Nathan Nicholas’ Weight Loss: What Diet Plans and Exercise and Workout Routines Did He Follow to Lose 85 Pounds?


Nathan Nicholas' Weight Loss: What Diet Plans and Exercise and Workout Routines Did He Follow to Lose 85 Pounds?

Nathan Nicholas underwent a weight loss of 85 pounds in 9 months. He was 255 pounds when he started and after changing his eating habits and doing light exercise at the gym, he came down to 170 pounds. Nathan Nicholas feels much better physically, emotionally, and mentally after the success of his weight loss journey.

Nathan Nicholas landed a profile feature on Men’s Heath after he underwent a weight loss of 85 pounds in nine months. He dropped down to 170 pounds from 255 pounds by making changes to his eating habits and doing light exercises at the gym. And now, he feels better and much more confident about his body. His life has changed for the better. Read to learn more about Nathan Nicholas’ weight loss, the diets he followed, and the exercise and workout routine he stuck to!

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Nathan Nicholas’ Weight Loss: He Lost 85 Pounds in 9 Months; Check Out His Diet Plans, and Workout and Exercise Schedules!

Nathan Nicholas underwent a weight loss of 85 pounds and went down from 255 pounds to 170 pounds in nine months.

Nathan Nicholas was the last person he imagined would ever need to do a major overhaul and embark on a weight loss journey as he did. You see, he was very active in sports when he was growing up and wasn’t obese as a child even when he didn’t have the greatest eating habits throughout junior and high school. He competed in powerlifting for three years in high school but he never learned how to train or how to eat. He just went on without enough knowledge about how to go on. Heavy as possible every single workout until something hurt. After something hurt, he would taper back slightly and repeat the cycle.

Nathan Nicholas didn’t continue exercising in college and then, he had nothing to make up for his poor eating habits which finally caught up to him. So, he slowly gained weight and wrote it off as something that happened as you get older. But still, he set out on a weight loss journey every New Year for six years but quit all the years by February or March. He just found dieting and exercising hard to commit to and overwhelming. So, even though he didn’t feel very good physically, he didn’t do anything about it and just settled into the mindset of “I’ll be the short, fat, and bearded funny guy.”

He couldn’t stay that way and in September 2021, he half-heartedly pledged to lose weight but only after he returned from the vacation he had been planning with his wife. What happened during the vacation changed Nathan Nicholas and he couldn’t be half-ass weight loss after that. He was on an ATV tour that ended up a zip-line tour. When he was halfway through the zip segment, his body temperature went through the roof, he felt dizzy, everything got blurry, and he couldn’t catch his breath. He thought that he would never see his daughter again.

Nathan Nicholas recovered from whatever happened then but could never get over the feeling he had then. And he was not sure if it was his weight that was the problem but not wanting to take a chance in case it was, he embarked on a weight loss journey with a new love for life and focus on health. He was 255.2 pounds when he got home and he aimed on getting down to 170. He didn’t know what and how long it would take for that, he just knew that he never wanted to feel the way he felt when he was halfway in the zipline.

Nathan Nicholas tried different weight loss methods to see what would stick and when none did, he remembered how, in the past, he had jumped straight into calorie counting, trying to exercise, and going all out, and how that had just led to burnout and nothing else, so, he started out slowly by fixing his relationship with food which was what was responsible for him gaining weight in the first place.

He started intermittent fasting to create some eating boundaries and he also tracked calories. After he started that, he started losing over five pounds a week which was great but since he had been overeating for nearly a decade, he knew that it was not going to be enough forever if he wanted his weight loss to sustain. So, Nathan Nicholas tweaked his meal preps and recipes. He also focused heavily on macro splits and he learned how to read nutrition labels.

Nathan Nicholas also took to physical exercises. For the first few months of his weight loss journey, he occasionally walked around the block in the name of exercise. Later, he started going to a local gym. And unlike before when he used to go super heavy and super hard, he took it slow and light as he could because he knew he couldn’t stick with it if he pushed too hard because he was so heavy and uncomfortable.

Slowly, Nathan Nicholas added exercises and increased the weights he lifted making sure he was never overexerted. He did sets of 8 to 12 reps which helped him avoid going too heavy and hurting himself. And he finally hit his weight goal of 170 pounds in June 2022, about nine months after he started his weight loss journey. He continued on and he hit his lowest at 164 pounds in August 2022. Now, he walks around closer to 170.

Nathan Nicholas feels better physically, emotionally, and mentally, and he sleeps better. His mental health has improved a lot with his physical health. So, encouraged by his weight loss success, he started getting more powerlifting specific with his workouts. It keeps his training interesting because he has a weight class. He is going to compete in a meet in the 165-pound weight class doing bench press and deadlift at the end of April.

Nathan Nicholas has advice for people starting on a weight loss journey. And that is to focus on changing your life and not just an endpoint of some number on a scale. And to never give up on your journey because what you’re doing today, tomorrow, and next week may not show immediate results, but months or six months from now, you will reap the benefits of what you’re sowing now.

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