Nadia Sawalha Weight Loss: How Did She Get Fitter?


Nadia Sawalha seems to have had a weight loss in recent years.

Nadia Sawalha appears to have undergone a slight weight loss. The actress seems to have been on a fitness journey ever since she found out that she was at risk of getting diabetes. After Nadia Sawalha found that out, she began watching her weight and doing exercises and diets which resulted in her weight loss.

Nadia Sawalha has inspired a lot of women as a long-term regular panelist on the ITV daytime talk show Loose Women. She was one of the original panelists from the commencement of the show in 1999, she remained till 2002 and then returned again in 2013 after a panelist revamp. Besides being on television, she also does acting. As an actress, she is most recognized for playing the role of Gina from the ITV comedy Second Thoughts and of Annie Palmer on the BBC One soap opera EastEnders.

She is also a celebrity cook who won the 2007 Celebrity MasterChef series and a vlogger. It seems as though she has a finger in every pie. But when it comes to her, people find her work less interesting than the fact that she seems to have had a weight loss. Given how vocal she’s been about body positivity, people would always want to know her approach to maintaining her weight and physique. But as she said her approach to maintaining her weight didn’t happen of its own accord and was prompted by the possibility of a health crisis, fans are more curious about Nadia Sawalha’s weight loss!

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Nadia Sawalha’s Weight Loss: How Did She Lose Weight?

Nadia Sawalha has undergone a noticeable weight loss in recent years. houseandwhips.comNadia Sawalha has undergone a noticeable weight loss in recent years.
Image Source: Yahoo News

Nadia Sawalha (@nadiasawalha) changed her way of living ever since she discovered that she was at a “moderately high risk” of being prediabetic during a live episode of ITV’s Loose Women in 2018. And that change she brought to her life in order to stay away from diabetes has really done a number on her physique. She has had a noticeable weight loss since then. She looks much healthier and fitter now.

The television star was never much serious about her health until she received her own diabetes test results which showed that she was at risk of it. Before that, she always used to do whatever she wanted. She ate what she wanted and she drank what she wanted without giving much thought to how it would affect her health and body. She never looked after herself. And as a result, she wasn’t the fittest. That seems to have changed now with her weight loss in recent years.

In a way, that diabetes test was a blessing for Nadia Sawalha because if it weren’t for that, she would never have started to look after herself. She feels great that she changed her path and started focusing on her health and she is grateful for the good warning that her diabetes test result was. Only because she knew where she was heading and she came to know that she would become prediabetic if she continued on her trajectory of putting on weight did she realize that something had to change if she wanted to lead a healthy life. And thus began her weight loss and fitness journey.

And this did not just improve her physique but it also helped with her body image issues. Nadia Sawalha has admitted to having a poor body image and perpetually fluctuating weight. She has also mentioned that she used to try every single fad diet. It’s a big step from that to being comfortable in her own size. She has obviously had a weight loss since then. But she’s also gotten healthy.

The Loose Women panelist is a “comfortable size 14” compared to “a bit tight size 16” a few years ago. And how did she get there? If you ask her, she will say that it’s all because of a nutrition-rich diet along with occasional indulgence in her favorite treat (cake). She said that she thought moderation was the most unsexy word on the planet for most of her adult life but it was the only way to get fit. She could not have had weight loss without moderation.

Nadia Sawalha Had Weight Loss After She Became Serious About Her Health!

Nadia Sawalha began to watch her weight when she started prioritizing her health. houseandwhips.comNadia Sawalha began to watch her weight when she started prioritizing her health.
Image Source: Metro UK

And without weight loss, Nadia Sawalha could never have been healthier and fitter. She really hit the nail on the head when she said that watching weight is so important for health. She realized that everything she chooses to do exercise-wise and diet-wise could hold back the seed of any diseases that could come her way. So, as she began to prioritize her health, she tried to diet and exercise in a healthy way without going to extremes.

You can try every diet and every extreme exercise, but to settle into a place of wellness, where you’re not obsessing about food and losing weight, the key is to eat well as much as you can – and sometimes not, enjoy eating some rubbish sometimes, enjoy a bit too much wine – and to move. Just keep moving. I now do all of that.

Nadia Sawalha is also passionate about walking and she also did yoga during lockdown and took up weight training which did not just build her a stronger, more flexible body but also aided in her weight loss.