s probably that and the fact that we have seen her when she was not as skinny as she is now. She was not always as thin like this. She used to be fuller before. Compared to now, she looked quite chubby then even though she was slender. Her face used to be much rounder and filled out but now, her face looks so hollow and shallow which makes her appear sickly. It’s because of the hollowness in her face that many people speculate that she is anorexic and that she might be struggling with an eating disorder in private.

Meadow Walker Has Not Addressed The Rumors That She is Anorexic!

Meadow Walker has not addressed the comments that she has anorexia. houseandwhips.comMeadow Walker has not addressed the comments that she has anorexia.
Image Source: CNN

Most of the comments on Meadow Walker‘s Instagram picture are more or less along the same line as the comment below,

Oh my goodness. I have been around people with eating disorders my whole life and posts like this is terrible for those struggling with weight issues. You are extremely thin and look like your getting thinner. I love you work but cannot sit back and say looking almost skeleton like is beautiful. I hope your ok.

One fan also claimed that posting pictures looking that skinny might trigger anorexic people.

I been around people struggling with eating disorders. I also had a teen struggling with eating disorders. Sorry but to post such photos of skeleton appearance and for society to all day is beautiful, no. It’s scary. Teens try to be what society says is beauty. And this is not. It’s dangerous. 

Meadow Walker has never addressed such comments about her being anorexic and suffering from an eating disorder.