Rachael Bellew Does Not Have Plastic Surgery Face!

Derick Scholz

Rachael Bellew does not look like she has had plastic surgery. houseandwhips.com

houseandwhips.com- Rachael Bellew does not look like she has had plastic surgery at all. Tony Bellew’s wife looks very natural. The attention she received after Tony talked about her on I’m A Celeb…Get Me Out of Here!, has led to speculations of her plastic surgery. Rachael Bellew seems to be very private and not like someone who would acknowledge such speculations. 

Tony Bellew may have been the one who joined the 2023 I’m A Celeb..Get Me Out of Here but it’s his wife Rachael Bellew who blew up and became a celebrity. Who would have known that the former English boxing champion staying in the jungle would lead to a rise in the star of his wife? All it took was Tony gushing over his spouse and showing a tattoo he got on his chest to mark his first kiss with her, and now, everyone’s talking about her.

Rachael Bellew is in the spotlight these days and this has obviously subjected her to the same kind of scrutiny as celebrities face. I think you know where I’m going with this. Yup, the plastic surgery speculations that’s the mark of ‘you’ve somewhat made it in showbiz.’ In her case, it’s a bit different but that does not mean she has been spared the convo of cosmetic procedures. So, let’s talk about that!

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Rachael Bellew’s Plastic Surgery: She Looks Very Natural!

Rachael Bellew (@rachael_bellew) has become a subject of plastic surgery speculations after the rise in her profile.

Rachael Bellew is currently facing the speculations of plastic surgery. houseandwhips.comRachael Bellew is currently facing the speculations of plastic surgery.
Image Source: Digital Spy

Wasn’t it so adorable when Tony Bellew gushed over his wife as he recounted how he met her and fell in love? He also showed a tattoo he had gotten on his chest that marked his first kiss with his spouse. Something about a tough boxing man almost going in puddles while talking about his partner was so sweet. After this episode, the wife was all over the internet because the viewers couldn’t help but talk about her. And that’s the story of how Rachael Bellew became a celebrity and became the topic of plastic surgery discussion.

I think it’s a rite of passage every celeb goes through. Every time they are in the limelight for whatever reasons, they are going to have people speculate whether they have had cosmetic procedures or if they are natural. Most of the celebs seem to have work done, even if it’s something minor because it’s quite possibly the height of the plastic surgery era but in Rachael’s case, it does not look like she has had something even minor.

I mean, Rachael Bellew’s not an actual celebrity, which is to say she isn’t really from showbiz. It’s just that her husband is doing a reality show and he talked about her on the show, which resulted in her getting extremely popular on social media among the viewers of the show. So, it’s very likely that, as a regular woman, she has not had any plastic surgery.

Why Did Rachael Bellew Not Get Plastic Surgery?

Rachael Bellew has a very natural and beautiful face. houseandwhips.comRachael Bellew has a very natural and beautiful face.
Image Source: Entertainment Daily

She looked very natural and not plastic-ally perfect when she was spotted on a beach in Australia. She was frolicking on the shores with her along with her youngest son while looking very incredible. She looked stunning in that pink leopard print swimsuit and not to mention, very simple. No razzle-dazzle when it came to her appearance as she had opted for a natural look. Of course, she was at the beach, so she would not wear dramatic makeup. But still, it was refreshing how normal she looked. There is no trace of plastic in her face. She has definitely not had plastic surgery.

You can just tell that Rachael Bellew has not had any cosmetic work because we know how people who have dabbled in cosmetic procedures look and that kind of look, Bellew has not. Like I said, it was very refreshing to see such a normal face after so long in a sea of people who have gotten plastic surgery and altered their faces in some way. Not to shame anyone for their choices of getting work done, but you have to admit that sometimes, you miss the simple and natural-looking face. We would like to see the representation of normal faces for a change sometimes.

I think Rachael’s seen to that. Also, from her and Tony’s love story, you can tell that she’s a very confident and fierce woman who is very secure about herself. As such, I don’t think she would ever change anything about her appearance to be more palatable and more accepted. Also, she’s not in showbiz, so she might not be overly preoccupied with her looks. Maybe that’s why Rachael Bellew has not had plastic surgery. Anyway, Bellew has not yet responded to all the speculations and since, she’s really not about fame, I don’t think she’s ever going to address the speculations.