Rochelle Humes’ Weight Loss: What Diet Does She Follow?


Rochelle Humes’ Weight Loss: What Diet Does She Follow?

Rochelle Humes started following a diet and exercise routine for weight loss. Although she lost weight, she decided to never follow any diet again as it was miserable.

Rochelle Humes has recently been in the spotlight after she shared a new, unedited bikini photo. She went on a trip to Montecito, California, with her daughters Alaia-Mai and Valentina during half term. Previously, she posed n*ked, which made many people recall her photo shoot after seeing her recent picture of her California trip.

Before posing for WH, she turned down their offer to be a naked cover star five years prior. She claimed to be worried about what people might think, like what her motives were for doing it. However, it looks like time has changed her thoughts as the singer & TV star now accepts their offers and admits that she does not care what people think anymore.

Many people have been comparing her before and recent pictures after she posted her trip picture in a bikini. Some people claim that she looks like she has shed a little weight. Well, let’s discuss her weight loss journey in detail.

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Rochelle Humes Credits Her Weight Loss to Dieting and Exercise Routine!

Many fans were curious to know the reason behind Rochelle Humes‘ (@rochellehumes) weight loss. Well, she admitted to following the diet once but also claimed that she would never do it again. She tried to stay in shape by avoiding junk food and doing regular exercise. Besides that, she claimed to love her body in every shape and with every scar.

Rochelle has been trying to lose weight after giving birth to her son, Blake Hampton, who was born on October 9, 2020. She has faced pregnancy weight gain since 2013 with her first child. Pregnancy weight gain is normal, and many people have faced this problem. And Humes appears to be one of the celebrities who has admitted to trying everything for her weight loss.

Rochelle Humes after weight loss. houseandwhips.comRochelle Humes after weight loss.
Image Source: Instagram

Rochelle Humes even claimed in a post that she loved eating ham and cheese toasties every hour as a snack during her third pregnancy. She posted the snack picture and said that she has a couple of weeks left of pregnancy when she starts to happen daily (hourly). After the pregnancy, it looks like she has cut off many foods and switched to organic food.

Rochelle, who has been famous since 2001, has never been private about her weight or appearance. Many of her fans have seen her weight fluctuate many times. In 2022, when people saw her transformation, many wondered if they could know more about her weight loss journey. Later, she admitted to dieting and trying to exercise to shed some pounds.

Which Diet Does Rochelle Humes Follow?

Rochelle Humes has admitted to trying dieting once to lose some weight. Although the dieting helped her shed some of her weight, she revealed that she is not for dieting, and the experience was awful, which made her miserable. She also admitted to never doing any diet for her body and will be taking more homemade food. She stated why she loves home-made food and said;

My theory is, if you’ve made it at home with love, how bad is it going to be? If it’s not made with any nasties or additives, it’s alright. I don’t obsess over diet – life’s too short to not eat the cake!

Humes hates dieting, but she never explains binge eating or having fast food. She claimed to be very decent at breakfast and mostly liked to have fruit and matcha lattes in the morning. Her husband, Marvin, once claimed that he is so lucky that Roch cooks breakfast almost every morning, and they love enjoying home food together with family.

How Does Rochelle Humes Stay So Fit?

To stay fit and healthy Rochelle Humes has tried many things. She is currently being trained by PT Peter Maclver, who often shares her workout videos through Instagram. She is often seen doing more overhead squats and lateral lunges with bicep curls over a box. She is estimated to do almost 2 hours of workouts daily.

Rochelle Humes is currently being trained by PT Peter Maclver. houseandwhips.comRochelle Humes is currently being trained by PT Peter Maclver.
Image Source: Instagram

Although Humes tried hard to maintain her weight; she admitted to never complaining about her flaws or her body appearance. She accepts herself in every size and doesn’t care about other people’s opinions. During the interview with Woman Health, she stated;

I’m a mother of two little girls now, I’m 30 years old and it finally happened: I accepted myself, my body, my hair, my scars and my bumps, and my bits on one side that doesn’t look the same as the other, and I bit the bullet. ‘I’m so happy with my body because now I know what it can do. I’m in a happy place, so why the hell not? Stretch marks and all, here I am.