Can Bridgit Mendler Time Travel? Conspiracy Theory Explained!

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Bridgit Mendler has sparked conspiracy theory that she can time travel. – Bridgit Mendler’s name has now become enmeshed in time travel conspiracy theory after her recent announcement that she has co-founded a satellite data startup called Northwood Space. A large number of TikTokers and Reddit users already believed that Bridgit Mendler has always wanted to travel through time because she once mentioned it in her Twitter bio and they are now convinced that she has achieved her goal.

Bridgit Mendler is mostly known for her role as ‘Teddy Duncan’ on the Disney series ‘Good Luck Charlie’ which ran from 2010 to 2014. She started her career as a child with films including ‘Alice Upside’, ‘Down’, ‘The Clique’, and ‘Labor Pains’ and got her breakthrough when she signed with Disney Channel in 2009. She played the roles of ‘Juliet van Heusen’ in ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’ and ‘Olivia White’ in the Disney Channel film ‘Lemonade Mouth’ before she did Good Luck Charlie.

Bridgit Mendler went on to star in the NBC sitcom ‘Undateable’ as ‘Candace’ and in the ABC/CMT musical television series ‘Nashville’ as ‘Ashley Willerman’. She also started a music career and has released a studio album ‘Hello My Name Is…’ and an EP ‘Nemesis’. In the late 2010s, she put her career on the back seat to focus on her education, and now, she’s the CEO and co-founder of Northwood Space, a satellite data startup. She’s also the only celeb who can supposedly travel through time. Let’s discuss how such conspiracies surrounding her originated!

Bridgit Mendler Time Travel: What Has Led People To Think She Can Travel Through Time?

Bridgit Mendler has convinced her followers that she can travel through time after she announced her new space startup called Northwood Space and some TikTokers have pointed out pretty good points that serve as evidence that she is indeed a time traveler.

Bridgit Mendler can supposedly travel through time. houseandwhips.comBridgit Mendler can supposedly travel through time.
Image Source: The Hollywood Reporter

The ‘Good Luck Charlie’ star did an admirable thing when she took a backstep from her career in Hollywood to focus on higher education. It is very impressive that she now has a Ph.D. from MIT and a JD from Harvard Law. Even more impressive thing is that she has co-founded and is the CEO of Northwood Space, which is a startup company that “aims to create satellite ground stations that are designed with mass production and customer flexibility first in mind”. The announcement of the startup has led to a rise in conspiracy theories that Bridgit Mendler can travel through time on social media, especially TikTok and Reddit. Can you believe it?

So, yeah, first things first, everyone on the internet and off the internet is on the same page about how cool and insane and great it is that Mendler has formed a startup. While they are impressed and inspired by her, they also can’t ignore the fact that it serves as a piece of circumstantial evidence that she is a time traveler. This conspiracy theory is not a new one but it looks like it’s going to be a pervasive one because of the new evidence.

Is There an Evidence That Bridgit Mendler Can Do Time-Traveling?

So, what’s the evidence? Let’s hear what TikToker JCubedHax noted in her four-part series as proof that Mendler can travel through time. According to her, one of the things that points towards the theory is that she once had ‘time travel’ on her Twitter bio before she opted for a more professional one. The TikToker took that to mean that it was a to-do list or a future goal of hers that she achieved. Also, she thinks it’s sus that she has never aged and the only difference in her appearance is due to the change in her hair color. Bridgit Mendler has them convinced that she was always working to conquer the time dimension and has finally conquered it.

She’s now a space CEO. She started a space communications company, you guys. For a long time, my main evidence has been in her Twitter bio where she listed ‘time travel??’ But I’ve been missing this whole time a key moment: space enthusiast listed in her Twitter bio.

Bridgit Mendler was always interested in time traveling. houseandwhips.comBridgit Mendler was always interested in time-traveling.
Image Source: Deadline

The TikToker Jackie J also argued that there are gaps in the actress’ Twitter timeline which proves her point. She also seemed to believe that Mendler’s first acting role was in the 2019 flop holiday television series ‘Merry Happy Whatever’ and in order to fix the trajectory of her career, the actress traveled in time to then star in the breakout Disney hit ‘Good Luck Charlie’ and start her career all over again in 2010. The fact that Bridgit Mendler once liked a tweet about traveling through time also points toward her being able to do so, TikToker thinks.

Jackie J also thinks that Mendler gave away that she can travel in time in an interview where she explained that her startup’s mission was to breach the data highway between space and Earth and how the idea for that was conceived during the 2020 global pandemic.

I’ve always said [she] first built her time machine during the pandemic, and this article all but confirms that.

Many seemed to seriously buy the conspiracy theory. One TikToker took a humorous approach to the whole thing, commenting,

I agree! Because with those credentials, there’s no way we are on the same time scale as her. Like how can one accomplish all of that?!

Just because of that, I too am convinced that Bridgit Mendler can travel through time.

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