Is Grace Lilly’s Weight Loss Something To Be Concerned About?


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Grace Lilly's weight loss has shocked the viewers of Southern Hospitality. – Grace Lilly has shocked the viewers of Southern Hospitality with her drastic weight loss in Season 2. The reality star was already pretty thin in the first season but she has gotten even skinnier now. Some viewers speculate that she has lost about 15 pounds she didn’t need to lose. Grace Lilly supposedly underwent weight loss because she didn’t like how her physique looked on screen.

The spin-off of Bravo’s Southern Charm, Leva Bonaparte-starred Southern Hospitality featuring Leva’s restaurant Republic Garden & Lounge and her employees, is back with the second season, and so far, the cast members have delivered with their antics as the viewers are lapping up the fancy drama. They seem to be especially watching the show for Grace Lilly who has been deemed very “campy” and “delusional in the best way.” She seems to have her mind on some other dimension, kind of like how she, the VIP concierge in Bourbon N’ Bubbles, is among one of the main cast members which are people working in Republic Garden & Lounge.

The reality star has described herself as a wanderer in her Instagram bio and though she probably meant it as she travels a lot, it describes her in other ways as well. However, let’s talk about the drama she brings and her wandering nature later because first things first, what’s going on with her? How did she get so skinny? Viewers can’t seem to stop talking about Grace Lilly’s dramatic weight loss. Let’s get more info on it!

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Grace Lilly’s Weight Loss: She Supposedly Lost 15 Pounds Since Season 1 of Southern Hospitality!

Grace Lilly (@glillyvibes) from Southern Hospitality has shocked the viewers with her dramatic weight loss in the second season. She has not revealed how much weight she exactly lost but some people have speculated that she has lost about 15 pounds that she did not need to lose.

Grace Lilly's weight loss has sparked health concerns about her. houseandwhips.comGrace Lilly’s weight loss has sparked health concerns about her.
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So, Bravo is back with the second season of Southern Hospitality, and this season, before viewers got to the part where they enjoy the drama that the messy cast members bring, they were in shock about how Grace looked. She had lost too much weight which sparked health and wellness concerns about her. She looked incredibly skinny which clearly became uneasy in the viewers’ eyes. Her weight loss was very disconcerting to them.

It was probably because they were not expecting that Grace Lilly would undergo such a massive physical transformation, would lose so much weight, when she was already thin in the first season. It never looked like she had much weight on her to lose even as a model but as it turns out, even if there’s no extra weight to lose, people could always lose weight because she did. Many said that her weight loss made her look skeletal and it was very scary to see her comparison pictures and observe how thin she has gotten.

It could forever be debated if it’s appropriate or not to express weight concerns about skinny people and speculate about their body but even if it’s inappropriate, the Southern Hospitality viewers have done so about Grace Lilly. They have come up with different theories as to how she lost all that weight and they have not really held themselves back from saying that skinny to that extent is not a good look on her. Let’s read people’s speculations about her weight loss.

Why Do Viewers Think Grace Lilly Had Weight Loss?

Well, Lilly has not mentioned how much weight she has lost, she has not even acknowledged it but according to some followers, she has lost about 15 pounds since the first season.

I just went back and watched season one & GL looks like she dropped 15lbs she didn’t need to lose. I just hope that she is happy & healthy. Perhaps the stress of Liam being controlling was affecting her stress/appetite/weight.

Grace Lilly has not made any comments on fan speculations about her weight. houseandwhips.comGrace Lilly has not made any comments on fan speculations about her weight.
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Oh, and by the way, Southern Hospitality viewers seem to think that Grace Lilly‘s weight loss has something to do with her being in a relationship with a controlling boyfriend who supposedly made her anxious. As a Redditor put it,

I remember her [Grace] discussing maybe in a confessional or filmed scene when she was getting her eyebrows (?) done that she used to be insecure of her body and it took a lot for her to accept herself. I imagine it could be because of the stress of her relationship with Liam, we don’t see it much but it’s clear the guy was controlling and she seemed very nerve wracked over the situation.

Lilly once mentioned that she was insecure about her physicality and many assumed that she struggled to deal with how she looked on the screen when the first season came out and thus, had weight loss to change her appearance and look slimmer.

Grace Lilly is the one who has lost significant weight, her boobs are totally gone. it makes me sad to think she saw herself on tv and wanted to change her look when she’s always been gorgeous and full of joie de vivre. 

There are other lines of thought as well. Some people don’t think there’s much to her losing weight and that her weight loss is not that distressing at all because it’s normal for people working in hospitality. As a fan wrote,

I was sooo skinny when I was her age working in hospitality. I think running around constantly at work, coupled with little to no normal sleep routine, and back then I was too poor to eat well, all contributed to my inability to gain weight. Now I am a plump happy middle aged lady 😂 She will thicken up when the metabolism and party lifestyle slow down lol

Grace Lilly, meanwhile, has been tight-lipped about her weight loss.