Roisin Conaty’s Weight Loss: Did the After Life Cast Get Slimmer than Before?

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Roisin Conaty's Weight Loss: Did the After Life Cast Get Slimmer than Before?

Roisin Conaty seems to have undergone a dramatic weight loss, going by her recent Instagram pictures. However, that doesn’t seem unusual for the comedian because weight fluctuation is very common for her. She said that she overeats which causes her weight to change a lot. She sometimes gains and sometimes loses. Roisin Conaty has not ever made a fuss about her weight fluctuation because it’s normal for her. So, she might not acknowledge her weight loss and fans’ curiosity about her diet plan and workout routine.

Roisin Conaty is an English actress, comedian, and writer who is best known for her portrayal of Marcella in the sitcom GameFace. She was not only the lead actress in the show but she was also the writer and executive producer of the series. The pilot of GameFace aired in early 2014 on Channel 4 whereas the first full series aired in 2017 on both E4 and Hulu in the US. The second series premiered on Channel 4 and Hulu in July 2019.

She also played the role of Jo in Channel 4 sitcom Man Down from 2013 to 2017. Roisin Conaty has also starred in the first two series of Ricky Gervais‘s Netflix comedy program After Life playing the role of Roxy. She had appeared in Ricky Gervais’ film David Brent: Life on the Road before. Besides, she is incredible at stand-ups and she even won the Best Newcomer Award at the Edinburgh Festival in 2010 for her show Hero, Warrior, Fireman, Liar. She also won the ‘Heat Unmissables’ Comedian of the Year award in 2019.

She is currently the subject of discussion on social media, not because of her shows or stand-ups but because she seems to have undergone weight loss. Fans have noticed that she’s starting to look a lot slimmer than a few months ago from the pictures she posts on Instagram. They are now curious about how she lost weight and want to know if she followed any diet plan and workout schedule to shed those pounds. Let’s find out more about Roisin Conaty’s weight loss!

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Roisin Conaty’s Weight Loss: Weight Fluctuation is Normal for the GameFace Star!

So, Roisin Conaty (@roisinconaty1) looks like she has had a weight loss. In her recent Instagram photos, she looks much leaner and thinner than she used to do just a few months ago. This is the slimmest we have seen her. So, naturally, it would make fans curious about the whole thing and they would want to know how she lost weight, whether she had a diet plan she stuck to, or any workout schedules. Or it could have happened naturally, just as a result of some changes in her life.

Well, as it turns out, this weight loss, which fans might find too drastic and dramatic, might not be the same for Roisin Conaty herself because weight fluctuations are normal for her. Yeah, she’s never had any stability in her life when it comes to her weight. It changes a lot. She can gain and then lose within a span of a few months. As she said, she has been all the weights.

So, you might have noticed that Roisin Conaty is not the slimmest person we know. She has been a bit on the bigger side since we have seen her. But she was never the same size. Her weight had been constantly changing. Only it was not clear as it was a very small change. But this weight loss, it’s a more noticeable one. Maybe this one was deliberate and she planned it. Maybe she had a diet plan and some workout schedules she worked with.

Or maybe not. Roisin Conaty had confessed that she was an overeater which is why her weight never stayed the same for long. So, even if the latest fluctuation in her weight was the most dramatic weight loss she had by far, maybe it was normal. She could have just started eating less which could have reduced her weight. It is not necessarily a planned meal.

Either way, the comedian is not much bothered about her weight loss as much as her fans are because it’s probably normal and she has never cared a lot about how she looked. She’s in comedy after all where the pressure to look a certain way for women is considerably less. Maybe that is why Roisin Conaty allows herself to overeat which causes frequent weight fluctuations in her. In an interview with the Independent, she said,

Stand-up is one of the art forms where you don’t have to look nice, and I hope it stays that way. I’m an overeater and my weight goes up and down – I have been aaalll the weights. Comedy is one of the few places in entertainment at present where it’s good for women to be, as no one is telling you that you’re too heavy or too old.

Roisin Conaty used to be a size 16 but she never made much fuss about it because she had chosen comedy which she feels is one of the few art forms in which its female stars’ appearance isn’t scrutinized. And she likes it that way because as she said, she’s got a face for comedy. So, if you are expecting her to acknowledge her weight loss and fans’ curiosity about it, you should know better. Because she’s never going to do that. She doesn’t put much stock on her appearance and doesn’t give much thought to it. Like she said,

I’ve never had a conversation where I’ve felt like [my looks] were a problem. I gain weight, I lose weight; I do my hair however, and no one’s ever gone. I mean, I’ve got a face for comedy. I say that with love. It does its job.

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