Michelle Mylett Sparks Plastic Surgery Rumors With Her Duck Lips!


Michelle Mylett looks like she has had plastic surgery such as Botox and lip fillers. houseandwhips.com

houseandwhips.com – Michelle Mylett’s recent appearance has sparked plastic surgery speculations because she has changed since the earlier seasons of Letterkenny. The actress has unusually smooth skin and she has those huge duck lips, which has led fans to think she has dabbled in Botox and lip fillers. Michelle Mylett has not yet responded to the plastic surgery rumors.

Isn’t Michelle Mylett brilliant as Katy on the comedy series Letterkenny? The Canadian actress played the headstrong protagonist and depicted the character’s confidence, sassiness, and unapologeticness with perfection. Nobody expected that she would have such good comic timing since she was just doing horror movies till then but she surprised everyone with her versatility. No wonder she received a nomination for Best Actress in a Comedy Series at the 8th Canadian Screen Awards in 2020.

Other than her most prominent, Letterkenny, Michelle Mylett has done movies like Antisocial, The Drownsman, and She Stoops to Conquer, and she also did supporting roles in series such as Ascension, The Strain, and Lost Girl. She also starred in the television series Bad Blood and Four in the Morning, and movies including The Curse of Buckout Road, Kiss and Cry, Elle Camino Christmas, and Was I Really Kidnapped. She also starred in a video game in full-motion video by Wales Interactive called The Complex. Let’s segue into her plastic surgery now!

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Michelle Mylett’s Plastic Surgery: Has She Gone Under The Knife?

Letterkenny viewers are convinced that Michelle Mylett (@michellemylett) is not without plastic surgery and that she has dabbled in Botox and lip fillers.

Michelle Mylett's fans think she has had plastic surgery since the first season of Letterkenny. houseandwhips.comMichelle Mylett’s fans think she has had plastic surgery since the first season of Letterkenny.
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It’s like the end of an era for Letterkenny fans because the show is coming to an end after 12 fun seasons. They are all going to miss everyone from the show, Wayne, Daryl, Squirrelly Dan, and especially Katy because Katy’s the protagonist of the show who is super confident and very quick-witted with a sharp sense of humor. She’s a catch. People are going to remember her for a long time. They are already looking back fondly on her in earlier seasons. And looking back, has Michelle Mylett had plastic surgery?

She has changed, hasn’t she? She looks different than how she looked when she had just begun doing the show. You might not see it just like that but compare her pictures from the first seasons to more recent ones and you will see what I am talking about. She just does not look the same and since it’s been more than seven years since the show started, you might say that it’s just aging but more people are inclined to believe that it is plastic surgery.

While it’s true that Michelle Mylett can’t stay the same forever as time goes on – she was about 26 in 2016 when the first season of Letterkenny aired and now, she’s 34 – it’s not really aging that seems to have brought the difference. If it was aging then, maybe we would have started seeing a few lines here and there and a crow’s feet around the eyes. But it’s none of that. It’s more of the harsh and unusual smoothness on her face without the softness she had when she was 26. It looks like it’s due to plastic surgery.

Michelle Mylett Has Never Responded To Plastic Surgery Rumors About Herself!

Michelle Mylett is suspected of having Botox and lip fillers. houseandwhips.comMichelle Mylett is suspected of having Botox and lip fillers.
Image Source: Sharp Magazine

The actress most probably has gotten Botox by the looks of it. It seems as though her face doesn’t move as much as it used to in 2016. She definitely looks a bit stiff and she has not been giving much expression lately in her pictures. It might very well be the effects of anti-wrinkle injection. Many would say that she has a flawless complexion and it does look like that with how smooth her skin is. But is that necessarily plastic surgery? When Michelle Mylett was asked what skincare regimen she followed to maintain her flawless complexion, she said,

I definitely don’t have a flawless complexion but I always try to wash my face and put on some sort of oil or serum before I go to bed. Drink lots of water also, that’s a big one.

So, it’s water, she says and indirectly denies Botox but it does not look like it’s just lots of water. Also, leaving that aside, what’s up with her duck lips? She never had that full lips before. She had a small mouth with thin lips and she looked fine with that. Now, she seems to have messed with lip fillers and it does not look good. Plump lips are not for everybody which her fans are reminded of every time she smiles and her lips protrude from the sides. She might not have had Botox but she definitely had lip fillers and that was not good plastic surgery.

As far as Michelle Mylett is concerned, she has not had lip fillers as well. She has not responded to the rumors that she has undergone plastic surgery yet.