NBA Dennis Rodman Weight Loss: How Much Does He Weigh Now?


The former NBA player Dennis Rodman is speculated to have had weight loss.

NBA Dennis Rodman sparked weight loss speculations after he showed up at the 45th annual LGBTQ+ Pride parade dressed in a miniskirt. The former basketball player does not seem to have lost much weight and does not look much different than when he was active. Dennis Rodman looks less muscular and less bulky than before but that does not seem like a significant weight loss.

Dennis Rodman is truly one of the most skilled basketball players there is. He really used to be an undefeatable force when he was on the basketball court. He is rightfully stated on the official NBA website to be “arguably the best rebounding forward in NBA history.” His fierce defensive and rebounding abilities speak for him and have earned him the nickname “The Worm.”

It’s unbelievably incredible how he went from playing at a small forward position in his early years to becoming a power forward and playing for the Detroit Pistons, San Antonio Spurs, Chicago Bulls, Los Angeles Lakers, and Dallas Mavericks. It was really the end of an era in basketball when he retired in 2011. In 2021, he was named to the NBA 75th Anniversary Team and honored as one of the league’s greatest players of all time.

Though he has been retired for a while, he regularly makes media appearances. Recently, he attended a Pride parade which started weight loss speculations about him. He does not look that different in his size than before but people suspect that he appears leaner than before. Let’s discuss Dennis Rodman’s weight loss!

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NBA Dennis Rodman’s Weight Loss: Did He Lose Weight?

Dennis Rodman‘s (@dennisrodman) surprise appearance in Houston at the LGBTQ+ Pride parade sparked weight loss speculations about the former NBA player.

Dennis Rodman sparked weight loss speculations following his appearance at the Pride parade. houseandwhips.comDennis Rodman sparked weight loss speculations following his appearance at the Pride parade.
Image Source: People

The former basketball player went to Houston to attend the city’s 45th annual LGBTQ+ Pride parade on Saturday. Fans were delighted that he showed up to celebrate Pride Month and they loved that he showed up wearing a plaid green pleated miniskirt and a shirt from his Rodman Apparel line which featured his 90s-era visage where he was sporting rainbow hair. However, not everyone shared the same feelings and there were lots of trolls who mocked him for wearing a skirt.

While there were a lot of people on the internet busy criticizing Dennis Rodman for the way he was dressed, his fans, who were not bothered with his look and knew that he was always that flamboyant and colorful, focused more on his physique and suspected that he had lost weight. They probably perceived that he did not look as big as he did before when he had not retired and was active. They suspected that he had undergone weight loss since then.

The NBA Hall of Famer used to be super fit and lean as an athlete. He followed an insane workout regimen to maintain his weight and physique. Plus, he was super competitive and revealed that he used to have a body fat competition with Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen when they were playing with the Chicago Bulls. No wonder he was the leanest. When he retired, people only thought that he would gain weight. Never did anyone imagine that he would have a weight loss but here we are.

Did Dennis Rodman Have Weight Loss After His Retirement?

Dennis Rodman just seems to be less muscular and less bulky than before. houseandwhips.comDennis Rodman just seems to be less muscular and less bulky than before.
Image Source: GQ

How could Dennis Rodman lose weight after retirement when as an active athlete, he used to compete with the likes of Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen to have the lowest body fat? What more could he do to undergo weight loss and get leaner than that? How could he do better than the exercise regimen he had while he was playing?

We had a bet every day that who has the lowest body fat. Mike would be like 3.2%, Scottie would be like 3.3% and I would be like 3.4%. But every day we switch. And people would say, ‘How you stay so lean and so cut up?’. Because we had that regiment, that mindset, that routine. Every day we wanted to win, we wanted to be competitive, to go out there and show people that we may be 215, 220, or 210, but we are very strong, very lean, and very agile.

If you are thinking along those lines then, it’s not really that he lost weight. It’s more that Dennis Rodman appears to be smaller than before because he is not as buff and ripped as then. Yeah, he has gotten less muscular and that’s why he appears leaner and as if he has undergone weight loss because there’s no way that he has been sticking to the intense workout regime he had when he was active.

Athletes are generally anticipated to gain weight after their retirement because people don’t really expect them to keep up with their strict exercise schedule and diet routine and believe that they would really start relaxing which would lead to weight gain. Hardly few people think that they would have weight loss. So, imagine the fans’ surprise when Rodman appeared smaller.

But there’s not much to look into it. Dennis Rodman just appears to be smaller than before because he is less bulky and less muscular than before. And it’s only a little difference and minor weight loss does not really show on people with huge stature like his.