Corrie: Is Alya Actress, Sair Khan, Pregnant in Real Life?


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Corrie: Is Alya Actress, Sair Khan, Pregnant in Real Life? – Sair Khan, better known as Alya Nazir in Corrie, is pregnant in real life. The actress shared the good news on social media with her partner, Nathan Chilton. Since then she has received overwhelming support from friends, fans, and colleagues as she begins this new chapter of parenting.

Sair Khan is a 36-year-old British actress best known for her role as Alya Nazir on the ITV serial opera, ‘Coronation Street’ or ‘Corrie’ since 2014. She has also competed in the ITV reality show, ‘I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!’ in 2018  but was the third celebrity to be voted out on 3 December.

The actress has become a household name on British television thanks to her captivating performances, which engage fans with her character’s unique and profound narratives. Her portrayal of Alya exemplifies her acting abilities and has garnered her recognition in the entertainment business.

Recently, Sair Khan has returned in Coronation Street’s new season. Since the show’s premiere, many viewers have been curious to know if she is going to have a baby in real life like her character, Alya, in Corrie is. Well, here’s everything you need to know about her pregnancy.

Yes, the Alya Actress, Sair Khan, From Corrie Is Pregnant in Real Life!

Corrie viewers were previously thrilled to find that Alya Nazir actress, Sair Khan, is pregnant in real life. At the time, the 36-year-old announced the happy news on social media, showing off her growing baby bump in a heartfelt black and white photo.

Just like her character, Alya in Corrie, Sair Khan is going to have a baby in real life. houseandwhips.comJust like her character, Alya in Corrie, Sair Khan is going to have a baby in real life.
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Despite her partner, Nathan Chilton‘s continued health battle, she acknowledged a real mix of emotions, recalling the obstacles they experienced in 2023, including his chondroblastoma surgery and the subsequent progression of the tumor to his lungs. Despite these problems, the couple is looking forward to the arrival of their kid in Spring 2024. She shared:

Hello… It’s been a little while since posting on here which has been a real mix of emotions.With all that is happening in the world it didn’t feel like the right time to share but we also know it’s okay to keep hope and pray for peace whilst acknowledging that we feel blessed and grateful.

She continued saying, ‘Last year was a challenging time for us both with Nathan’s chondroblastoma surgery on his pelvis. It’s been a long road to recovery and still has many obstacles ahead as we deal with the spread of the tumor to his lungs.’ She then added,

Life can be difficult and there’ll always be challenges to face but there are also important lessons to be learnt and gifts to be cherished. We’re so excited for the arrival of Baby Chilton in Spring 2024.

Following the pregnancy announcement of Sair Khan, the Alya actress received numerous messages of congratulations and well-wishes from both fans and fellow Coronation Street costars, such as Kimberly Hart Simpson, who posted: “Oh myyyyyyyy I am so happy for you. Amazing. Love to you both.” Likely, Kym Marsh commented: “Oh this is beautiful news. Sending you both lots of love,” and Jack James Ryan gushed: “Beautiful news. Huge congratulations to you both.”

Corrie: Who Is Sair Khan’s Baby Daddy?

Corrie’s Alya actress, Sair Khan‘s romantic journey has been marked by significant relationships. She was in a relationship with Simon Lennon but decided to part ways in 2019. Later, in a heartwarming update on December 13, 2023, she took to social media to share joyous news with her followers.

Sair Khan's baby daddy is her current boyfriend, Nathan Chilton. houseandwhips.comSair Khan’s baby daddy is her current boyfriend, Nathan Chilton.
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Sair Khan announced that she is expecting her first child with her current boyfriend, Nathan Chilton. This announcement not only revealed the exciting new chapter in her life but also showcased the happiness and anticipation surrounding her relationship with Chilton as they embarked on the journey to parenthood together.

The Alya actress and her partner went public with their romance in 2021 but they have been together since late 2020 after being introduced by a mutual friend. Her boyfriend was forced to have surgery to remove a benign bone tumor on his pelvis and documented his health battle online. At the time, she said she was so proud of her partner, writing:

Nathan has been on a long journey to have his pelvic chondroblastoma removed. He’s been documenting the story on YouTube with the aim of helping others going through similar life changes. It can be a really isolating experience. I’m so proud of him for being so open and vulnerable in the hope that others won’t feel so alone.

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