Rosie Fortescue Weight Loss 2023: Has She Gotten Slim?


Rosie Fortescue's fans believe she had a weight loss in 2023.

Rosie Fortescue has sparked weight loss speculations with her recent Instagram pictures. The Made in Chelsea star looked extremely skinny in her recent posts which led many to believe that she has lost weight. However, Rosie Fortescue may not have undergone weight loss as recently as 2023 because she has been on her fitness journey for a long time now.

Rosie Fortescue gained popularity after her stint on the reality television Made in Chelsea. She’s one of the originals of the series and even though she has left the show (she is no longer a regular on the show, she only makes occasional appearances), people still know her from the show from when it first launched in 2011. She has gone on to launch her own jewelry line and become a successful businessperson as well as an influential social media personality.

As an influencer, she is much noted and appreciated for her dedication to staying fit and slender. However, it seems as though she might have been a little too dedicated from how fans noticed that she had gotten much skinnier in the recent photos. Many are convinced that she underwent a weight loss whereas there is the same number of people who think that she has always looked fit and slim. Anyway, let’s discuss Rosie Fortescue’s weight loss!

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Rosie Fortescue’s Weight Loss: Did She Lose Weight As Recently as 2023?

Rosie Fortescue (@rosiefortescue) is speculated to have undergone a slight weight loss in 2023 after she appeared notably too skinny in her Instagram pictures.

Rosie Fortescue supposedly had a weight loss in 2023. houseandwhips.comRosie Fortescue supposedly had a weight loss in 2023.
Image Source: The Irish Sun

The Made in Chelsea star has never been an overweight person, she has always been slender and she has always maintained herself. She is very much into fitness. She was never the kind of person who had much weight to lose. So, her followers were surprised when they saw her looking a little too thin, much slimmer than before in her recent Instagram pictures. Did she have a weight loss?

She was already very fit and looking at her, you would have thought that Rosie Fortescue was the last person that needed to lose weight. And yet she seems to have shed a few pounds that have made the hugest difference. Now, when you look at the pictures she recently posted on her Instagram account, fit is not the word that comes to your mind to describe her, you would think of her more as skinny. If that’s not weight loss, I don’t know what constitutes it.

Anyway, even without the slight but notable transformation she had, the reality star always looked slender. She has always maintained her figure and been in shape even back when she had not yet had a weight loss. If you want to know how she maintains herself, she has shared a few tips that might help you.

The Secret of Rosie Fortescue’s “Weight Loss”!

Dance-based Zumba classes might be one of the reasons behind Rosie Fortescue‘s weight loss. According to her, she does not just have a good time in Zumba and it’s not just fun but it’s really uplifting as well. And she also likes that she can always go and just wing it and laugh in Zumba classes.

Rosie Fortescue has always been into fitness and has always maintained her shape. houseandwhips.comRosie Fortescue has always been into fitness and has always maintained her shape.
Image Source: Marie Claire UK

Besides that, she also credits weight training to her fitness because it was definitely a game changer when it came to shaping her physique. She once revealed that she works out four or five times per week. Such people with a consistent fitness routine are always slim and fit and it might be the reason behind her recent “weight loss” as well. Rosie Fortescue said,

I work out four or five times per week. My fitness routine has definitely developed since I first started training. I went from thinking a 40-minute run was fit to now mixing weights with HIIT workouts. Until three years ago when I met my trainer, Mark Garlick, I had never lifted a weight. I just used to do a lot of cardio, which I now realize gave my body very little shape. Weights changed my life.

As for her eating habits, she said that she starts the day with eggs and avocado or porridge with banana and seed and a big cup of coffee made with almond milk. She said that she avoids eating white flour because it makes her very lethargic. However, she does eat good carbohydrates like sweet potatoes because they are great at staving off hunger. Rosie Fortescue also believes in moderation rather than restriction.

I don’t do the whole protein shake thing. That’s not really something I’ve got my head around, I don’t really understand it that much. Sometimes I’ll get them in the gym or I will make them occasionally but I’m not into the religious need to eat protein. If I’m running to a lunch meeting, I’m running to a lunch meeting. If I’ve got time to go home, I’ll try and make something healthy. I won’t go to the gym and then nail a pizza but, if I go to the gym on Sunday morning, I’m going to go and eat loads of food because it’s a Sunday, and I’m going to the pub and maybe having a roast with friends. It’s just all about moderation.