Sam McDadi’s Plastic Surgery: How Was His Face Before Surgery? Did He Have Botox and Fillers?

Derick Scholz

Sam McDadi's Plastic Surgery: How Was His Face Before Surgery? Did He Have Botox and Fillers?

Sam McDadi recently sparked plastic surgery speculations following a special event he hosted for his brokerage firm where he appeared very unnatural. After noticing that he looked different than before, people begin to suspect that the realtor had indulged in cosmetic surgery and gotten Botox and fillers to look younger. Sam McDadi has not yet acknowledged these plastic surgery speculations.

Sam McDadi is one of the most well-known and celebrated realtors in the GTA. As the impresario behind Sam McDadi Real Estate Brokerage inc., he has sold more than 9,500 homes. He had already made his name as the No. 1 real estate agent for the RE/MAX organization a decade before that.

He opened his brokerage in 2012 with the goal of providing exceptional services in real estate and he delivered. Up until then, he was with RE/MAX. He spent 14 years there and during that time, he and his team won almost every possible real estate award. They were the number one team in Mississauga (top 5 in all of Canada). Sam still is number one with decades of experience in real estate and knowledge of all the ins and outs of the real estate industry.

He is very much capable of running a real estate company on his own with his experience and he has. Sam McDadi Real Estate Inc. is a growing company and has opened seven locations across the GTA to keep up with its success. They have offices in north and south Mississauga, Toronto, Burlington, Oakville, Hamilton, and Milton.

Because he is a very popular figure, despite not belonging to the entertainment industry, he has sparked plastic surgery speculations. After he posted on Instagram some pictures of the event he held at his company where he appeared very unnatural, people began to think that he had some cosmetic procedures. They think he has had Botox and fillers. Let’s find out more about Sam McDadi’s plastic surgery!

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Sam McDadi’s Plastic Surgery: He Looks Very Unnatural and His Face is Too Smooth Compared to Before!

Sam McDadi (@sammcdadi) is thought to have undergone plastic surgery in order to prevent the effects of aging. People suspect that he has had Botox and fillers to maintain young looks.

Sam McDadi sometimes holds events at his company to surprise his team. When he posted some photos on Instagram of the most recent event, the one with Georges St. Pierre, he sparked plastic surgery speculations because of how unnatural he looked in those pictures.

The realtor had a very smooth face and a very shiny forehead which suggested that he had had Botox and too much of it. His cheeks also looked too plump for them to be natural and it could only mean fillers. People suspected he got these plastic surgery procedures in an attempt to retain his youth and avoid looking old. If he had those intentions, then it’s unfortunate how it backfired on him because now, he may not look old but he does not look young like he looked before either, he just looks unnatural with all that plastic surgery.

All people have been talking about when it comes to Sam McDadi these days is how he has such a botched face now and how he looked better before surgery. So far, he hasn’t acknowledged these plastic surgery speculations.

Sam McDadi’s Early Life: His Passion in Tennis, His Work in Finance, and His Move into Real Estate!

Sam McDadi grew up in the city of Mississauga where he went to Lorne Park Secondary school. He developed a passion for tennis and talent as well when he was a teenager. So, he spent a lot of time on the tennis court as a teen and he even competed successfully at both the provincial and national levels.

He even got a tennis scholarship at Nicholls State University as the number two player in singles and the number one player in doubles. He managed to excel in academics as well as tennis simultaneously. He made it to the Dean’s and President’s lists in each of his four years at the University all the while spending three to six hours a day on the tennis court.

Sam McDadi completed his graduation with an honors Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and then went on to the University of South Carolina where he obtained his Master of Business Administration degree with honors. After that, he went back to Canada and worked in the corporate sector as a financial analyst with two large multinational companies for two years.

He soon felt that his true love was marketing and sales and he made the decision to change his career path and get into real estate. And the rest is history. He has never looked back since he jumped into real estate. He now owns a real estate company and provides exceptional services to his clients with unparalleled commitment as he intended to.

Sam McDadi is one of the top-ranking realtors in Canada and he is now somewhat of a television personality as well because, in recent years, he has been featured on both television and radio talk shows to help educate the public about the real estate market.

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