Beau Ryan’s Body is Quick With Weight Loss!


Beau Ryan's fans think he has undergone a bit of weight loss. – Beau Ryan seems to have undergone a weight loss yet again but it’s nothing to be surprised about because it’s a well-known fact that he loses weight very quickly. Also, he is very consistent with his workout and is very much into fitness which can factor into why he’s gotten slimmer in recent days. Beau Ryan has not revealed that he has had weight loss. 

Beau Ryan is a very prominent television personality in Australia. He was a professional rugby league footballer before he moved to a career on television. He used to play for the Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks and the West Tigers in the National Rugby League. In 2009, he went from being a NRL legend to a television star when he landed a regular role on The Footy Show. He earned a lot of appreciation and praise for his comedic work on the show.

Beau Ryan announced his retirement from rugby in 2014 on that very show and then, went on to dabble in music the same year and released a single Where You From? featuring Justice Crew. In 2019, he replaced Grant Bowler as the host of Network 10’s reality series The Amazing Race Australia. Currently, he also serves as the co-host of Network 10’s sports competition Gladiators Australia alongside Liz Ellis, and he appears as a regular guest on the breakfast program Studio 10. Now, let’s talk about his weight loss because a lot of people are!

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Beau Ryan’s Weight Loss: He Loses Weight Quickly!

Beau Ryan (@therealbeauryan) has once again become the target of weight loss speculations. His fans are obsessively scouring the internet to see if there’s anything they would like to know about his weight.

Beau Ryan's fans seem to think he has had weight loss. houseandwhips.comBeau Ryan’s fans seem to think he has had weight loss.
Image Source: The Courier Mail

The Amazing Race Australia presenter has become a subject of discussions about weight for the umpteenth time yet again and like every time before, I once again got curious to know how he lost weight when I should have learned two rumors ago that when it comes to him, there’s not much to the speculations that he had weight loss because as someone who is all about fitness, there are some days when he looks fitter, which is to say slimmer, than on a normal day.

So, if you go through Beau Ryan’s Instagram pictures, you will not notice that he has lost weight even if he has actually lost weight because there’s no visible change in his physique at all. It’s hard to figure out how the rumors that he shed some weight off even started. But if those who started the rumors are onto something when they spread the gossip, then it’s possible that Ryan had a weight loss because he was recently filming Gladiators Australia.

How did I get that? You ask. Well, it’s just a wild speculation on my part. In 2021, when Beau Ryan had just finished filming for Channel 10’s second season of The Amazing Race, he revealed a secret struggle he was facing at the time which was that he was looking a bit too thin for his liking because he lost weight on the race. For someone who prefers looking broad and muscular, the former rugby player did not like that he had weight loss.

I lost weight on the race and it’s slowly coming back, but I’m still looking a bit too lean.

What Fitness Routine Might Have Helped Beau Ryan in His Weight Loss?

Beau Ryan loses weight very quickly which he hates because he likes being muscular. houseandwhips.comBeau Ryan loses weight very quickly which he hates because he likes being muscular.
Image Source: The Latch

Because he is someone whose body quickly loses weight, he always hates it when the body he works so hard to build kind of deflates. He says it’s a torture for him.

I like weights. I lose weight quickly, which is torture if you’re a rugby league player trying to gain weight, so I’m all about gaining muscle mass.

Anyway, for those who want to attain the physique Beau Ryan has and who would love to look as lean as how he looks after his weight loss, let’s take a look at his fitness routine, shall we? Nobody can deny that he has maintained himself and continues to stay in great shape even a decade after he quit rugby league. So, you might want some tips for self-care, fitness, and maintenance. What is his workout routine then?

In an interview with Daily Mail Australia, he shared that he trains at least five times a week and I think that would definitely contribute to his weight loss in abnormal circumstances. He is very consistent with his exercise schedule because he takes pride in how he looks. So, if he gets a little busy and is unable to manage time for food, he might lose weight. Isn’t that what happened when Beau Ryan filmed The Amazing Race in 2021?

Being a former athlete, I’ve always trained and take pride in how I physically look and feel, so it’s a big part of my life.