Did Monica Lewinsky Get Plastic Surgery?


Monica Lewinsky is believed to have gotten plastic surgery. houseandwhips.com

Monica Lewinsky is widely believed to have undergone plastic surgery transformation when she lost 31 pounds in 2000 and not just because she lost weight. Experts said that she had had Botox, fillers, and liposuction, and everybody could see that apparently. She is also speculated to have had a nose job and breast implants. Monica Lewinsky has never admitted to having plastic surgery.

Does Monica Lewinsky ever think of how her life would have turned out if Linda Tripp had minded her own business, kept her mouth shut, and never exposed the affair she had when she was an intern in the White House with then-president Bill Clinton? Things were never the same for her after the wide public coverage the affair (it would later go on to be known as the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal) received (because it involved sex and politics and POTUS himself) because it led her to infamy on an international level.

The public knowledge of the sexual trysts she had with Clinton made her a household name and in the worst way possible and I bet that’s the one thing she regrets the most. Anyway, thinking back on these things is not going to change anything. After all these years, Monica Lewinsky has come out of the scandal with as much grace and courage as she could muster as a 22-year-old woman. She’s now a social activist who advocates for a safer social media environment and speaks out against cyberbullying.

She recently shared her experience of being bullied and receiving hate in the past in an interview on The Today Show. She really made some valid points but that seems to have gotten over people’s heads as they began to wonder if she had plastic surgery after looking at her. In their defense, she really looked very stunning and didn’t appear as though she has aged at all. Let’s discuss Monica Lewinsky’s plastic surgery!

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Monica Lewinsky’s Plastic Surgery: Has She Really Gone Under The Knife?

Monica Lewinsky (@monica_lewinsky), according to the expert, has spent more than thousands of dollars on plastic surgery. She supposedly had Botox, fillers, and liposuction in 2000 and gave herself a makeover. She is also speculated to have had a nose job and breast implants.

Monica Lewinsky has sparked plastic surgery speculations with her youthful looks. houseandwhips.comMonica Lewinsky has sparked plastic surgery speculations with her youthful looks.
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Okay, so Lewinsky was always very stunning and she still is. Several decades have gone by since she rose to public consciousness and fell in their eyes when the news of her affair with Bill Clinton came out but she has not changed much. In terms of her appearance, of course, personality-wise, she’s a completely different person now. She does not look like she has aged much in all these years which has sparked plastic surgery speculations about herself.

The not-coming-of-age in terms of her looks has led people to believe that Monica Lewinsky might have dabbled in anti-aging injections and such. They believe that she has had Botox to smooth out her face and remove the wrinkles and lines before they even appeared. How else can her youthfulness be explained if not with plastic surgery? Though Botox is technically not surgery, if she had it (she most likely has), it counts because it has really helped her retain her looks.

This is not the first time Monica Lewinsky has been the subject of plastic surgery rumors. In the 2000s as well, even when she was young, there were lots of discussions on whether or not she had gone under the knife. She sparked such speculations when she underwent a drastic weight loss. Oh yeah, at one point, she gained a lot and when she made a comeback after losing the excess weight she had gained, her physical transformation had many thinking that she had not just lost weight but gotten a few procedures as well.

Monica Lewinsky Has Never Admitted to Having Plastic Surgery!

Most of them seemed to be of the opinion that Monica Lewinsky had liposuction in order to get a slimmer appearance. Though supposedly she lost weight by following the Jenny Craig diet (she even did ads to promote the diet), people didn’t really buy that and believed that she had lipo. Maybe the experts weighed their opinions on her plastic surgery and according to them, she had it (there were also rumors of a nose job and breast implants).

Monica Lewinsky has never admitted to having plastic surgery.
houseandwhips.comMonica Lewinsky has never admitted to having plastic surgery.
Image Source: The Guardian

Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel, a Boston-based renowned cosmetic surgeon who has not treated the activist, seemed to believe that she had gone under the knife and had a makeover that included not just her weight loss. He seemed to think that Monica had refined herself after slimming down.

It appears she lost weight but may also have had surgical procedures to offset the saggy side effects.

According to him, Monica Lewinsky had Botox injections worth $500 to her forehead and filler injections worth $1,500 in her cheeks. He believed that she had a complete makeover when she debuted her weight loss and she looked much better and refined than she was before. And he thought she had achieved the new look with the aid of plastic surgery. But had she really?

We will never truly know unless Monica Lewinsky herself admits to going under the knife then and now, and so far, she has never even bothered to acknowledge the plastic surgery speculations.