Has ABC Presenter Lisa Millar Had Weight Loss?


ABC Presenter Lisa Millar looks like she has had weight loss. houseandwhips.com

houseandwhips.com – Lisa Millar appears to have undergone a bit of weight loss. The ABC presenter isn’t the fittest usually but she seems to have embarked on a fitness journey. She is very inconsistent with her exercises but maybe, she signed up for marathons. She is incredibly dedicated to such things. However it is that she lost weight, Lisa Millar has not acknowledged her weight loss. 

Lisa Millar is a prominent television news presenter and journalist who currently serves as a co-host of ABC’s breakfast program News Breakfast alongside Michael Rowland. She previously held the position of a foreign correspondent for ABC News based in London and Washington DC. She began her career as a political reporter on ABC in the late 1990s when she covered the rise of Pauline Hanson and her party, One Nation. She later reported for ABC Radio in Queensland as well. She served as a regular commentator on Queensland issues for 702 ABC Sydney.

Lisa Millar held the office of ABC’s North American correspondent, based in Washington, from 2001 to 2005. In 2009, she returned to Washington again as she was assigned to be ABC’s North American Bureau Chief. She held that position for six years. In April 2015, she replaced Philip Williams as Bureau Chief of ABC’s London Bureau. In October 2018, she took up the position of roving reporter/ presenter with the ABC. Two months later, she joined News Breakfast as co-host while Virginia Trioli was on leave. In August 2019, she permanently replaced her as the co-host of the show. Anyway, let’s talk about her weight loss!

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Lisa Millar’s Weight Loss: Has She Lost Weight?

Lisa Millar‘s (@lisamillartv) weight loss speculations are on the rise and what sparked the discussions about her weight? Well, it’s that she appeared to have lost weight.

Lisa Millar's audience has noticed that she has had weight loss. houseandwhips.comLisa Millar’s audience has noticed that she has had weight loss.
Image Source: ABC

I think you might have noticed that ABC’s Lisa has started to look slimmer than how she used to look in the recent episodes of News Breakfast. It’s nothing drastic and shocking but it’s very noticeable because her face looks tinier and she no longer has the double chin thing that was there before. Also, wouldn’t you agree that she wasn’t exactly the fittest person in any room before because she looked untoned and a bit flabby? Now that she has had weight loss, she no longer looks the same.

Not to say that Lisa Millar looks incredibly skinny or anything but compared to how flabby and untoned she looked before, she looks in a much better shape. She appears toned and skinnier and much better than how she used to look for the longest time. Just look at her arms and you will notice the difference. Also, she used to kind of fill out her dress and now, she doesn’t quite as much, and what could be the reason for that if not weight loss?

Now that we have established that Lisa Millar has definitely lost weight, you might want to know how she did it because it was a great improvement for her. She was not obese or overweight in a true sense but she was unfit and untoned and only after she lost weight and got skinnier did people realize that fit is a much better look on anyone. She got leaner and slender and though it was not much difference, her appearance changed dramatically. Weight loss has done good by her but how do we do good by it?

How Did ABC Presenter Lisa Millar Have Weight Loss?

Lisa Millar has not revealed how she lost weight and got fitter. She has not even acknowledged her dramatic transformation but I guess we can learn from her exercise habits. You might not be exactly shocked to find out that she is very inconsistent in matters of exercise (because she used to look kind of flabby). How much time she spends on workout sessions entirely depends on her mood. She’s not very dedicated to it and hardcore about it. How then did the ABC presenter manage to have weight loss despite her inconsistency?

Lisa Millar is very inconsistent with exercises. houseandwhips.comLisa Millar is very inconsistent with exercises.
Image Source: The Canberra Times

I mean, alternating between weeks where she goes for a 45-minute walk each day and weeks which she packs with tennis lessons, a Pilates class, or ParkRun, can hardly be the secret of such an impressive transformation. She did say that she has been crazy addicted to exercise in the past few years and has been doing a lot of half marathons and triathlons and maybe that’s the reason for her weight loss. That she is more inclined to exercise than not. Also, Lisa Millar has something motivating her to do marathons.

I don’t know what makes me go on this roller-coaster of exercise. I have to commit. If you said to me, let’s go for a 16-kilometre run after work, I wouldn’t be much interested. But if you said to me, let’s sign up for a half-marathon that’s a charity and the money all goes to sick children, I’m like, ‘yeah, I’ll be there, awesome. Where do I sign up?’ If I commit, it gets done. If I’m by myself and I don’t have that motivation, then it’s pretty hard to get out of the house.

Maybe Lisa Millar has been doing a lot of charities in the last few months which has resulted in her weight loss. You could also say that maybe, she’s been socializing more than usual because

A lot of the exercise I’ve done has had that social connection, whether it be ParkRun or training for the half-marathons. I’ve always done it with friends. I’ve never signed up for something solo.