Melanie Bracewell’s Weight Loss: Has She Lost Weight?


Melanie Bracewell's Weight Loss: Has She Lost Weight?

Melanie Bracewell, fans have noticed, appears to have undergone a slight weight loss. The comedian was never obese or fat to begin with. She was of average weight and looked a bit curvy but now, she looks a lot slimmer than that. Melanie Bracewell has not yet acknowledged her weight loss speculations. 

Melanie Bracewell rose to fame in 2014 when she won the 7 Days Comedy Apprentice. Just a little tidbit, she is the niece of Test cricketers John Bracewell and Brendon Bracewell. The comedian went on to win the Raw Comedy Quest a year later and she also won the Best Auckland Newcomer at the New Zealand International Comedy Festival. Her career became more mainstream in 2018 when she won New Zealand’s Billy T Award for the country’s best-emerging comedian.

The same year, she won Breakthrough Comedian of the Year at the NZ Comedy Guild Awards. The following year, she was shortlisted for the Kevin Smith Memorial Cup for Best Female Comedian, Outstanding Artist Achievement, and Bizarre Moment of the Year at the New Zealand Comedy Guild Awards. Besides winning awards, she also writes scripts. She has served as an official writer for 7 Days and she has also worked on the breakfast show for the popular radio station Radio Hauraki.

She currently is based in Australia where she co-hosts The Cheap Seats, a new current affairs program on Network 10. She currently is also the subject of weight loss speculations. People have noted that she looks noticeably slimmer than she did a few years before. She appears to have lost a bit of weight as she does not look as curvy as back then. Let’s learn more about Melanie Bracewell’s weight loss!

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Melanie Bracewell’s Weight Loss: The Comedian Appears to be a Little Slimmer Than Before!

Melanie Bracewell (@melaniebracewell) appears to have undergone a slight weight loss. In recent pictures, the comedian is looking noticeably slimmer than a few years before.

Melanie Bracewell seems to have had weight loss recently.
Melanie Bracewell seems to have had weight loss recently.
Image Source: Variety Australia

Melanie Bracewell was never fat or overweight to begin with. To say it more pointedly, she was never one of those celebrities that the public would be expecting to go on a weight loss journey and then would scrutinize closely to see how they ‘handle’ their body. Bracewell was always thin. If not thin, she was of average weight and she looked a little curvy as in genuinely curvy and not chubby.

So, the public never expected Melanie Bracewell to embark on a weight loss journey anytime soon. That is why when she lost a bit of weight recently, people were surprised. She did not lose much because she did not have much to lose anyway. But the little bit that she lost, it was noticeable.

Fans were naturally curious to know how she lost weight and whether it was something intended or something that just happened. Melanie Bracewell has not acknowledged her weight loss speculations and until she does and shares how she got slimmer, we won’t know about it.

Melanie Bracewell’s Early Life and Career!

Melanie Bracewell was raised in Beach Haven on Auckland’s North Shore in New Zealand. She went to Birkenhead College where she served as Deputy Head Girl. After finishing her schooling, she attended the University of Auckland to study Communication and Media Studies. While she was doing all that studying and graduating, she was also writing comedic blogs.

Melanie Bracewell developed a passion for comedy at a very young age.
Melanie Bracewell developed a passion for comedy at a very young age.
Image Source: Herald Sun

Because Melanie Bracewell developed an interest in comedy when she was a child, she began to write comedic blogs as she grew up and became a teenager. She later got a writing gig on 7 Days. In 2019, she was hired to write for the television show The Project in New Zealand. She has also written for the series Wellington Paranormal. She would later move on to do stand-up comedy among other things.

She has served as a producer in the breakfast show on Radio Hauraki and she has also appeared as a contestant on the Australian TV quiz show Have You Been Paying Attention? Currently, she co-hosts the Australian comedy television show The Cheap Seats alongside Tim McDonald. She has gone international now. Before that, she was not very well-known outside New Zealand. Now, she is a global celebrity.

Melanie Bracewell rose to prominence on an international level when she received international coverage in 2020 after the videos and photos of her impersonating Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern went viral. Those videos got more attention when Ardern responded with, “You do my makeup better than I do.” She later met Ardern and made a TikTok video with her while Bracewell was dressed as Ardern.

After 2020, Melanie Bracewell went to do shows outside of New Zealand. In 2021, she appeared on the panel show Patriot Brains in 2021 and in 2023, she and Ray O’Leary briefly hosted the podcast Bananapod before it went into hiatus.