Natalie Grant’s Weight Gain: How Did The Singer Gain Weight?


Natalie Grant's Weight Gain: How Did The Singer Gain Weight?

Natalie Grant has many fans who want to know her weight gain story. They want to find out how she gained weight in the first place after she embarked on a weight loss journey. As it turns out, Natalie Grant was always a big person and she was stuck having constant weight gain when she was younger. She even purged in order to slim down which worked for her. She discontinued for the sake of his health later.

Natalie Grant is an American singer and songwriter of contemporary Christian music. She became the winner of the Gospel Music Association’s Dove Award for Female Vocalist of the Year for four consecutive years from 2006 to 2009. She won the accolade again in 2012. Besides, she has also been nominated for eight Grammy Awards.

Though her career is going well, she still often makes headlines about her weight gain not because she put on some pounds recently but because she lost some weight and now people want to know how she gained in the first place. She used to be a bit overweight and a big child. Read the following article if you want to find out more about Natalie Grant’s weight gain!

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Natalie Grant’s Weight Gain: The Singer Had Always Been a Big Girl Since She Was Younger!

So, these days, Natalie Grant (@nataliegrant) is looking much fitter and healthier than she used to before. Because everyone is aware of her weight loss journey, her fans want to know her weight gain story. How did she get big in the first place?

Well, as it turned out, it was just the way Natalie Grant was built. Some are just naturally big and gain weight very easily and quickly. She was one of those and that was how she had the weight gain everyone is so curious about. She hated being one of the ‘overweight’ girls because there was pressure to look a certain way to be accepted and that way was not being like her.

Her weight gain really affected her self-esteem and she struggled with her self-image as a result. Even though she had parents who loved her and built her up every day, Natalie Grant never felt beautiful because of her size. And her insecurities got even worse for her when she got together with a former college boyfriend because he never said she was beautiful.

Natalie Grant became even more conscious about her weight gain when she asked her boyfriend what he thought was beautiful because, in response to her question, he just pointed to a girl in a magazine who was very much slimmer than her. On learning that a slim girl was his idea of ‘beyond beautiful and perfect’, she attempted to be a little more like that girl even though she had accepted in her heart that she would never look like the girl from the magazine no matter how many surgeries she would have.

But Natalie Grant was so fed up with her weight gain and being an outcast because of her size that she decided to work on herself because she thought that she could get a little bit more of his acceptance if she changed outside a little bit. She craved validation from everyone around her and it made her miserable. She was so tired of always gaining weight so easily. She would just pile on but she was unable to lose them as quickly.

So, one day, when she went to lunch and felt the need to get it out, she just went to the bathroom in that restaurant, locked the door of that tiny stall, knelt down on that dirty floor, shoved her fingers down her throat, and purged. It was like opening Pandora’s box for her because it was not just purging and she got a strange feeling of freedom. Maybe she thought that she had finally found the solution to the unrelenting weight gain that tormented her.

Natalie Grant truly said that purging was such an addictive behavior for girls because most often their lives (read weight gain) were so out of control and when they purged, they could control that and they just felt good about it. If they were unable to control their weight before, purging would enable them to reduce their size which can be tempting.

Natalie Grant’s size also changed after the purging. Her physical appearance drastically changed and she dropped down below 100 pounds and reached 96 pounds when her average weight was 125. She had a semblance of control over her weight gain and that was everything to her at that moment. She couldn’t bring herself to care that because of the constant purging, her teeth had begun to get really yellow and her hair had begun to fall out.

Natalie Grant was starting to look gaunt and her collarbone was even sticking out but she thought that was beautiful. She confessed that she loved seeing her bones because she got comments about how great she looked all the time when she was that way. But, fortunately for her, she healed with time and she realized the importance of health and self-care so, she eventually stopped purging and embarked on a healthy weight loss journey. Losing weight was as difficult for her as gaining weight was easy.

To be honest, losing weight is difficult. It seems that if I even just look at people eating, I gain five pounds! It was hard for me, and it was hard to be public about it. It’s one thing to know you’re overweight, and it’s another to acknowledge it out loud, but it holds you accountable. If you’re serious about getting healthy, tell others and have them hold you accountable. We’re not built to do anything in life alone. We’re built for community!

Now, her weight loss journey has been successful and Natalie Grant has broken free from the cycle of constant weight gain she was on before.

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