Pregnant During Filming: Is Rose McIver’s Sam on Ghosts Pregnant in Real Life?


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Pregnant During Filming: Is Rose McIver’s Sam on Ghosts Pregnant in Real Life? – Rose McIver, who plays Sam on Ghosts, is pregnant in real life. She got pregnant during filming. However, Sam is not pregnant on Ghosts Season 3.

The whimsical and eerie world of “Ghosts” has captured the hearts of fans with its blend of comedy and supernatural charm. However, a recent revelation off-screen has sparked curiosity among viewers: Is Sam on Ghosts pregnant in real life? Was Rose McIver pregnant during filming?

Rose McIver, the talented actress behind the character Sam, set tongues wagging when she appeared at the Golden Globes cradling her baby bump. The unexpected sighting of her burgeoning belly left fans wondering if this development would mirror her character’s journey on the beloved CBS series.

Rose McIver: Sam on Ghosts Is Pregnant in Real Life!

Rose McIver is pregnant in real life, but Sam is not expecting a baby in Ghosts. However, this was not clarified until recently. For those entrenched in the antics of Sam, her husband Jay, and the mischievous spirits haunting their ramshackle estate, the possibility of a real-life pregnancy adds a layer of intrigue. Could Sam’s spectral encounters lead to a spectral pregnancy in the real world?

As the mist of speculation settles, clarity emerges from the shadows. Despite Rose McIver’s impending bundle of joy, the character of Sam is not expecting in the world of “Ghosts.” Co-showrunner Joe Wiseman shed light on this matter, revealing, “We’re not writing it in. Currently, Jay and Sam aren’t going to have kids.”

Wiseman elaborated that the decision was made based on the trajectory of the series. It seems the timing might not yet be ripe for the introduction of a little one into the ghostly mix. Nevertheless, Wiseman tantalizingly hinted that the door is not entirely closed, leaving the possibility open for future seasons.

Rose McIver got pregnant in real life during filming, but Sam is not pregnant on Ghosts. houseandwhips.comRose McIver got pregnant in real life during filming, but Sam is not pregnant on Ghosts.
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Fans need not fear disruptions to their favorite haunt, as Wiseman reassured that McIver’s pregnancy should not affect the show’s airing schedule. With her availability secured, viewers can continue to delve into the supernatural shenanigans of “Ghosts” without interruption.

For those eager to catch the latest escapades of Sam and company, “Ghosts” airs Thursdays at 8:30 p.m. ET on CBS. Paramount+ subscribers, equipped with Showtime subscriptions, can enjoy the series both live and on-demand. Essential Paramount+ subscribers can also partake in the ghostly fun, streaming episodes the day after they air.

So, while Sam may not be expecting a bundle of spectral joy on “Ghosts,” Rose McIver’s real-life pregnancy adds an intriguing layer of curiosity to the show’s dynamic. As fans eagerly await each new episode, the mystery of Sam’s paranormal adventures continues to unfold, both on and off-screen.

‘Sam’ Rose McIver Got Pregnant During Filming of Ghosts!

The spectral halls hold more than just mischievous spirits this season, as fans were surprised to learn that Rose McIver, the talented actress behind Sam, was pregnant during filming of Ghosts.

As Season 3 of the beloved CBS series began to take shape, keen-eyed viewers might have noticed a subtle glow about McIver, hinting at the real-life journey she was embarking on. The revelation of her pregnancy during the filming process adds an unexpected layer of intrigue to the whimsical and eerie world of “Ghosts.”

With the show’s co-showrunners, Joe Wiseman and Joe Port, confirming that Sam and her husband Jay (played by Utkarsh Ambudkar) wouldn’t be expecting in the storyline, fans were left to wonder how Rose McIver’s pregnancy in real life might impact her portrayal of the spirited character, Sam, on Ghosts.

Wiseman assured fans that the pregnancy wouldn’t be incorporated into Sam’s storyline for now, stating, “We’re not writing it in. Currently, Jay and Sam aren’t going to have kids.” This decision, while understandable, leaves room for speculation about the future of the couple at Woodstone Estate.

However, the idea of parenthood for Sam and Jay isn’t entirely off the table, as Port mentioned, “That doesn’t mean they can’t have [a baby] in future seasons.” The prospect of a new addition to the ghostly mix at Woodstone is tantalizing, especially considering the comedic potential it holds.

For McIver, balancing the demands of filming with the excitement of impending motherhood was undoubtedly a unique experience. The actress, known for her versatility and charm, continued to bring Sam to life on screen while navigating the joys and challenges of pregnancy behind the scenes.

As the cameras rolled and the spirits of Woodstone Estate played their tricks, McIver’s pregnancy remained a quiet but significant backdrop to the filming process. Her dedication to the role, coupled with the anticipation of her new role as a mother, undoubtedly added a special energy to the set.

Fans of “Ghosts” can rest assured that despite the real-life pregnancy, McIver’s availability wasn’t a concern for the show’s creators. “We don’t anticipate having any sort of availability issues,” Wiseman reassured, with the filming schedule for Season 3 wrapping up smoothly.

As Season 3 unfolds, viewers can expect the same blend of spooky antics and heartfelt moments that have made “Ghosts” a fan favorite. While Sam may not be expecting on screen, the knowledge of Rose McIver’s pregnancy adds a new layer of appreciation for her portrayal of the spirited character.

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