Michelle Pfeiffer’s Plastic Surgery: Is Her Beauty All Natural?


Michelle Pfeiffer's Plastic Surgery: Is Her Beauty All Natural?

Michelle Pfeiffer is speculated to have undergone several plastic surgery procedures, including facelift, rhinoplasty, cheek implants or fillers, Botox, and lip fillers or implants. Pfeiffer has a very relaxed view of plastic surgery and has never said no to it unless it is about going overboard. 

Michelle Pfeiffer is an American actress who has established herself in the acting industry by playing eclectic roles from a wide variety of film genres in her career spanning over four decades. She is easily recognized as one of the most prolific actresses of the 1980s and 1990s for her immeasurable contribution to the cinema.

Pfeiffer has been honored with numerous accolades including a Golden Globe Award and a British Academy Film Award. She has also been nominated for three Academy Awards and a Primetime Emmy Award.

Although Michelle Pfeiffer had briefly studied to be a court stenographer, when it came to choosing a career path, she decided to pursue acting. After making several minor television and film appearances, she got her first leading role in Grease 2 in 1982, which was a commercial and critical failure but she was hailed as a positive exception in the movie.

She got her breakout role next year as gangster moll Elvira Hancock in Scarface. Pfeiffer then rode on to success since then with roles in The Witches of Eastwick, and her performance in Married to the Mob earned her first nomination for Golden Globe Awards.

Not after very long, Pfeiffer got nominated for the Academy Awards; for Best Supporting Actress for her performance in Dangerous Liaisons and for Best Actress in The Fabulous Baker Boys. She won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Motion Picture – Drama for the latter.

By the 1990s, Michelle Pfeiffer had become one of the decade’s highest-paid actresses. She did Batman Returns as Selina Kyle/ Catwoman to widespread acclaim and got nominated for the Academy Award for the third time for Love Field.

She was appreciated for her performances in The Age of Innocence, Wolf, and White Oleander. She even started her own production company Via Rose Productions and starred in several films she produced.

Michelle Pfeiffer was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2007. She is considered a sex symbol and has been cited as one of the world’s most beautiful women.

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Has Michelle Pfeiffer Gotten Plastic Surgery?

Michelle Pfeiffer (@michellepfeifferofficial) most likely has undergone some plastic surgery treatments, which is not very surprising given her views on them. Also, not only she used to be one of those women who put the glam in the glamor industry.

I mean, sure she was an extremely talented and natural performer who has many notable acting credits under her belt. But what sets her apart from the rest of the beloved critically acclaimed actresses is that she didn’t just steal every scene she was in, but she also managed to steal everyone’s attention with her surreal beauty.

Never forget how she was considered a sex symbol and how she used to be often cited as one of the world’s most beautiful women. She used to be noted for her high glamor, bombshell looks in the 80s and 90s.

And here we are, two decades later. Michelle Pfeiffer is 63 and yet, she doesn’t show any signs of aging, and her beauty has been unnaturally consistent for a woman in her sixties.

We get that the actress is genetically blessed in the looks department but not even young women in their prime have the radiance that she possesses. It is far more than just vegan diets, a healthy lifestyle, and makeup. So, the idea of Pfeiffer’s youthful looks being aided by plastic surgery is too far-fetched is inconceivable to me.

Though the Catwoman has not detailed or documented every cosmetic procedure she has gotten, it might not be hard to figure that out by ourselves. We have all the time in the world and the internet has all the pictures of Michelle Pfeiffer dating back to the time when she began her career. So, we can compare the way she looked at different points in her life.

On comparing her pictures from earlier days to now, one can see clearly that Michelle has undoubtedly had a nose-job. She has definitely paid to further slim down the already slim bridge of her nose. Her lips are noticeably fuller than before. That could be the job of lip fillers or lip implants.

As for her youthful looks, Michelle Pfeiffer has unbelievably tight skin. Like there are no wrinkles and laugh lines at all. So, she must have injected Botox into her face or she had dermal fillers to prevent all those lines from appearing on her face.

She probably has had a mini facelift. Her cheeks also look too plump, which could be due to cheek implants or fillers. She also appears to have had a neck lift.

Michelle Pfeiffer has never admitted to any of the cosmetic procedures however but her opinions on plastic surgery are very relaxed and she is clearly more inclined on having plastic surgery.

The Hairspray star revealed in an interview that she was never going to say no to plastic surgery as it seemed to get harder and harder the older one got. She talked about and realized the pressures of being in the public eye (of having to look perfect all the time).

So, according to Michelle Pfeiffer, if people wanted to do a few nips and tucks here and there, it shouldn’t really matter. But she didn’t care for people looking like wax figures and didn’t want plastic surgery to go too far looking like a distraction.

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