Sarah Rafferty Didn’t Want To Get Plastic Surgery To Freeze Herself!


Sarah Rafferty seems to have gotten plastic surgery. – Sarah Rafferty seems to have undergone plastic surgery since the Suits days. The actress looks noticeably different than before and not in a ‘she’s just aged’ type of way. Her lips are fuller than before and her cheeks slimmer. She also looks a little stiff. Sarah Rafferty is suspected of having plastic surgery such as Botox, lip fillers, and buccal fat removal but she has not responded to the rumors yet.

Sarah Rafferty is mostly known for playing the role of Donna Roberta Paulsen on the USA Network legal drama Suits. You might also recognize the actress from her other acting gigs which include Chicago Med, Grey’s Anatomy, Six Feet Under, Bones, CSI: Miami, The Practice, and Charmed. She has been in lots of stuff but Suits continues to be her most prominent television show. It’s her breakthrough.

Since people have begun to rediscover the show on streaming four years after the finale, they have taken a liking to Sarah Rafferty. No surprises there! She was always a scene-stealer. She’s a treat to watch but how different she used to look back then. Her new followers observed that she had noticeably changed since she did Suits which they thought was because of plastic surgery. So, let’s talk about it now!

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Sarah Rafferty’s Plastic Surgery: She Looks Different From Her Suits Days!

Sarah Rafferty (@iamsarahgafferty) has become the topic of plastic surgery discussion after the rediscovery of her breakout show Suits. She is suspected by her followers of having Botox, lip fillers, and buccal fat removal.

Sarah Rafferty has sparked plastic surgery speculations with her recent pictures. houseandwhips.comSarah Rafferty has sparked plastic surgery speculations with her recent pictures.
Image Source: The Wrap

If you hadn’t noticed when Suits was on television, Sarah is amazing. She did a very good job of playing Donna Paulsen, a formidable legal secretary. She stole every scene she was in. Remember how we used to not be just engrossed in the show with her acting but we also used to be taken in by her beauty? She’s not the same woman now, is she? She has changed and it seems as though it’s due to plastic surgery.

The change in Sarah Rafferty’s appearance is the first thing people noticed when people began to rewatch Suits after its renewed popularity. She no longer looked the same as she did when she was acting in the legal drama. After looking at her recent pictures on Instagram, many viewers took to social media to share that something about her face seemed off to them. She does look kind of plastic and so, people suspect that she’s had plastic surgery.

If you are thinking that she could just have aged since then, look at her again because she certainly hasn’t aged. She has changed but not because she grew old. At the age of 51, she hasn’t yet developed a single wrinkle or line. Her face looks super smooth and clear and not to mention, a little stiff. It looks as though she would find it hard to move her face. That’s the look of plastic. She had to have dabbled in a bit of plastic surgery.

Sarah Rafferty Has Never Admitted to Having Plastic Surgery!

Sarah Rafferty is suspected of having Botox, lip fillers, and buccal fat removal. houseandwhips.comSarah Rafferty is suspected of having Botox, lip fillers, and buccal fat removal.
Image Source: Entertainment Weekly

Also, it’s not just the stiffness of her face. Have you also noticed how her face looks much thinner than before? Her cheeks used to look all filled out but now, she looks kind of gaunt. It tends to happen that people lose the fat from their cheeks and they start looking saggy as they age. But that does not seem to be the case with her. She has lost volume from her cheeks but she’s not saggy yet. Her face still looks tight it seems to have frozen. It looks like Sarah Rafferty has had plastic surgery to get her buccal fat removed which has made her cheeks look hollow.

Besides the stiffness of the face and hollowness of the cheeks, it’s the plumpness of her lips that stands out. Her mouth seems different and it’s because she used to have very thin lips when she was on Suits but now, they look much fuller than back then. She’s most certainly had lip fillers. It might not be an invasive procedure but plastic surgery, it definitely is.

Sarah Rafferty has not responded to the rumors that she got cosmetic surgery but it looks like she changed her mind about getting procedures since that interview where she kind of implied that she would not get work done because it’s important for her to move her face to express. She was asked if she felt the pressure of anti-aging and plastic surgery being in show business.

I want to freeze it and preserve myself! No, I’m just kidding! (laughing) There’s a whole movement of Hollywood women speaking up about that. Kate Winslet is among them, I remember watching an interview with her where she was talking about her work in a movie and she pointed out a scene, I think it was a live interview. and she said ‘Look at that, one thing I’m most proud of in that scene is my eyebrows move!’ and I just so appreciated that she said it. She’s not afraid to talk about it.