Mrs Hinch’s Weight Gain: Did The Social Media Influencer Get a Weight Loss Surgery? Check Out Her Before and After Pictures!


Mrs Hinch's Weight Gain: Did The Social Media Influencer Get a Weight Loss Surgery? Check Out Her Before and After Pictures!

Mrs Hinch’s weight gain she had when she was in her late teens traumatized her and sapped all her confidence. She weighed 17 stones at 21. She would wear baggy clothes to fit in but she had anxiety so, that never worked. Mrs Hinch struggled with her weight gain so much that she made a huge decision to get weight loss surgery and followed through shortly after she turned 21.

Sophie Hinchliffe (née Barker), known as Mrs Hinch is a British social media influencer who shot to popularity with her Instagram account that features tips for home cleaning. She created her Insta account in March 2018 to show the decor of her and her husband’s house. Within two years. she had garnered 2.5 million followers. She has 4.6 followers as of February 2023.

Her content which mostly includes stories and short 15-second videos in which she cleans and organizes her home became a hit with the internet. In March 2021, Mrs Hinch was listed as the highest-paid ‘homefluencer’ or ‘cleanfluencer’ in the United Kingdom by the rating site GoCompare. She was the second highest worldwide. Not just that, her cleaning books and her memoir have made it to the Sunday Times Bestseller List.

She is doing great and she looks great but still she lacks confidence because of her weight issues. She is still traumatized from the time when she was in her late teens and had that massive weight gain that made her an outcast. She decided to get weight loss surgery when she turned 21. She did lose a lot of weight but even then she could not be confident as she wanted. Let’s talk about Mrs Hinch’s weight gain!

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Mrs Hinch’s Weight Gain: She Got a Weight Loss Surgery to Get Slimmer!

It’s one of the saddest things for Mrs. Hinch (@mrshinchhome) that the discussion about her centers around her weight always. She shot to popularity as an influencer but little did she know that when she became a public figure, she would have to learn to deal with people making comments about her size forever. Not that she is overweight now. But still, some people can be gross. Like a year ago, speculations about her weight gain started following a person’s comment on her weight.

The cleaning sensation Sophie Hinchliffe had made a cheese spin wheel with brie, chia seeds, cheddar, and a milk wash with red onion chutney. She posted the picture of that cheese pastry on Instagram for her followers to see and as she shared the picture, she also noted, “Calories. Let’s not talk about that.” But one vile troll didn’t get the memo and criticized her diet saying it was responsible for her weight gain. The troll wrote, “No wonder you are putting on weight eating that sh*t Hinch.”

Mrs Hinch had too much weight-shaming to take any of it. So, she promptly hit back at the miserable troll branding them ‘an idiot.’ She replied very classily and calmly though one can guess she was feeling anything but that and wrote, “I can assure you, the only s**t thing about the food I am eating is the chia seeds currently stuck in my teeth! Apart from that it’s cracking. Idiot!”

Mrs Hinch is still sensitive to comments about her weight gain and weight in general. She used to be a lot bigger back then and she didn’t deal with her size well at the age of 21, she spent £6,000 for undergoing gastric band surgery. She did dramatically lose eight stones after the surgery but it was hardly a happy ending.

Anyway, Mrs Hinch gathered enough strength to talk about it publicly. One time, the influencer jumped on a viral trend where fans ask what pictures they want to see on social media and as per their request, posted some old pictures of her before she had the weight loss surgery on her Instagram stories. She shared a before and after picture of her before and after weight loss and she was just unrecognizable in the before.

The throwback picture of her before she was famous was Mrs Hinch posing in a pink floral shirt, black T-shirt, and cardigan sporting her dark brunette locks rather than her signature blonde tresses she has now. It was not just the color of her hair that made her look unrecognizable. It was her size. She looked much bigger back then. We could tell she was struggling with weight gain at that time. Also, she wrote,”You never really know someone’s journey.. Always be kind xx,” which made it clear that she had struggled.

It seems so hard to believe that the social media star looked any other way than the way she looks now. All her followers are only used to seeing her as the blonde bombshell they can’t help but admire for her glamorous looks. Mrs Hinch is now often dressed in figure-hugging clothes that accentuate her tiny waist and compliment her long and elegant limbs. It was not the nervous and shy person who had been struggling with weight gain that they saw in the before picture.

The before and after picture of Mrs Hinch looks like they could be of different people. That journey to get to this size must have been insane. Seeing how she had a gastric band fitted when she was 21, it was insane. That a 21-year-old was battling with weight gain that she decided to take such drastic action was not the most tragic thing but what happened when she later was. The band slipped two years later and became wedged in her esophagus. It was removed after an emergency operation.

That was a very traumatic incident for her. And still, she does get triggered by comments about her weight now that the gastric band has been removed. But she does not escape from talking about it anymore. She has shared a lot about her weight loss surgery and the weight gain that drove her to have that, as well.

Mrs Hinch piled on weight in her late teens as she was battling issues with self-confidence. Getting a driver’s license was the worst thing to happen to her because after she passed her driving test, she ate like she never ate before which is what caused her weight gain. Because she was able to get out in the car and get takeaways at McDonald’s Drive-Thrus, she ate the junk food unrestrainedly. Before long, she ate as if to get comfort from everything she didn’t have in her life and that was a lot.

I’d just passed my driving test, so I was able to go out in the car and get takeaways at McDonald’s Drive-Thrus. Before I knew it, I was eating for what felt like eating’s sake. I was getting pizzas and deliveries. I love food, even now.

Mrs Hinch put on a lot of weight in a very short time and then got insecure about her size. She wore baggy clothes to mask the weight gain and fit in but for a person with anxiety, that was never going to work. And after a ‘humiliating’ trip to a fairground, she decided to get weight loss surgery. She was mortified when she couldn’t fit in the ride. She said, “It hit me… the stares, the way people look at you.”

And she made the biggest decision of her life which had life-threatening consequences. But whatever the consequences, Mrs Hinch admits that the weight loss surgery transformed her life. She was miserable because of the weight gain (she was 17 stone at 21) and after that problem was solved, she became a lot happier even though she is still bothered by body-shaming and beauty standards.

Mrs Hinch said that she went through a hell of a lot back when she had all that weight gain so, her confidence isn’t great even now. So, she urges people to not have pressure on themselves to have a perfect life.

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