Nischelle Turner Weight Loss 2023: Has She Lost Weight Recently?

Derick Scholz

Nischelle Turner does not seem to have had weight loss in 2023.

Nischelle Turner does not appear to have undergone weight loss in 2023. The Entertainment Tonight host has been working with a health and wellness coach since her latest surgery to get fibroids removed so, she’s been looking the same way – fit and slim – for a while. If there are any fluctuations in Nischelle Turner’s weight, it’s very insignificant and not a noticeable weight loss at all.

Nischelle Turner serves as the co-host of Entertainment Tonight and she has been doing it since 2014. For her work on the program, she has won seven Emmy awards to date, the latest being the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Entertainment News Program in 2022. The former entertainment correspondent for HLN’s Showbiz Tonight and CNN, she also worked as a general assignment reporter for KTTV Fox 11 from 2004 to 2008 and as a sideline reporter for Fox’s Sunday NFL broadcasts.

As an entertainment reporter, we are used to seeing her every day on screen. And people have lately begun to perceive that she may have lost weight. If she did, it’s not very noticeable weight loss because she has looked the same size for quite a while. Either way, the viewers want to know if she has lost weight. Let’s discuss Nischelle Turner’s weight loss!

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Nischelle Turner’s Weight Loss 2023: She Does Not Appear to Have Lost Weight!

Nischelle Turner (@nischelleturner) has lately become the target of weight loss speculations which is strange because she does not appear to have lost weight in 2023.

Nischelle Turner does not appear to have had weight loss in 2023.
houseandwhips.comNischelle Turner does not appear to have had weight loss in 2023.
Image Source: People

Nischelle Turner has always been a slim woman who never looked like she had any extra pounds on her to lose. So, these weight loss speculations that have come out of nowhere just cannot be explained. Also, it’s not like she got thinner recently for people to be talking about her weight. Even if there were fluctuations in her weight, it was nothing significant and not very noticeable because she has mostly looked the same weight and size for several years.

The Entertainment Tonight host is into maintaining herself and her fitness so, she would never allow herself to get out of shape. Remember when she started a new exercise regime because she had been ‘eating her feeling’ in 2017? She had not gained much weight and hadn’t gotten out of shape but just because she felt she had been indulgent in the previous months, she embarked on a ‘weight loss’ and fitness journey.

Nischelle Turner made a post on Instagram where she talked about her journey. She said that she knew that she was not overweight by any stretch of the imagination but because she had been eating her feeling in the previous two months, she started Operation: Body Back. She also shared that since she started to focus on clean eating and target-specific workouts, and started doing a lot of sprint work and yoga, her clothes fit differently. And although it was not a huge difference and noticeable weight loss, she said that she felt healthy, happy, strong, and fit.

Did Nischelle Turner Have Weight Loss When She First Had Myomectomy?

To our memory, there has never been a time when Nischelle Turner was out of shape and she underwent a noticeable weight loss except she mentioned once that when she was 35 years old, her stomach had grown to a size that looked like she was three months pregnant. Back then, she was not as prominent as she is now. So, people were not aware that her stomach had bloated and anyway, that happened due to health issues and as soon as that was solved, she went back to being the way she was.

Nischelle Turner had fibroids that got big and pushed out her stomach, making her look pregnant. houseandwhips.comNischelle Turner had fibroids that got big and pushed out her stomach, making her look pregnant.
Image Source: Vogue

The Emmy winner revealed that her stomach had grown because she had fibroids that got big and were protruding and pushing out her stomach. She knew that something wasn’t right with that because she could move them around. So, she got checked after which she was diagnosed with that condition and told that she would need major surgery, a myomectomy, to remove them.

Nischelle Turner got the surgery to remove fibroids and it probably looked like she had weight loss from her stomach. She was fine for a while but fibroids came back when she turned 40 and she got it surgically removed again. After five years, they returned again and she got another myomectomy even though the doctor suggested that she get a hysterectomy. Though she didn’t gain weight on her stomach as she did when she was 35, the surgeries really took a toll on her body and mental health.

However, after the last surgery, Nischelle Turner did a complete body reset by working with a health and wellness coach in order to heal herself from the inside out. She’s been taking good care of her health and her body. She’s fit. And she has not had weight loss in recent years. At least not in 2023.