Was Dakota Johnson Left With a Scar After Rib Removal?


Dakota Johnson's fans want to know how she got scar on the side of her breasts. houseandwhips.com

houseandwhips.com – Dakota Johnson’s scar adjacent to her breasts has given a new perspective to her fans regarding her extreme weight loss. Some of them seem to think that the actress has had rib removal to get skinnier than she already was, which left her with that mark. Dakota Johnson has not made any comments on how she got that scar.

Did you know that Dakota Johnson, daughter of actors Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith, the nepo kid of the highest tier, kind of made a mark of herself in Hollywood with the unpopular erotic Fifty Shades film series? Everyone has watched the film, so you probably know but can you believe how ironic it is that she, who is basically a Hollywood royalty, got a break on a film that’s written off by many as fancy p*rn? I don’t think it matters because she was fine as Anastasia Steele and she broke out to mainstream prominence and on the surface level, what more could an actress want?

Besides, it’s not like Fifty Shades is all that Dakota Johnson has to her name. Since the first Fifty Shades movie, she has gone on to several critically acclaimed movies such as Black Mass, A Bigger Splash, How to Be Single, Suspiria, Bad Times at the El Royale, The Peanut Butter Falcon, The Lost Daughter, and Cha Cha Real Smooth. It sometimes looks like she was just playing the game when she made the choice of doing Fifty Shades because since then, her work has been getting progressively better. Speaking of playing the game, did she get some kind of surgery on her breasts because what’s up with the scar she has near her chest?

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Dakota Johnson’s Scar: What’s Up With That Mark Near Her Breasts?

Dakota Johnson‘s (@dakotajohnson) fans have noticed that she has a scar on the side of her breasts and that’s eating at them because they think it might be the result of some kind of surgical procedure but can’t point out what procedure specifically.

Dakota Johnson has a scar on the side of her chest. houseandwhips.comDakota Johnson has a scar on the side of her chest.
Image Source: People

It’s just like a Fifty Shades movie release these days because everyone’s talking about Dakota and her only. Her SNL appearance and the promotions she’s been doing for her new film Madame Web have her in every other headline. I would go on to say that the SNL thing has given her more exposure because it has resulted in several serious discourses regarding the beauty standards set in Hollywood and how actresses choose to go the plastic surgery route to attain conventional looks. The scar they noticed on her body kind of validated the opinions many had.

Dakota Johnson created a ruckus on the internet with her drastic weight loss after she hosted SNL for the second time. People were shocked to see that she had gotten skinnier than she already was. They were bewildered at the difference because they never imagined that she could get thinner. So, they speculated that she was on Ozempic and that she had some surgical procedures that made her look like a shell of herself. So, when they saw the scar, they couldn’t let it go.

No doubt it’s been said but I plainly noticed the scar adjacent to her breast at the side of her dress? I’ve never seen that in an actor or model ever! And those hollow cheeks make for great big cheekBONES! I just hope she doesn’t regret this work when she’s older…..

Dakota Johnson Never Had That Scar Before!

Dakota Johnson supposedly got that scar after a rib removal procedure. houseandwhips.comDakota Johnson supposedly got that scar after a rib removal procedure.
Image Source: Deadline

Because Johnson had a mark near her breasts which she didn’t before, people began to think that she might have gone under the knife to umm…remove her breast implants?? which left her with that mark. Bear with me for a second! I know that you know that she had never had implants on her boobs because her breasts were very humble (for lack of a better word) so how could she remove the implants she never had? Also, if Dakota Johnson didn’t get surgery for something, how come she got that scar?

yeah… her breasts are gone, and you can see scars on the side of her breast – meaning not only is she anorexic but she basically had her breasts removed. Ugh.

Many people jumped to the conclusion that the actress removed her breast implants because when she pivoted sideways as she was hosting SNL, they noticed that she was completely flat-chested and basically had no breasts. But it looks like that may be just due to weight loss and that the surgery she had was for a different procedure. As someone pointed out, the scar might be the result of a rib removal procedure. Dakota Johnson did get surgery but not to reduce her breasts which were already small or to remove the implants she didn’t have.

I had a breast reduction and scars don’t extend that far… I’m thinking she had rib removal like Demi and Halle.

However, it’s all a speculation and there’s a possibility that she got the scar there because of other reasons but because she hasn’t revealed how she got that mark and people are too curious about that, they are going to keep talking about it. Dakota Johnson can be as tight-lipped as she wants but it’s not going to stop her fans from chalk the scar to surgical procedures.