Did Dakota Johnson Take Ozempic For Weight Loss?


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Dakota Johnson is believed to have taken Ozempic for weight loss. houseandwhips.com

houseandwhips.com – Dakota Johnson’s weight loss was the only thing people could talk about after a recent episode of SNL that she hosted. Her face looked very different and while plenty suspected that she had done some face work, more people thought that she looked gaunt and had gotten thinner than ever. There are speculations that Dakota Johnson has had Ozempic for weight loss which is something she has not yet commented on.

Dakota Johnson needs no introduction. She is the daughter of actors Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith and it can’t get more Hollywood than that. Born to two of the most famous Hollywood stars, she is very well-connected to the industry. Everyone knows her. But if you were to talk about her public image, she is an awkward yet charming woman who does not look like she has an ounce of showbiz in her. She does come across as very adoring that you would never know that she is as nepo baby as it gets.

Dakota Johnson is mostly recognized as the actress who played the leading role of Anastasia Steele in the erotic film series Fifty Shades. Her profile began to rise with the projects she went on to do later such as the crime drama Black Mass, the drama A Bigger Splash, the romantic comedy How to Be Single, the horror film Suspiria, the coming-of-age film The Peanut Butter Falcon, the psychological drama The Lost Daughter, and the romantic drama Cha Cha Real Smooth. Her upcoming project is Madame Web, the promotions for which are going in full force. As such, she recently hosted SNL and her face and physique in SNL have led people to be obsessed about her weight loss.

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Dakota Johnson’s Weight Loss: Why Does Her Face Look So Different and Gaunt? Is It Ozempic?

Dakota Johnson‘s (@dakotajohnson) weight loss quickly went on to be one of the most googled phrases less than 24 hours after the airing of the SNL episode with her as the host. Her face looked very different and she appeared very lean which shocked people and led to speculations that she is on Ozempic.

Dakota Johnson's dramatic weight loss was revealed in a recent episode of SNL. houseandwhips.comDakota Johnson’s dramatic weight loss was revealed in a recent episode of SNL.
Image Source: Variety

So, the Fifty Shades star returned to host the comedy sketch show Saturday Night Live after 9 years. Her first gig was in February 2015 when she hosted the SNL 40th anniversary special episode). People were really looking forward to the January 27 episode because she was brilliant when she hosted for the first time and had a very different charm and aura about her which they realized that they had missed when she was announced as the host. However, they did not get to enjoy the latest SNL episode as much as they expected because they were too distracted by her weight loss.

Forget Dakota Johnson’s charm and aura because she did not even look like herself. It took a serious while to recognize that the woman doing the monologue was Johnson herself because her back in the 2015 episode and her in the latest episode could easily be two different women. That’s how much she has changed. Her face looked so different, so gaunt and as if it was sinking in, and she looked skinnier than she had ever been. No wonder her weight loss was so distracting and came as a shock. As one of the Redditors said,

Is there another Dakota Johnson? Because this doesn’t look like the one I remembered.

The Peanut Butter Falcon actress looked very skinny and it concerned people a little bit because she was already very skinny. She never looked like she could get even thinner than she already was but she proved them wrong. She looks the tiniest she has ever looked and it has been very disconcerting to the audience. Many have been very vocal about feeling uneasy about the drastic weight loss that she had because she never needed to lose weight and now that she’s lost it anyway, she looks very unhealthy.

Dakota Johnson Is Yet to Make Comments on Her Weight Loss and Ozempic Speculations!

Dakota Johnson is suspected of taking Ozempic to lose weight. houseandwhips.comDakota Johnson is suspected of taking Ozempic to lose weight.
Image Source: Vogue

The daughter of Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith looked seriously very lean and it led to speculations that she is on Ozempic. People are absolutely convinced that the dramatic physical transformation she had is not of a normal nature and given how Hollywood is obsessed with Ozempic currently, it tracks that she might be on medication herself. She doesn’t look normal and fit thin. That was how she used to look. Now, she looks emaciated. There’s no way Dakota Johnson was going to escape weight loss speculations looking like that.

Add to it that she showed a picture of herself from the last time she hosted the SNL and the difference in her face and physique looked even more jarring. Everything about her only highlighted how bony she looked, especially her dress. Her outfit was glamorous but who would notice that when the belt she was wearing emphasized how thin she had gotten? Also, the open side that showed her ribs made her look skeletal. Besides the normal workout routine and diet plans, anyone would have to be taking Ozempic to have the weight loss that Dakota Johnson had.

Many seemed to think that the reason she looks different is her face work and plastic surgery such as cheek fillers and buccal fat removal and it could be that but it’s not just that because look at her eyes and how sunken they look and look at her physique overall. She has become unhealthily skinny and there’s no other way to put it. How she got that way can be debated, however. She has not confirmed or denied Ozempic speculations. Dakota Johnson has not even acknowledged the ruckus that her weight loss has created on the internet.