Nicola Peltz Upgraded Her Looks With a Nose Job!


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Nicola Peltz got a nose job to refine her nose. – Nicola Peltz’s nose job is very obvious. The actress went from looking like a regular girl next door to having a Hollywood glam look after she changed her nose. It was much wider and bulbous before. She narrowed it down and refined it. Nicola Peltz has never admitted to having a nose job.

Nicola Peltz, the daughter of billionaire businessman Nelson Peltz and model Claudia Heffner, is widely recognized for her roles as Bradley Martin in the A&E drama series Bates Motel and Tessa Yeager in the film Transformers: Age of Extinction. She started acting at a very young age. However, I don’t think acting gets the credit for the level of fame she has today because, as the daughter of her parents, she was born into it.

Anyway, just look at the insane transformation she’s gotten. Her nose job and other plastic surgery procedures! For someone who has not been as prolific with acting, could Nicola Peltz even have afforded the excellent and expensive top-notch procedures she has had that transformed her from a regular girl to a glam Hollywood beauty? I don’t think so. She has changed (it could have gone botched) and it’s money and connection talking. So, let’s talk about her nose job today!

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Nicola Peltz Before and After Nose Job: Isn’t Her Rhinoplasty So Obvious?

Nicola Peltz (@nicolaannepeltzbeckham) has had a terrific nose job which completely changed the vibe of her looks.

Nicola Peltz's nose job is very obvious but great. houseandwhips.comNicola Peltz’s nose job is very obvious but great.
Image Source: Glamour UK

Isn’t Nicola the perfect Hollywood beauty? She’s sensational and she’s glamorous. She has such a clean and rich aesthetic and she fits into showbiz like she was born for it. Well, given who she was born to (her mother is a model), it is as if she was born to it. But that doesn’t mean that she fit into it. She was just a regular girl early in her childhood. Only later did she get that glam look. And plastic surgery, especially her nose job, gets the credit for her insane physical transformation.

Isn’t Nicola Peltz’s rhinoplasty the most obvious thing about her transformation? Just compare the pictures of when she was young to her recent pictures and you will see that her look has been “upgraded” to Hollywood level from a regular level mainly because of the change in her nose. Her narrow nose is much more aesthetic now than it was before. She has truly had one of the best nose job procedures in all of showbiz.

Nicola Peltz was very cute with her old nose but I don’t think that she had the kind of beauty that would have anyone doing a double-take on her. The wide nose she had was a dime a dozen. There was nothing special about her bulbous nose which was a very prominent feature on her face. It stood out among her other facial features because it was too big but it didn’t make her stand out in the crowd. It’s going to sound sad but I think we can tell that anyone who’s in showbiz would get a nose job if their noses looked like that.

Nicola Peltz Turned Into a Glam Girl, Thanks To Her Nose Job!

Nicola Peltz had a wide and bulbous nose which she narrowed down and refined. houseandwhips.comNicola Peltz had a wide and bulbous nose which she narrowed down and refined.
Image Source: Allure

The fact that Peltz altered her nose isn’t very surprising. Big noses are kind of unacceptable according to the beauty standards today. So, she had her nose sculpted by the best surgeons to give it definition, to give it a proper shape and refine it. And it has worked out in the best way for her because she has the model and rich girl aesthetic that separates her from the regular girls (though it’s a generic look among Hollywood girls). Many consider Nicola Peltz‘s nose job an upgrade for that reason.

She has never admitted to having rhinoplasty or any plastic surgery (she has had eyelid surgery, lip filler, and cheek fillers) for that matter but her transformation is so obvious that her followers are really not wondering if she’s had work done and waiting for her confirmation to satisfy their curiosity because they know that she has had work done. They know that Nicola Peltz has had a nose job and fillers and facial reshaping and whatnot.

If you still have trouble believing that, here is what an expert Dr. Gary Motykie has said about her rhinoplasty,

One thing for sure I think Nicola did was a rhinoplasty. We can see that the bridge is thinned out a little bit more, the tip is more defined, so overall that’s very suspicious for rhinoplasty.

Just check out Nicola Peltz’s before and after pictures and you won’t need the experts telling you to know that she has had a nose job.