Is It Cake: Pete Tidwell’s Wife; Who is He Married to?

Derick Scholz

Is It Cake's contestant Pete Tidwell is married to his wife Charlotte McKinlay Tidwell.

Pete Tidwell from Season 2 of Netflix’s baking reality show Is It Cake is a married man whose wife is named Charlotte McKinlay Tidwell. The Mighty Baker has been with his spouse since 2006. They have three kids. Pete Tidwell’s wife was the one who pushed him to participate in Cake Wars. She also encouraged him to take part in Is It Cake.

Pete Tidwell is one of the highly skilled bakers featured on the brand-new installment of the Netflix reality show Is It Cake? He is no first-timer on baking reality shows. Also known as The Mighty Baker, he has won Food Network’s Cake Wars two times, once in 2016 and later in 2017. He also made it to the finale of the Halloween Baking Championship. He coaches bakery business owners on how they can make more dough in and out of the kitchen. He hosts a podcast called Make More Dough for that.

He seems to be a very interesting person who is passionate about baking and cakes. He is very charming in a way that has left people wanting to know more about him. They especially want to know his relationship status because that’s what people are most interested in these days. Is he single or does he have a wife? Well, as it turns out, he is a happily married man. Here’s everything to know about Pete Tidwell’s wife!

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Pete Tidwell’s Wife: Is The Is It Cake Contestant Married?

Pete Tidwell (@themightybaker) has a wife named Charlotte McKinlay Tidwell who is a blogger. They have been married for more than 17 years.

Pete Tidwell has a wife named Charlotte McKinlay Tidwell. houseandwhips.comPete Tidwell has a wife named Charlotte McKinlay Tidwell.
Image Source: BYU Magazine

Netflix is back with a brand new installment of its unique and delicious-looking baking reality competition Is It Cake? All eight episodes of the series premiered on June 30 and by now, everyone has already binged it. And they love it. They were impressed with how talented and skilled all the new confectionary artists and bakers were and they really enjoyed watching them compete against each other to correctly identify cakes from everyday objects and then bake cakes to make them seem like real objects.

Their minds were blown with those realistic-looking cakes and they were especially impressed with Pete Tidwell. He was one of the ten contestants in the series hosted by Saturday Night Live (SNL) alum Mikey Day. Because he is no stranger to baking reality shows and people already remember him from Cake Wars and Halloween Baking Championship, they were looking forward to watching him in Is It Cake? and they were not disappointed.

His appearance in the series only increased the number of his followers and the general curiosity surrounding him. Speaking of curiosity, his fans want to know his relationship status. They are interested to know if he is single or if he is dating or if he is married. If he is single, they want to know why? And if he’s either dating or married, they want to know who his girlfriend or wife is.

Pete Tidwell Has Been Married To His Wife Charlotte For Almost 18 Years!

Well, as it turns out, Pete Tidwell is a married man. If you were interested in him romantically, forget him because he is happily married and he seems very much in love with his wife. And who is his wife? Her name is Charlotte McKinlay Tidwell. She is a blogger who has been very supportive of his career. The couple got married on May 31, 2006. They have been together for more than 17 years.

Pete Tidwell's wife has been very supportive of his passion for baking. houseandwhips.comPete Tidwell’s wife has been very supportive of his passion for baking.
Image Source: Netflix

Pete Tidwell and his wife share three children between them and the five of them live in New York City. They seem like a very happy family. Pete seems to adore his kids and his spouse. In 2020, he made a post on Facebook gushing about his wife.

I am so incredibly thankful for Charlotte. She is an amazing woman. We are going on 15 years married and she is the best thing that has ever happened to me. She has been my companion through many adventures. 

Pete Tidwell’s wife seems to be his biggest cheerleader. She is the one who has encouraged and supported him to follow his passion for baking. It did not seem a very safe option and he already had a job marketing and advertising. But still, she trusted him. No wonder he loves her so much. She is the one who forced him to take part in Cake Wars. If it weren’t for her, he may never have made it this far. He might have never made it as The Mighty Baker.

Now, Pete Tidwell’s doing incredibly well. He has a new career. He does what he loves for a living and his wife is to be thanked for that. Of course, it’s because of his talent and passion but his wife’s support really fueled him while moving forward.